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Eric’s Guide: Converting to Android from iPhone

Many of my iPhone friends are converting to Android.  The latest high-end phones from Samsung (Galaxy S4), Motorola (Verizon Droid Ultra) and the Nexus 5 (for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) have better screens, are faster, and have a much more intuitive interface.  They are a great Christmas present to an iPhone user!

Here are the steps I recommend to make this switch.  Like the people who moved from PCs to Macs and never switched back, you will switch from iPhone to Android and never switch back as everything will be in the cloud, backed up, and there are so many choices for you.  80% of the world, in the latest surveys, agrees on Android.

1. Set up the Android phone
a) Power on, connect to WiFi, login with your personal Gmail account, and download in the Google Play Store all the applications you normally use (for example, Instagram).
b) Make sure the software on the Android phone is updated to the latest version (i.e. 4.3 or 4.4). You should get a notification if there are software updates.
c) If you are using AT&T, download the Visual Voicemail app from the Play Store.
d) You can add additional Gmail accounts now or later.

At this point, you should see all your Gmail, and be able to use any apps and they should work well.  Be sure to verify this.

2. Update your iPhone or iPad
a) Power on, connect to WiFi, make sure your Gmail is logged in, and upgrade all of the iPhone software to the latest iPhone software release (typically iOS 7+).
b) Check that you are using iCloud to back up contacts.  Go to iCloud (in Settings) and enable that for contacts (“on”).  If not using iCloud, go ahead and sign up for it.  (The latest Mavericks requires the use of iCloud for Mac users if you want to transfer contacts.)
c) For your personal Gmail account, in Settings/Mail, turn on sync for contacts.  In the latest iOS, this should sync your Gmail contacts and iPhone contacts.
d) In Settings/Messages, turn “off” iMessage, as that messenger is an iPhone-to-iPhone messenger and if its on your iPhone friends texts won’t make it to Android.  Your iPhone will still use SMS messaging to reach your friends if you use the iPhone after this change.
e) Make sure your iPhone is fully synced to the Mac iTunes.  Your photos and music should all be backed up on your Mac when this is done. Go ahead and verify that on the Mac and the iPhone.

At this point you should see all your Gmail, have your apps, and have your contacts in the Android phone.  If the contacts are not in the Android phone, manually download the contacts as follows on your Mac:
a) Go to, login with your Apple ID, and click on contacts
b) In the lower-left corner, click on the wheel, and “select all” the contacts and “export” the vCard into a vCard file (in Downloads).
c) In a browser, go to, click on the Mail button and select “Contacts”.  You should see a list of your Gmail contacts.  Import the vCard file into Gmail/contacts using the “Import contacts” command and it should have manually added your contacts.  Delete any duplicates or use the “More / Find & merge duplicates” function.

At this point you have your Gmail, apps and contacts on the new phone.  Also verify this.

3. On your Mac, connect your music to Google:
Download Google Music Manager onto the Mac, and run it.  Music Manager will upload your iTunes music to the cloud.  The standard version is free and handles most iTunes libraries.  You will need to sign up for Google Wallet and give your credit card information, but it’s free.  Be sure the music is going to your personal Gmail account above. See

With the above complete, you should have your Gmail, apps, contacts, and music all moved over.  Verify this on the Android phone :-)

4. Take the SIM out of the iPhone and insert it into Android.  You may need an adapter (from nano-SIM to micro-SIM), but then reboot the Android and you are all set !  For texting either use the Messenger app in earlier releases or the “Hangouts” app in Android 4.4.

Comments and additions welcome ! Eric

PS. Photos on your iPhone
If you have pictures on your iPhone, you will have to first copy them over to the Mac and then sync the iPhone with iTunes.  See   

It’s probably easiest to backup your iPhone photos to the Mac, but not copy the old photos to the Android phone.  New photos you take on the Android phone will automatically be backed up to your photos in the Gmail account (iAuto-Upload is normally enabled) so no action is required.  If the old photos are important, send them to Gmail and download into the Android phone or upload them to Google+.

PPS.  Some general advice

Be sure to use Chrome, not Safari; its safer and better in so many ways.  And it’s free.

Be sure to use two-factor authentication for your Gmail and Google accounts.  Makes it very hard for someone to break into your Gmail.  Also free.
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Most important piece of advice there is two step auth, make sure you do it!

Also I'd check android device manager is turned on in Google settings, use this to track your device and wipe if it's stolen. 
Good little guide there +Eric Schmidt. I've helped a few friends move to Android, usually  " what about my itunes music " is the biggest concern.

I also suggest people go to on their personal account and edit/add contacts at the time of the transfer, it saves copying over all the junk from their current address book and is much easier than editing on a mobile device. 
Oh yeah and another thing, in iTunes under your iDevices sync settings you can have your contacts sync straight to your Google accounts instead of messing with vCard files. I think the same applies to calendars 
I'm afraid that's just way too many steps for an iphone user to take.  The friends I know with iphones, it's too much for them     (because they're idiots)
Didn't know about the Visual Voicemail app. Thanks!
I've moved from iphone to android (motox) and loving every bit of it
Excellent guide. I know folks who have traded iPhones for Android. Every one of them says the same thing. "Go back? Never." 
Nico Vale
Just moved from iPhone 5 to Nexus 5...half the price for a double screen and incredible experience...I was getting blind from keep trying reading on that microscopic screen..!!! Apple is so stubborn and resist from delivering consumers what they really want and need that is an iPhone with a nice and big screen!!!! Was that asking too much you greedy bastards!!! And plus people pay a super high price for that thing...!!!!!
Jon L
Why visual voicemail when google voice does it for free and removes the data from at&ts grasp
Too complicated and does not cover all important stuff like SMS, MMS, photos, bookmarks, e-mail (many iPeople use just old POP3 and don't leave messages on the server)
I personally don't think +Eric Schmidt is helping Android with statements like Android "is more secure than the iPhone" (which earned him laughter at a tech symposium) or phones like the Galaxy S4 or the Nexus 5 "have a much more intuitive interface" (see above). People simply don't buy the hyperbole and they won't buy Android phones as a result. A more honest approach would be to say that Android is on par with iOS in many respects and it even excels in some. My guess is customers would appreciate this kind of honesty.
You can download the Google+ app for iOS to automatically backup all your photos directly from your iPhone too. Or use picasa app to copy them to your PC and then upload to Google+. I prefer the Google+ app for simplicity.

