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guess we need to learn chinese now and hack em back ;)
+Mike Ho sshhhhhh and take chill pill you know not what you are talking about. +Eric Schmidt is not a bastard, and what Google does to better our user experience is cool. And they the ones going against the world's governments that want to tap into our privacy.

I do not care if +Google Knows everything about me as long as it is used to better my web experience etc. cool. Have nothing to hide in any case
that china is hacking the us comes as no surprize, but have hacks from israel also been detected? :P
if they all come from one ip group why not block all data  acces from that group? 
+michel prins you can't have every single corporation start ruling out MAC addresses, which are not explicitly known and most of the times they act through unsuspecting mediators(like maybe you and me).

It would be too costly.
But we Hack China too but we haven't been caught because we are better at it...
+michel prins From the report (p. 39): "We are frequently asked why it is an ineffective security measure to just block all IP addresses in China from connecting to your network. To put it simply, it is easy for APT1 attackers to bounce or 'hop' through intermediary systems such that they almost never connect to a victim network directly from their systems in Shanghai."
Information for all, its called globalization jungle style
That building is probably just a front
Well this is certainly news but I would think it was expected in some way. Espionage exists between governments and I wouldn't imagine China to shy away from it.
Steve D
Sounds like US propaganda to me
This seems like the pot calling the kettle black. The EU had to advise every member government to encrypt every bit of traffic with AES because the US just couldn't keep its nose out of other countries businesses, and now they're bitching about China doing the same?
At least China doesn't run a communications interception network on US soil.
do we have a new cyber cold war brewing ? how boring.
Everyone is hacking everyone, no great shock or shouldn't be. My question is, if they know this, then why not back things up a few steps and don't put every damn thing online. Oh wait, it's convenient.
Why would the US report that "China hacks US"? Because the US Govt owes trillions to China, and I cheaping out on paying their debt the only way they know how... To convince the people to hate the Chinese any way they can.

P.S. if any American believes this BS and wants to protest, they can do so by immediately not buying ANY electronics, furniture, clothing or food. All Chinese LOL.
Its legit to hack into Iranian nuclear facilities btw.
Hacking is a growing danger to western security as cyber attacks could seriously damage our infrastructures. 
Wow... there a different kind of stupid.
The guys who hacked a few Gmail accounts a while back?
haha,it looks like that google hates China very much and we can't use google freely in near future.
We r safe nt 2 long ill ve king Jesus
I dont think there is anything we can do to retaliate. America has been doing this for years to other countries. 
90% of the attacks on my servers originates from china, but none able to breach uptill now
Damn China u already own the USA wht else???
We would never do such a thing!

(Except on days that end in a "y")
They want information on how to make better mobil devices. lol
Agreed that the US certainly hacks other countries including China. I think the difference here is the link between the Chinese government and almost all Chinese business. Where the US hacks for espionage I don't think they go on to share that information with the corporate world to get trade advantage. This is something the Chinese almost certainly do.
Bob Ho
USA would never hack other countries! 
Remember when our gov't hacks its okay cause "they are on our side".. kinda like benghazi or fast and furious or selling arms to egypt...
" I think the difference here is the link between the Chinese government and almost all Chinese business."

Right, of course.  We would never subsidize Solindra, General Motors, Boeing, steel industry, corn, ethanol, wheat, and such things.  Oh, wait ...
The US would never Hack other countries.Just like they would never torture and waterboard people you mean
The digital cold war has begun.......our 1's and 0's are bigger than yours! LOL
Just because they hacked the twitter of Burger King, does not mean that they will attacks us with monkeys in the future
Duh. It's been known for a long time that the Chinese technological innovation policy has been state-sponsored theft of Western technology.
Obama should fly over and apologize for this report being so offensive to the Chinese.
Even better - Obama should go and stay over there so he can ru(i)n both their economy and their Internet. 
I read a book from 30 years ago that basically stated computers were invented because governments needed a machine that could track everything its citizens do. As long as they dont share the information there will be theft of the surplus. I just had a Ghandi moment.
If the hackers are from Hong Kong, maybe they could teach us a thing or two about capitalism and freedom. We seem to have completely forgotten both concepts. 
Ban Imports of every product they make immediately....
Nothing that can't be solved with another drone strike, of course. Look how well that's working out. Ahem ...

And, yes, let's close all the borders and ban all imports. The "progressive" Republicans did that in 1929 and look how well that turned out. Oops - sorry - I deviated from the official party line that "markets are unstable." I promise not to do it again.

Thumbs up China. USA needs to stfu
Is it fair to assume that the USA is doing the same thing in a fairly widespread fashion? If so, how outraged should we be?
Yeah, going to war with China, brilliant idea, I imagine the only casualties will be those pesky taiwanese and their bland goverment ellected by the people. >;-)
As if this is an issue once detected. Reroute them to a server full of crap so they can spend and waste on ill gotten gains.
+John King Counter-intelligence and conter-counter-intelligence must be very boring job posts in cyberwarfare. A stark contrsast with Holliwood hahahaha.
This hacking s--t has gone on forever what the hell. ""don't' worry are government will fix it!"".
OK, I read the entire article.  If more government intrusion was the answer, the Soviet Union would have won the cold war.

