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One of these is a companion that will stand by your side through good times and bad. The other is a puppy.

I’m happy to announce How Google Works, my new book with  +Jonathan Rosenberg  and +Alan Eagle. It’s your guide to business management in the Internet Century, due out on 9/23. Follow #howgoogleworks for interesting insights and fun nuggets from the book over the next few weeks!
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Wow, really looking forward to this! I'll definitely get a copy once it's out :)
Just pre-ordered the hard copy at Google Play.
I have been longing for a book like this from top Google insiders.

I wonder when the e-version will be available. I also will be curious to know how many people buy this book — how many individuals are interested in learning how the super-enhanced version of an internet-savvy company works, because those individuals will be the ones who create the knowledge-based, highly creative economy of the future.
OK Google add it to my Google player lib and read it 'just in time' :P ... (The data I need. When I need) fantastic +Eric Schmidt PS +Brad Acker hope you going to have a signed hard copy :D
If the text has more sentences like this it should be great for high school English class:

" Covering topics including corporate culture, strategy, talent, decision-making, communication, innovation, and dealing with disruption, the authors illustrate management maxims ("Consensus requires dissension," "Exile knaves but fight for divas," "Think 10X, not 10%") with numerous insider anecdotes from Google's history, many of which are shared here for the first time.

Ebook please. We don't get much foreign publication here in the interior of Argentina
How about I can't find out the book in Google books search results
Been waiting for something like this John Battelle's search book. Now, my only question is whether to buy it on Kindle or Google Play... oops, can't find it on Kindle!
+Eric Schmidt How much future do you really see for connecting voices together, with close physical proximity removed?  Something about the internet makes it seem very vast and cold.  I think people might fare better with a warm and near connection.
Can I pay it with bitcoin ? Some set of cryptographic primitives of old Google's wallet are essentialy broken.
in the first place, my OpenUniversity tutor asked what/why Eric went to google in the first place ... (but it is just for internals, please cut as you wish)
+Andre Amorim I suspect business aspirations, and the welfare of his family were largely responsible for his decision.  I would be curious to know if he had any visions of how Google might benefit the world if he had significant influence over that tiny group of people.
Eric's co-author weighing in here with some fun trivia. The dog is actually my family pet(really!). The picture was taken when he was in the late puppy stage just before I started at Google in February of 2002. My chocolate lab is now 13 years old and his lifetime roughly spans my tenure at Google. +Marcus Schommler +Matt Schofield +dudecrush jellyman 
Pre-ordered e-book on Play for $11 but why charge for a book that will drive more business to your franchise? .. and don't say it is to feed that dog. :)
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Perhaps the more important part of how Google works, would be the people aspect of the company, rather than the technological aspect of it.
people program the machine not the opposite
Until Google decides not to support a program.
Sean G
+Eric Schmidt ... what type of puppy is that?
I will get on +Audible (not a book reader. Excited to read. Just finishing Jobs Bio)

Your best move...imo... was sitting on Apples board & doing what MS did... but with +Android Hey... Gates did it. Great artist steal. Jobs said it & we can All thank him for his Vision.
I LOVE Google. But... All us Tech heads must give credit. Where credits Due! Apple & Jobs put a dent & changed a lot....
But +Google is GenX's Apple... well Done! 
Sean G
Thanks +Jonathan Rosenberg ... after I seen your reply & turned my brightness up on my S4. Seen the Chocolate Lab. When it was dark. Reminded me of my brother's new Blue Pits...

Anyway. Looked up & seen your comments.
Beautiful Dog!
(I had a Rot/Shepherd mix & now a Lab/Shepherd)
Labs are SO loyal & sweet...
Can you Really take your Dog to Work? If so... where Do I sign!
Am I the only one who naively assumed the book was about engineering?
How about this topic how I smashed Google into 2 and I got Google Finance fiance app to prove I'm the king of Wallstreet! 
I'm taking a wild guess that you both wrote this together using Google Docs... 
I love this dog l hope he has friend
I would like to met him ok

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