Also, I believe iTunes will allow you to sync all your music with your PC, then use the Google play app to sync iTunes Dir to Google automagically. 
Roby P
When moto x will be commerced in Italy? 
I have always been most loyal Android user, because I like Google, so I like Android.
If only Steve were still alive, he would write the mother of all comebacks for sure... I'm a Nexus 4 owner btw, and a Mac OS user.
A few people I know could use this guide. Android forever
This just made me switch the default search engine on my Mac and iPhone to Yahoo.
Sorry but the best Google apps are in iOS ecosystem...
I love Android, but my experience is that core iPhone users do NOT 'take' to Android if their experience is a Samsung or HTC, mainly because the UI overlays both companies use that obfuscate the core Android experience tend to be off-putting.

I always stress to my iPhone using friends that if they are going to make the switch, buy a Nexus or...with the recent trend from Motorola away from trying its best to cover up the core Android experience, an X. 

Many Android power users don't seem capable of truly grasping why so many people use an iPhone (well, outside of the status symbol angle). It's because it isn't a power-user phone, and requires little intuition to use that it is so popular. In the end, even core Android doesn't quite fit that mold, and to be frank, I'm not sure I'd particularly enjoy Android as much as I do if it did, but it's certainly a far less frustrating experience than using Touchwhiz, etc. And, yes, Touchwhiz can be worked around, and Samsung's versions of stock Android apps can be worked around, but that's missing the entire point of what a core iPhone user is looking for. They need/want something that doesn't require workarounds. 

So, putting aside the 'geeks' I know who started with iPhones prior to Android finally starting to get its act together around 2.3, I can't say there are a whole lot of non-geek friends of mine who've permanently made the switch from iPhone to Android. Many have tried, but most have moved back, frustrated by the very freedoms people like myself enjoy about the platform. 

As for the whole 80% of the world, again, I love Android, but I'm not particularly proud of including cheap, underpowered, Android devices in the same sentence as a Nexus 5, Moto X, or Google Play edition of the One and S4. Apple fanboys may be annoying, but their mockery over that statistic is justified, just like the longstanding scorn over Windows OS market share, when someone attempts to leverage that as meaning more than what it actually is. 
Should have listed motox in addition to the Verizon only phone. Motox is available on more networks and is a better phone.
Ha like PCs to Mac! Describes my iphone to android switch perfectly
I'm sticking with iPhone, it might just be me, but the overlays on the native android os are really ugly from makers like samsung.
I´ve been an Android user since ICS- The other day I tried an Iphone, it was the worst minute of my life.
That was surely written by a technical person that is experienced in both platforms. This skips over the learning experience required by the regular iPhone user getting to understand the Google/Android platform. Google Play, where is that, how do I find apps in that when (I think) I have it running.. These are the 'steps' that the people trip up on, get lost and then they throw the android phone at the wall believing it is too hard.
I am a technical person, I understand this stuff and yet (so far) the android experience is confusing and frustrating for me. It doesnt matter that this is 'faster' and 'more intuitive', because they are not, they are different, they both require learning and cause frustrations and difficulties in the same way that changing jobs or moving house does.
OK, it's a nice doc, it's good because what it describes is a good way to convert from iPhone to Android, it doesn't however say why it's good and how it helps move your email/contact content over, it doesn't teach the person how to check that this is successful and how/what to use on the android now for email etc.. Thrown in the deep end and expected to swim... 
Is this some kind of joke,"much more intuitive interface". Why don't you try to focus on the things that Android is actually better at!
Arnab Das
Why should I move to an OS which doesn't even have the capability to completely back up and restore everything on my phone locally? With all due respect, iOS is a better OS, in many ways. Rather than suggesting such complex tricks I think Google's efforts should be spent on creating 1. Uniform design for apps 2. A stable platform which doesn't crash/hang every hour 3. Better app security by actually checking malware entry into the Play Store.

How can an iPhone user be expected to find a replacement for something like AppStore or even iTunes Store or iCloud (this isn't Dropbox, just for the record)? Will android ever have an app like GarageBand?

How can you convince an iPhone user that having to wait months or sometimes years for an OS upgrade is okay? And finally how can you convince someone invested in the Apple ecosystem that having a less tightly integrated ecosystem is better? Let's face it, Google should actually make Android as glitch free an experience as iOS and then suggest tips for users willing to make the switch.
I was a loyal android user since 2009. I finally tossed in the towel waiting for the Moto Maker to come to Verizon for a custom black and yellow Moto X. After a month of waiting with no news I gave in and got an iPhone 5 on the cheap. Send me that black and yellow Moto X for the contract price and you'll have me back again. I miss Android.
Quite the most ridiculous post by any company exec ever. lol
You've got to be kidding. All this coming from someone who says Android is much more secure than Apple's iOS. That got you laughed out of the venue. Android UI is so fragmented and makes no sense what so ever. You should concentrate on making your OS easier to use and just "Work". My God, Goggle must be getting desperate.
Restore from iCloud is far superior than anything I have seen from Google. I can hit one button on a new phone, and my phone, settings, layout, and app data will go back exactly the way it was. Please prove me wrong. One button with restore from iCloud. Note, I have already order the Nexus 5. 
Great post. Going back to iOS when my contract is up next year. Not a fan of the open-source Android platform. Too volatile for me. 
Warning - long comment ahead
Some additions to the original post:
Photos: iOS - download Google Plus app and turn on full size backups to get all your current photos into the cloud. Unlike iCloud you will be able to store unlimited photos. iCloud only stores the last 30 days or 1000 photos. If you are using iPhoto there are great ways to use Picasa to get all your photos into Google Plus.

iMessage: You can backup the phone and extract the messages then import them into your Android. It's a little time consuming but fairly easy. Google it.

