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nice. :) glad he is spending his Christmas vacation doing cool stuff:)
I watch you guys on line all the time - great show
+Eric Schmidt you did a great job and I loved how frank (and of course, funny) the interview was. Proud to be a Googler!
Wait can only Googlers say that? What are visitors called? Plussers? Yeah, alright. Positive karma. That works.
If I was American? For sure. In a heartbeat. Him and John  Stewart understand their world.
I saw this live, very entertaining and I was all geared up to buy his book in the google play store but it is not in the UK yet.
The story about the "epic" failure was funny. =)
That was an amazing story about failure!
Wonderful and fun interview, +Eric Schmidt!
Always amazing to watch intelligent and quick thinking conversation.
That he can respond to the soporific first question about the book's title by just rattling off a cogent response referencing St. Anselm of Canterbury and his ontological argument for the existence of God (had to look that one up!) is why he's precious.
With Sandy Hook event still fresh, his swipe at 2nd amendment gave me the chill.
This is awesome! I haven't watched it all but they should have given him a Nexus 4 or Nexus 7.
As long as there's a Kindle version, that's cool with me.
+Eric Schmidt you could earn his admiration if you can explain why we need to raise bank reserves without selling out expanding the middle class.
Loved watching it live. What struck me was how deeply and pasionately he loves his country (and I dare say you do too +Eric Schmidt. That came through). he loves it more than his way of life and of self-preservation – unlike his alter-ego. He loves it as something to share with all Americans. That is perhaps the most important thing he does with his alter ego: highlight how damaging and, ultimately, ridiculously egotistical, it is to be (pathologically) selfish; that it is ultimately not self-preservatory at all. Hm, perhaps something in common with the Google philosophy..?
+Renata Sherwin Wonderfully insightful analysis of Colbert's humour, purpose and Google's awesomeness. Nice post.
Or Google could just try to compete in the warehousing market? :P
Very entertaining. Very talented storyteller.  Very funny.
is there a way to attend these Google Talks? or is it only for google employees?
+Eric Schmidt what would it take to get you to engage on the proposition that the nominal savings from low corporate taxes is much less than the asset appreciation rate under high top marginal corporate taxes? I've got data proving that under the current U.S. tax code, cutting corporate taxes directly increases the cost of corporate hiring: -- nobody has been able to meaningfully critique it in months after repeated very public requests. If that is not perverse, then what is? I know that Google is immune to shareholder resolutions, so I ought to ask your opinion on how you would feel about leading a shareholder action movement to break corporations out of this prisoners' dilemma? Or just to declare that fiduciary duty demands considering the net present value of appreciating assets under high growth conditions as more instructive than lower nominal savings on taxes?

And again, if that's all too much for you, you can still accomplish plenty just by suggesting raising bank reserves per
I think you people really need to work hard to make Google+ Interface simple/clean
What does it take to get ANY answer from Google??????

Does anyone at Google care about the Android Issues, specially from the Nexus devices?

Does ANY one at Google read these threads?????? 

How do you pretend to improve your Software if
A: You do not read the threads?
B- you do not answer customer concerns?

I have written copious notes to see if I can elicit any response from anyone at Google, but as far as I can see no one gives a dam...

That is no way to treat your customers.

Hey I tell You what, give me a Job at Google and 10 or 20 employees and we will become customer service answering team, we will monitor the chats, we will answer questions and threads often and we will earn the respect and loyalty from the customers.

Because frankly what you have now is not working, and if I do not get an answer soon from someone about the Volume problem in the Samsung Nexus 4.2 I will never purchase another Nexus device (And if you bother to read any of the threads you will find I am not the only frustrated customer)
Dave Ho
That won't happen with such an incompetent awareness of the outside world threat within the American society.

You'll know about it soon enough.
That was a completely, totally, and unequivocally EPIC talk!! How you kept a straight face, I have no idea. lol
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