Of course, let's talk about that big white building in Shanghai (lookee here), but let's ignore the non-exit at the non-building off of I-95 in Washington DC for the non-agency that doesn't exist (better known by its acronym, No Such Agency).  

Yes, every government is doing this. 

If we really want revenge, let's try something truly radical - let's actually free our economy and release the brain-power of 300+ million people in a free market.  Let them have fun hacking that one!
+Kit Malone I'd be surprised if the US Gov't sponsored hacking in order to provide US companies with a competitive advantage over their international counterparts.  This sounds like very sophisticated insider trading where the information goes to another country and US businesses lose out of revenue/profit. Those businesses shrink and layoff workers.

Given our county's current economic state and the Government's inability to fix it, I'd be outraged.  Check that, I am outraged.
How is this any different from before? They have stole ideas to counterfeit for years! Why would government projects and information be a surprise to anyone.
So Eric Schmidt is a reporter now?
+nicholas miesch Any delivery system with a nuclear warhead should be able to flatten that building ;) ...
US hacks china as well. Lol America tries to pretend they are the innocent sheep. Please 
US: the problem is not they are hacking us, damn they copied us again !!!
Lol hack wars...china sees it as as a withdrawal since America is in debt so stop complaining for they send 100k illegals and cutt off our lights like at the superbowl
as a Chinese native and a tax paying US citizen, I see positive in US and China spy on each other. Not knowing for certain what the other knows about you, makes you more rational and honest. really bad things happen when people in power believe they have the absolute truth or they can keep something absolutely secret.
China loves Obama ushering in what they've done with communism
Ode to the end of trust and long will it be till big bro and red dragon bro wants too know how long your in the bathroom taking dump
Those of us defending networks for the last 5 years have all been well aware of this. It's too bad that most of the decent hackers in the states completely distrust our government for good reason. oh wellz give them all the sekretz
Ha ha! Next thing you know, you'll be getting a text message about how you need more fiber!!! :). 
Oh isn't that cute...the pot calling the cackle black!!! 
Of course They are they might have the bigger army but we go better technology . 
This ain't news its bullshit, How bout lets talk about what we gonna do with all these idiot politicians tryin to take our liberties isn't that more important.......America land of the sheep is what it is nowadays.
Ahhh... I think this was known since 2002 or somthing!
Not surprised about it .. They should of known this was gonna happen eventually .. 
This is not news unless of course you've been sleeping. Every country that has a respectful chance of getting away with it is going to try.
Like we haven't been hacking them... I mean we're better than that right? Pfft....... 
The U.S. government directly funds cyber attacks against hostile countries, e.g., Iran. The flame virus is proof. This is no different, except China and Iran are allies, so instead of hacking an ally like Iran, the Chinese government funds cyber attacks against a hostile country, the U.S..
This again... every year the same thing, this is not news!
Also is anyone stupid enough to think America doesn't do the same thing right back?
This is the thanks we get for allowing republicans for sent most our companies/jobs to China, Fucking BoyCott the Basterds already!
What comes around goes around. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Fact is, if the US didn't start it, then Anonymous would be all over China's ass. You think they're only in the US? Pftt, right... They're freedom fighters. Hacking is their thing. The Robbin Hood of the times. Truth be told... we are talking about sellouts here aren't we? Screw'em. If we didn't have such pricks who gave 2 shits about anything but profits and dumped on US interests and workers, Anonymous would back them and be the Hero... but they aren't and Anonymous aren't.
Ken Kuo
Should have listened to Sergey and never went there in the first place. But lessons learned. 
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International espionage is an old thing which harkens back to World War 1 & 2

America is the master of espionage - cyber or otherwise. To say China is guilty & a potential threat while understating USA's hand in hacking & it's penchant for cyber crime is laughable at best.

Of course Eric will say that because Google was unsuccessful in China. Sounds like bit of vendetta & a bit of American patriotism speaking. Everyone has skeleton in their closet & both America & China are equally guity. Difference is that America & their beloved sons are making more noise.
Dear Eric,

How can I transfer my photos from my Jelly Bean Android Smartphone to my PC using my USB cord?
Other android versions did not have this issue.  Please fix this flaw with jean bean so it is easy to transfer data by just using the USB cord again.

Mary M
Fine you updated but give us more options, right now the banner has to be at least 480x270 and even when I make images 960x270 it still stretches the height, I don't want the height, width is ok. And it makes all gif animations look very bad because of the stretch, can your programmers give us an option on the height, please?
Wei L
Evil Party!
Chairman Google says only 10% population has online access.  Schmidt, who stepped down as the CEO to take over as the chairman almost two years ago, said the next two years could change the landscape with the advent of $50 (around Rs 2,500) smartphones . Currently vendors are working on $100 smartphones and prices are expected to come down further. Schmidt said Google was actively cooperating with vendors to help bring down prices . It's easy to see why — at 150 million, India already has the world's third largest number of internet users, behind only China and the US. Over the past few months, most of the incremental growth in the number of internet users has come via smart phones. So, a steep drop in smartphone prices could be of extreme strategic benefit to Google. 
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