Contacts: If you're not using Gmail then you need to open an account and backup your contacts from your iPhone. You can do this easily without even using the mail. Then you can use that email for your main contact list in your new phone. Done.

For all the iPhone users out there: I appreciate the loyalty, I really do. But recently I switched from an iPhone 4S to a Moto X. The switch was not without a lot of contemplation and even a few arguments. In the end, the Moto X won. There's a long version and a short version of "why" but the result is the same. Either stick with an outdated iOS (even on iOS7) and try to use all the Google software. Or switch to a flagship Android and have the latest innovation plus great integration to Google software at my fingertips. Plus, iOS 7 crashed more times than I do in GTA Online. So please don't fuss with me about crashes. Moto X has yet to crash on me. Thanks mostly to the fact that the Moto X is like iPhone in that the same company that makes the phone makes the software. It works fast, flawless, and very beautifully. I still have a new iPad and a Macbook Pro. Please don't confuse me with being a Fanboy. Heck if Microsoft made their own.... no nevermind, I'll never do that.

+Chris Ray you should have 30 days with Verizon to return the phone and trade in for a different one. Moto X is only $99 in the Moto Maker and is now available for Verizon.
Coming from a guy who betrayed Jobs, how can you trust him?

and really? After stealing Apple's technology you are stealing their users too!? Google motto should be steal, steal, steal...
+Kevin Lemere As of today iCloud stores the last 25,000 photos from one month. Just for the record.

I respect your opinion but I don't think iOS 7 is outdated in any way. I've done things with my non-jail broken iOS device that I can't even imagine doing on an android. GarageBand for example. Connecting my guitar to the device and using custom amps! There is no equivalent counterpart. Android does offer a lot of customizations, at the cost of workflow efficiency.
Disagree. I went back to iOS because there's no consistency. UIs like TouchWiz allowed to overlay and ruin the experience, carrier approvals of updates all make Android painful. Even Google couldn't even roll out Kit Kat on all Nexus and Experience devices uniformly. That's what I expect from Google though.

Your Fiberhood rally program was full of flaws just like the construction. Half-way fix things, suck at customer service. The idiots handling marketing keep dropping door hangers but my Fiberhood didn't make it cause you had an impossible goal for us when 60-80% is apt rentals, commercial, or woods/creek. Surrounded by winning Fiberhoods that didn't have our problem and the fiber lines run right in front of our block. Someone named Anna was "helping me" but after 3 different requests and no follow up from them I almost think it may be a blessing in disguise. Given wrong #s by Fiber CS to file complaints cause they couldn't file for me, 30m hold for Corporate, then told they couldn't help.

It'll all end in complaints to the govt and lost faith in a too big for their own good Google. 
I just switched from Optimus L9 to iPhone 5s (Nexus 5 too big, Moto X too expensive, Moto G too compromised). Easy breezy, contacts/calendars are still synced via Gmail, photos are stored on Skydrive and Google+ :p
I'll miss some things. Like Lower case keyboard shows lower case letters, Google+ Photos is infinitely better for storage/sharing than iCloud. I kind of like Apple Maps though. It stores my Maps history without forcing me to enable Search history.
+Arnab Das Google Plus doesn't delete my photos. I've been using it since it came out because I can keep all my photos backed up. In fact, the Google Plus Magic Picture Machine (Auto Awesome) is out of this world. 
+Eric Schmidt so just to be clear, we should be using AT&T visual voicemail instead of Google Voice? Interesting. 
Oh and please have a customer service department. At least an email address or a phone number. 
After switching to Android for 6 month or more, you will find android phone is slowing down with a lot of lagging, battery life couldn't make a day, random auto restart. The android os is obsolete after a few months. You have no way to update/upgrade to latest android... Just after a few months or 1 year of usage, you force to look for a new Android phone as it was no longer stable or switch back to apple. Phone maker blame on Google Android OS juicing up the RAM and processor and battery while Google Android blame on Phone Maker for poor hardware quality.  Android is good for those who always changing a new Phone within a year.  This is my understanding on Android Ecosystem +Eric Schmidt 
+Kevin Lemere that's a good point. However neither google plus nor iCloud photos are meant for large scale storage of photo files. iCloud has a 25000 upload limit every month. Google has a 15GB limit across google drive and picasa and all it's web services. Even though I agree with you, the chances of me hitting the 25000 photo limit without exhausting my phone storage is very remote. 
I had to call Motorola to finish my order and a lady from Texas answered and helped me very quickly. Entire call was less than 5 minutes. 
+Arnab Das If the 15gb limit on G+ is reached future uploads will be at 2048x2048 resolution. Or, make all backups at that resolution and they don't count against Google Drive limit.
If you hit the icloud limit (pictures or month) you will lose images. Been there done that. They are gone forever.
Oh, and with my Moto X purchase I got an extra 50gb of Drive storage. So I have 65gb total now. I'm using less than 1% and I have over 20,000 images backed up at 2048x2048 in Google Plus. Most are not shared, just there if I ever want them and not clogging up my phone. 
+Arnab Das You use year old arguments. Just not that way and much of what you say is pure made up fanboy stuff that you guys run with. MOTOROLA has already updated most of their phones to KitKat. Even older devices that weren't expected. 
My phones latest version is only 4.0.4.
+Tod Leamon Motorola is probably the only manufacturer to do that. Most flagship android phones are running jelly bean. 
Love my Nexus 5 and KitKat, BUT please update the Camera Software for Android SOON! 
+Kevin again, that used to be true back when 1000 photos were the limit. I doubt if users will be lazy enough to not backup 25000 photos! Also, not sure of the 50GB. Is that a subscription discount for a year? If so, you are having to pay for it from the second year onwards right? Also a 2048x2048 res backup is equivalent to no backup. Btw NO photos are deleted from your local photo stream folder. EVER. Even if you restore from backup you'll get back all photos. Photo stream photos may be absent only when you setup a your existing device as a new device. I hope I was able to explain myself, easy stuff but difficult to put across in words.
Thanks! Will soon be upgrading from an iPhone 4 to Nexus 5.
I say Android is way better than iOS even if its iOS 7. Its better because we have faster phones,cameras,software. If you don't like Samsung's tuchwiz then get a different launcher or a different phone if its stuck on 4.0.4 or lower or wait to see if you get kit kat. And Google now compared to siri way better but that's just me and with apple and the same design over and over with glass backs you drop it once the screen cracks or the back cracks or both. We even have water proof phone without having to have a lifeproof case!!!! So ethier way I love android ever since froyo. IOS never changes the ui looks exactly the same just better colors android has NFC and kit Kat 4.4 which runs on 512mb of ram therefore reducing fragmentation. Go android!!! ;)
Thanks just stopped using my iPhone and purchased a Nexus 5

Too bad android apps suck compared to the buttery smooth iOS versions. 
And iPhone trying to sue Samsung for it taking designs from iPhone u must be out ta ur mind really apple get a life!!!
Hmm... Lag, morally corrupt (Samsung), inferior apps, lack of attention to detail, depressing design, and no Cydia (and thus fewer features)? I'll pass. Will check again in 3 years.
I switch from between (IOS to Android to IOS to Adroid) every year by year. Now its a Android.
Android is good now. No question. After all ripping off Apple juice now he is telling to switch. Advice from a man without a policy, ethics or class. It's pure corporate politics.
You have forgot one advice mr. Schmidt - install antivirus! Change iOS to crappy android? Dream on...
This man is laughable first he betrayed Jobs then he claimed that Android is more secure than iOS. 
There are many things you could say are better in the Android world than iPhone. None of them is better screens, faster speed or more intuitive interface. 
Really I phones bending in peoples pockets. We have the Samsung Galaxy Round and LG Flex that can bend back and forth but they don't stay like that and you have to get a new phone and the curve helps. So if you drop it it doesn't land on its face.
Just switched from Android TO iPhone. oops. I guess I am the weirdo! HAHA, funny post
^^^all male commentors. Actually, now that I think about it, all my Android -fan friends are single guys in their late 20's / early 30's. hmm....
Eric, Find it a little hard to believe that you as Google executive have to shill your own product by claiming "many of your friends" are converting to Samsung phones from iPhones. I haven't seen the chairman of any other phone manufacturer saying the same thing. Secondly, if they are friends in the C level like you are, they have their own tech people who will take care of handling that kind of conversion and I doubt these other multimillionaire/billionaires are calling you up about importing their contacts. This is about as realistic as your comment about Android being more secure than iOS. How do you say these things with a straight face?
Actually it is better screens faster speeds and more intuitive interfaces.
Been an android user since the +T Mobile  G1. Now i have the Nexus 5 and i love it. Keep up the Great work +Google 
+Scott Wilson I'm talking strictly about apps. Android apps are not faster than iOS. Android app design/smoothness is way behind iOS. 
That's awesome, but maybe you can help the rest of us with your next blog post. Can you explain how to migrate from Android to IPhone/IOS. I'm pretty sure you can do it with half the words.
Its funny because one of my friends had their Samsung galaxy s4 stolen and he tracked it to a person who had an iPhone 5s who said I just wanted to try android. The next day he got himself a galaxy s4.
+Preston Cole Bailey Considering the developers of apps design for both platforms maybe you can take up that statement with them. I've never had issues with apps on my android based phones. 
On another note, I find fun in watching the looks of iPhone users watch me use NFC and Google Wallet to pay for something. They ask me how and then try to find the "app" in the iTunes store. I have to tell them their fancy candy phones don't have NFC and therefore can't do this or anything like it. It will be funny even when Isis and other NFC apps go mainstream and iPhones will once again have to play catch-up, because as we know finger scanners so revolutionary.
Please try jailbroken iOS before making uneducated comments. Stock Android is nearly as bad as stock iOS. I've had 4 Android devices, 2 of them Samsung's flagships. None of them made the cut - buggy (wi-fi works intermittently, touches do not register, features work intermittently, etc.), slow, and badly designed. Apple's action in the ebook industry was to kill off Amazon's dumping. With an understanding of economics, you would know that this would lead to greater consumer and producer welfare in the long run. I agree that Apple should make bigger phones but even given this disadvantage, iOS devices are just more powerful and useful than Android ones.
People choose to stay on a different version because they like that version. We give them options of what version they want so their Happy.
This looks like a very 'desperate' move, coming from Google. I'm an Android user but I still don't see why it has to be so demeaning of Apple and iPhone! This is cheap publicity on the likes of what companies like Samsung would resort to, didn't expect this from Google. #Arrogance 
+Scott Wilson Galaxy s4 software is the ugliest thing on the planet. And laggy as hell. Only compare iphone with nexus cause every other android experience blows. 
I got an android phone back in June.

I honestly feel bad for anyone that has to use these pieces of garbage. 
+Scott Wilson iOS app ecosystem is still the best experience out there. Android is ahead in the customization game. Pros and cons 
Have better screens?! Are you blind? The whites on all those phones look yellow in comparison to the iPhone's and their colour accuracy is completely off. Never alone their serious lack of brightness. This is especially true for the samsung. I suppose you're referring to ppi but anyone with a brain knows that anything drastically over 300 ppi is a marketing ploy.
+Scott Wilson yes the htc display is great and probably better than iPhone. However it has poor cameras. Too poor for my needs. iPhone still ticks every box. Some android phones may double tick a box, but they (annoyingly) leave some boxes unticked. I can't have one untick dispite how many double ticks in other areas there may be.
I was a die-hard iphone user since the 3G. I was also a jailbreaker which I found was the only way that made the iOS bearable for me. Got tired of having to wait for jailbreaks and wanted a bigger screen. I just switched to the Galaxy Note 3 and I AM LOVING IT!!! Will never look back. Since I'm pretty tech savvy, all the stuff in this article was pretty much common sense. I was puzzled at first that I had to download a separate app for visual voicemail. Doesn't make sense that the default phone app can't do that.
If you like iPhone and Apple why in the hell are you using Goole apps and services like gmail? Also why are you guys on Android Authority and anything that has to do with android?? Stay in your ecosystem.
Buy what you want folks that's what living in a free world is about. I won't use iOS ever because I find it boring. Iphones have great hardware and are premium quality but. ... The UI is boring imo. I think it's funny that people complain about Android not being secure. I'd be willing to bet most are just repeating what they've heard and have no clue what being secure even means. I work in the industry, and frankly couldn't spout statistics with regards to Android security other than ie "knox" for Samsung. All I know is I have my hands on hundreds of cell phones in a month's time and no one ever complains about security on Android or iOS. 
If you don't like the ui on ios can you change it? No.
Perhaps that's why ios users complain about Android ui being ugly, fragmented, whatever then go back to ios thinking that's their only choices.
If that's the case before you go back please look up Launchers. Go Launcher,SPB Launcher, Nova Launcher, etc, etc. You'll find if you don't like the ui just change it to what you do like.
What I have found is the more ios becomes Android like, the more Android is becoming more ios like. They both are moving forward toward a very user friendly experience .
What I also found was I had an easier time coming from Windows Mobile to Android than ios because, and here's the kicker, Android was actually more intuitive way back with froyo. Android made sense whereas with ios I just kept thinking "why'd they do that when (fill in the blank) would work better for me?" I guess each had their own definition of intuitive and it's sure nice to have more choices than Windows Mobile now. I hope they both stay strong in user support so that neither will get complacent and we end up getting a user experience that didn't keep improving in itself like WM got to be.
Just my .02
Yes. On the other hand, to move from any phone to an iPhone, you just need to walk into an Apple Store, find anyone with an Apple logo on their clothes, and ask that person you want to transfer data to an iPhone.
I believe Google will do it in next six months. (or three years if they keep stuffing their face with food ) With their history on screwing with any industry with a copyright and patent, I really think this could happen in next day.
It's not that the engineers in google really evil or anything, but when their CEO go to another company's board, see their new design, and change the hardware after such device is release, I will basically call it a textbook example of CONFLICT OF INTEREST. If you have any moral, you would excuse yourself instead of conning a cancer surviver.
I really hope one day somewhere in US people create a better search engine, or the optics fiber under the Pacific break again. ( I know NSA don't know about Google+, but I state the words above as an example of the end of Google. )
Because although I want to work in Google at age 10, I found Google become a prodigal. They put half baked product out (Please, I said Android need to compile app into native once I know it runs on VM. Two year of development? Isn't that a something you start at beginning? ), do things that is not allow in law (porn, pirate software, illegal media since the first day, disregard of developer's work when people can install any pirate software, video taking everywhere like a "big brother on criminal case", car crashing and bike crashing in near future, searching my mail and "Apply Algorithm to present better ad". Please, you really want to tell a 12 years old boy on the great price on drugs that would "PLEASE HER IN THE BEDROOM"? )
While you have a bunch of freeloaders and people with enough money to live without pay (possibly by pirate everything), you are just like people who invent atom bomb. You kill bunch of people life by making some money, and at the end of day, you just party like a guy from Enron while flipping the switch of the central heat of a single elderly.
If you think music, film, news, book industry can survive without paid, go spend billions to buy News Corp, and put everything for free. I hate to paid 50 dollars per season for Simpsons, but at least I know it costs the network to make a episode. So stop taking meals from a dying old guy.
I know people might said Apple is bad or anything, at least I can teach my 83 years old grandma use something without worrying she will see an ad of how cheap she can get unlimited porn. (Seriously, you can't find a better ad for me in gmail? I'm working on getting a cat for two years. )
P.S. Worst prompt campaign on getting people on Google+. I will just uninstall the app.
BTW: in the spirit of South Park, "you should kill yourself"
I don't suggest it, but I think that's a solution for world peace.
Your "Dropping smartphones" has lead to TWO wars on the same topic and change nothing in Egypt except I can't go there. Did it really solve anything or you just like the number of YouTube user at that time? 
Thank You Eric! I bet when you wrote this how to. . You had no clue the negatively that would spew front it😎
How arrogant. 

Galaxy S4? You mean that bloatware ridden piece of plastic shit? No thanks.

Oh and if you get a non Nexus phone with Android 4.3, what gods you have to worship to get it updated to ... 4.4? And 5 eventually? 99% of Android users who want regular software updates need to either flash their phones with an aftermarket firmware (voiding warranty) or buy a new phone (with very high chances of being riddled with useless bloatware). But yeah, keep dissing the iPhone.

Also, why did you make App Opps impossible to use on 4.4? I thought so ... at least iPhone has excellent privacy controls. Again, if you want privacy, void your warranty and install an aftermarket ROM.

Before some morons flame me for being pro iPhone, I use a Galaxy S3 with CM 10.2.
Im a convert from iOS and Windows Phone. I started out with a cheap and cheerful Android tablet and its vast become my favourite OS in a space of a week.  and i'm getting the Motorola G next week. Theres something really remarkable about Android. I cant put my finger on it but its just something i've grown to love so much and cant wait to own my first Android Phone :)
+Scott Wilson Pretty sure a huge part of that 80% is cheap phones people bought not even knowing it's an android phone. Or they got for free on contract. Or got from a cereal box. 
+Claire Wortley just wait for about a month and it will be slow and bogged down. You'll end up having to root fix stuff. Then you'll have random reboots every five minutes. Enjoy
Could anybody picture Tim Cook writing a guide on how to migrate from Android to iOS? It's lame and just shows how desperate Google is in its effort to position their (stolen) product as a superior alternative to iOS. I'm also wondering about the grounds you claim that Android phones are faster than iPhone 5S. Really, Eric?
S Alex
+Scott Wilson pleas tell me how Android is more secure than iOS or Blackberry. 
S Alex
+Scott Wilson if android is more secure then explain why androids get malware on them lmao
S Alex
+Scott Wilson call me when android can reach a distribution of more than 50% in less than 3 years
+Andrew Honma agreed. I will always have android devices. My wife and daughter would never switch from ios. Android is too much work for them. 
I will stick with my iPhone 5S.   
+TM Yi That's because apple wants you to keep that data in the Apple ecosystem. Which makes it more difficult to move it. Think of it like a jail cell. 
I use an iPhone,  I'm switching to Android,  doesn't mean that I don't like apple any less.   I'm switching carrier and decided that maybe I should try another OS - at least until I see what the iPhone 6 is like - and wanted to switch to not being tied to a carrier contract and use an unlocked phone.   

I chose the Nexus-5 and will switch to T-Mobile from Verizon.

I don't know if I will like Android,  I may make a permanent change.  As for the comment by someone else that said that Android slows down to a crawl... an Apple iPhone user I can assure him that when your memory gets below 1Gb free your iPhone slows to a crawl and some app's just do not install at all requiring the uninstalling of App's.

Personally there are bigger things to get all heated about than SmartPhones.  There is room in this World for all Smartphone brands and OS's.   I've never had the urge to degrade my friends over their HTC One or Galaxy S3 and similarly they've never got their nickers in a twist over my iPhones and everything that everyone says against rival OS's has never affected my decision to purchase an Android device,  it's purely motivated by personal needs and plans.
S Alex
+Scott Wilson do you realize how many cheap-o android handsets there are though
S Alex
+Scott Wilson and how does one use of an android device prove it's more secure than another platform
I keep seeing in the comments the "its too complicated". No your just to fucking lazy to do shit. That's the draw back to iPhone users. Its so simple it makes you dumb and lazy.

Now this is pretty spot on the steps that are needed to move from iPhone to android.

I'm a Verizon Tech Coach. I see this all day. There are a lot of iPhone users mover to the Note 3 that we have to walk through the basic same steps Eric Schmidt laid out.
S Alex
+Scott Wilson do you realize how minuscule that bending issue is compared to malware on androids though 
+Nicholas Skerritt you know how I know you never picked one up? Either that or your short bus arrived before you could swipe to unlock
Most of these steps are because of iPhone and iTunes lack of cross-platform tools and compatibility...good work
S Alex
+Scott Wilson I don't get how having a certain type of bezel on a device has anything to do with software development
S Alex
+Scott Wilson if switching to android from an iPhone wasn't such ass then Eric wouldn't have had any reason to write this article in the first place 
A guide on how to disable iMessage so NEW Android users can communicate with their old iPhone users in their contacts needs to be added to this. There is quite a bit of misunderstanding on how to accomplish this.
S Alex
+Dan Gilbert it's not really an innovation. Motorola did it first but it wasn't executed very well. IMO it's a shame because it was at the time a great idea 
+S Alex what putting up a guide is a horrible thing? There should be one going the other way. But apple could give a crap about its users
+S Alex I know and actually if I remember right they weren't even first. I know it is not an innovation I was just responding to the child
I just made the switch from the 4s to a moto x.
Signing out of imessage did no good. My iPhone friends phone still try to send Imessages. Even deleted my contact info on thier phone and entered it again. Apple sucks for making it so hard for someone to switch.
Love this moto x though. 
Motorola has this thing called Motorola Migrate. It works with all Android phones, obviously, but also with iPhones. 
+S Alex ok I had to look it up it has been around since 1998 from Siemens as a prototype, the fujitsu f505i in 2003 was the first commercial phone that I could find
+Dan Gilbert Hmm, ok. Thats interesting. I guess its different from area to area, seeing as my high school is devoid of them.

Honestly, I don't care which phone sells better. I've tried Android devices and I f**king hate them, but who knows, maybe someone can use them. Whatever floats your boat.

Honestly what drives me crazy in this thread is the number of people who think android is more secure.
+Ezekiel Elin I feel the same about Apple but like you said, to each his own. Honestly both iOS and Android are not secure. Both are easily hacked if you know what your doing. I will say though that Samsung has a major push on for security in the business place, primarily to kill off the last BlackBerry holdouts. 
+Dan Gilbert However Android is easier to "hack" in the sense you can install apps on it that aren't approved as thoroughly (not saying iOS isn't possible).

Also, if my iPod is stolen tomorrow, no one can use it (even if I don't realize its stolen) until I get it back. its literally a brick. Well, a light brick.
+mathew Sigh, I knew someone was gonna prove me wrong. However I would like to see how many of those would be applicable in day-to-day use, and how many are just vulnerabilities that would require, say, connecting to a computer.
Gyl Sky
In my opinions, the key value of android phones is the choices, we have many choices to satisfy our personal preference

Care so much about latest update or fragmentation issue? Get Nexus series or Moto X series

Care so much about branding? Get Samsung/Sony/LG/HTC (and their OS updates are not that slow at all, one thinks it is slow because they are comparing to Nexus)

Care so much about a phone + tablet integration? Get Asus

Care so much about pricing? Use Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and still getting a high end phone with reasonable pricing, and Nexus series have been so famous of their pricing and spec, the upcoming Moto G can be a good deal as well.

And so on.

Each phone has its focus, but does not mean they lose focus on other parts (e.g. Moto X has 2nd fastest OS update with splendid  user experience, fantastic and innovative features like active notification)

Some people kept arguing that the iOS devices have no learning curve, I wouldn't agree at all because those users have been using iOS devices for so many years and the flow didn't change much at all, Steve Jobs got it right and no one dares to challenge him to improve it, you can't win a deceased, it's time for iOS developers to move forward and innovate more.

At the same time, android continues to innovate (e.g. when an iPhone user tried to show off panorama feature to android user who already has photosphere... )

I cannot speak for others, as a phone user, I appreciate Android being open,  not afraid to innovate (even if it may fail), capable to bring so much possibilities to the world, benefiting the poor countries with affordable technology.
yunus S
Use Phoneswappr app to transfer contacts. Much more simple to do.
If only Android File Transfer for the Mac wasn't a buggy piece of junk.
How timely! Thanks +Eric Schmidt my Nexus 5 arrives in about 10 days! I've owned every version of iPhone and have absolutely loved the experience.

However, I find myself in google apps +90% of the time and I now own #googleglass. With the release of KitKat I'm not seeing any downsides to move to Android. 
I switched to iPhone from android then had to switch back to android as it is much more intuitive and easier to use. People still have this misconception that iPhone is easier to use which is not true. Use android and you'll never switch back to iPhone again. (just a personal opinion) 
I switched to iPhone from android then had to switch back to android as it is much more intuitive and easier to use. People still have this misconception that iPhone is easier to use which is not true. Use android and you'll never switch back to iPhone again. (just a personal opinion) 
used Android in past and it suck. LOVE MY IPHONE, you need a lot of work in your OS 
itunes library is the old way use manage music. just use spotify to stream any song you want or online radio like pandora
How about how to switch from Apple Glass to Google Glass? .... Nevermind
I went back to iOS from a Samsung Galaxy S4 to iPhone 4S (Will upgrade to the 5S when eligible). The S4 is just too slow! That thing freezes like crazy and screen movements sometimes is a little "jerky" like it pauses a moment when switching screens. It's a shame because there is no point comparing the S4 hardware to the 4S or even the 5 but guess what? My iPhone 4S feels just as fast as the S4 and all screen movements are smooth. Like Linux, Android still has a long way to go but is promising. Maybe if all the phone manufacturers stopped skinning their phones and deliver pure Android, my concept of Android might change. Touchwiz sucks big time, very laggy inefficient OS. Oh, and in regards to the air gestures and the different camera settings? Once the novelty wears off you will never use those features again. Plus, I like that my iPhone automatically backs up my pictures to the photo stream and icloud without having to install a 3rd party software, when switching iPhones, the applications are re-downloaded from your backup along with all its data and settings without having to use Titanium Backup and that my camera, even though a lower resolution than the Galaxy S4's will take crystal clear pictures and I don't have to hold my breath in order to minimize any camera movements to ensure my pictures are clear.
I love the Android OS. It gives all the power in user's hand unlike Symbian OS. What I feel is that Android phones start to hang after an year or so. However that is not the case with Apple or Symbian. Please try to overcome this problem as I have seen it with a lot of consumers.
move from pc to mac. you use mac sir?
I switched from Android to iOS. Like it a lot better. No malware and the UI actually works. Android is crap designed for cheap garbage chinese phones.
+Dennis Rünger he said Chrome is more secure than Safari which is true. Android passed iOS on features and function several years ago... So saying Android on par with iOS doesn't make sense.
I wanted android to work for me, I really did. But there was nothing there for me, came running back to iPhone. 
Great guide. What about movies bought on iTunes?
I moved from an iphone to an S4 after 5 years of iphone. I'm enjoying android, not turning off imessage has really been a pain. I love how angry people get about what is better, like they are ready to go off and fight in the trenches about it. Get over yourselves, it's a toy.
Cuando android consuma la misma cantidad de batería que iOS me paso definitivamente. Mientras tanto, Moto X como segundo teléfono.
+Jason Graun, the statement on Android security I was referring to was made by Schmidt during the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in October.
I don't think Apple ever intended to offer the most features. What characterizes Apple devices is that the features they have, both in software and hardware, are implemented exceedingly well. It would be interesting do a feature-by-feature comparison between Android and iOS to see how the two operating systems match up these days. I don't think broad, sweeping statements about which OS is better are very meaningful because they depend entirely on how one weighs the individual features in generating a summary judgment. Eric Schmidt does get more concrete at times, for example when he talks about Android security or intuitiveness of the user interface, and he sounds more like a salesman to me than an arbiter of competing technologies. 
Imma let you finish, bet when is the goddamn Kitkat coming to my Nexus 7? Been more than a week already!
I had an android and moved to the iPhone and I'm happy now. No more crapware as on Android on the iPhone, all the software is top quality on the iPhone and everything it's a lot better. Another world indeed. I will never be back, the iPhone it's the best for all the stuff that matters. I used both and this is what I think but I know other can disagree. If I need a bigger screen I can turn to the deskop or a tablet and in any case in few months the iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen if size does matter in your pocket too.
All these people saying that they have had a terrible experience with android, I wanna know what phone they used.
+Dennis Rünger But that's the thing: it's easy to make things work exceedingly well when you have only a few features and those too that work only on a couple of devices (iOS devices). Look at iTunes: on Windows it's slow, often laggy, etc., a good example in my eyes of how something made by Apple for diverse hardware like that is simply not optimized enough.
Of course, the fact that they do work well cannot be ignored, that's a great thing about iDevices, and it's amazing how only Apple has managed to get such an ecosystem going, but I really think that the fact that their features are exclusive to a few devices, they take a year to bring out a couple of features giving them lots of time to work on it, and of course the fact that they aren't going all in with lots of features is what makes Apple's features work exceedingly well..

But I agree with you, this war about OS is idiotic, all have their own pros and cons, we should all just use the one we like and be happy.
 this should drive traffic to g+ well played 
+Eric Schmidt Wait, so you're saying 80 percent of the world agrees on Android, and you talk about the cloud as a feature, when you know most of those 80 percent cannot depend on the cloud, especially for music and stuff? That's the problem with Google: "hey, cloud is the answer, so what if your internet and data plans don't allow you to depend on the cloud, but hey, cloud is the answer!"

Good guide though.
Just played around with the Nexus 5 today for the first time; I really enjoyed it. I have an iPhone 5s at the moment, which I do love, but I'd like to try out Android again for a change (my first smartphone was a Samsung Captivate, which I used for less than two weeks before trading up [at the time] to an iPhone 4) after three very durable (dropped my 4 down an alleyway in harm done) iPhones (4, 5, now 5s).

I still love Apple; I love their design, I love Apple material quality, I hate PCs, I only like Nexus/pure Android, and I'm sorry but I won't switch from my retina iPad mini to a Nexus 7, but I feel I owe it to myself to give my good friend Google's latest phone attempt another try. I love technology in all forms (sans Microsoft ;), after all! So we shall see what my near future holds; perhaps I just might switch (at least for one phone)!

I do fear for my 2GB data plan with all of the cloud features, however. iOS 7's automatic app updates have already proven to be very dangerous to keep on. Damn you, AT&T, and your evil contracts too! I'd switch to T-Mobile ASAP if I could.
Good guide, +Eric Schmidt.
However, Google needs to improve music manager application on desktop. I still prefers iOS device and iTunes to listening to the music, its much more easier.
Android all the way. For the sake of SwiftKey keyboard on my phone, I can never go back to any other OS... 
Alan H.
Too bad Chrome isn't 64-bit on mac
I think some one should tell him how to change profile picture on G+ before he tells us how to change our phone, +Eric Schmidt Joker ;)
There's nothing wrong with iPhones. If you could buy a recent model for about 2/3 the price of a top-line Android phone, I'd probably buy one for my wife.
+Lumír Jasiok The answer to all of those is yes. Just buy the latest phones or a New nexus every year, just like you would on iOS. Not all iPhones have the latest iOS, so your comparison doesn't apply
Mr. Chairman, please explain to us how Android incorporates patented Apple technologies including the Steve Jobs multitouch patent and how Android would perform without these technologies. Can you please be honest and admit that Android would be nothing without these patented Apple technologies? What was Android like when the first iPhone came out? That's right - it was a Blackberry OS clone. Why can't Google invent it's own stuff outside of search? Is it that evil?
+Eric Schmidt, What a waste of time. No one uses G+ unless he has android phone that came with g+ preinstalledb. It is funny how you point out that people will leave iPhone for Android like what they do when they shift to Mac from PC. Do you know what makes people stick with Mac? It is its charming, which also in the iPhone! Bad way of markting, Try again when you learn. 
+Rushabh Sheth You try to use any forum for your questions, now, don't you? I guess you've been informed many times that this isn't the proper one for it. Now, again, this isn't. 
Nice, but it doesn't hurt to have both wink
+Abdulaziz Alaboudi You are wrong at generalising. Many people use G+ (which is, in my opinion, is not a good thing, but that's not the point). Apple makes great designs, true, but it isn't always enough. Many people prefer more common solutions for sane prices and Apple's insanely overpriced stuff wouldn't do. Don't believe me, check market share. What's true, however, that those who use an iPhone will stick to it since these are the people who can afford and willing to buy expensive crap. ;-) But what would you expect fom Eric, he is working for Google, are you really, honestly surprised that he advocates that? Get real, and more to the point, don't come here to argue, get a life. :-P
faster? You are kidding, right?
I've been happy with iOS for a while, and recently i bought an iPhone. What I dislike about Android is their enormous screens and their lack of software updates.
Mr. Eric, I'm glad you did this guide, now I am sure your "friends" are not very smart. 
Instead of writing a long post people should understand this.
1. Nothing comes for free!  Instead, users by storing their data in the cloud Google can sell ads better, making Google more profitable. Google has most of the revenues from selling ads, not from making users happy.
2. Anyone would use an iPhone if the price would be low enough, forget about Android.
3. Flagship Android phones never receive the latest software updates, unless those are sold by Google. In general the user experience in anything like Galaxy S4 is way lower than an iPhone 4S!!!!! forget about comparing to iPhone 5 or higher.
4. Android phones are not faster than an iPhone, not even the Nexus 5.
5. Android is a poorly designed OS, it needs a lot of time to become something good, but at that time it will be called Google and not Android anymore.

I don't want to speak about my experience with LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Nexus 7(2013), you got it, I switched back to iPhone 5S and Ipad Air and I am so happy.
I just bought a Note 3. What I like about Android is their enormous, beautiful screens and their lack of meaningless, annual, barely incremental, irrelevant, software updates.
I have a problem in transferring my iTunes library because Google music is not supported in Dubai..please Google 90% of people here are using Android meanwhile iOS is fully supported 
+Dean Wallace thats right, it is too much for us to do this steps and move to android... that's NOT gonna happen ! I wil see you all coming back to iPhone after couple of mounts, or when your AT&T plan ends. Have a nice "testing / setting things up" Christmas time. :-)
You say Android is more intuitive than iOS ????
did you use iOS ?
Android is not intuitive at all !
one of the big Apple quality is to make intuitive apps, the know how to do that, the fist mac was intuitive, and the last OS is stil intuitive.
Why they missed Sony Xperia Series !!??
I have moved from iPhone (3G) to the Google G1 by HTC when it was first released five years ago... Been with Android ever since!
Android rock and rules :)
This is funny but yet useful ....
+Jean duduf by the way "intuitive" does not mean "familiar". You seem to mix up the two: you are familiar with iOS so Android seems unfamilar to you. It doesn't matter it's not intuitive. In fact I'm using Android on my phones and when I have to do smoething on an iPhone I usually struggle to find things; it is not that iOS is not intuitive, it's just that it's not familar to me.
Thank you for this guide, sir. I think, however, you should have an honest talk with the Android team. An easy to use migration tool integrated into the next OS iteration would be highly appreciated.
the two step authentication is free? when i try to register, it says standard messaging rate apply. does it charge me for every single code sent?
I like Android, but what Android 4.3 / 4.4, my Samsung Galaxy S3 still on 4.1.2 and Note 8 still on 4.2.2. Get manufacturer to keep up with the updates.
I still don't get the message, why I should change my save and well functioning iPhone to an unsave (stolen) and fragmented OS like Android. Sorry guys. Come up with something better (without stolen parts in the OS) and I might consider... You can do that - I know, because the products in your core business are excellent.
He wrote the false (iPhone 5s is faster than any smartphone in the market right now). But he can't admit it: prior to his consciousness comes Google.
I logged onto Google+ just to say this - BOLLOCKS!
And BTW: I don't want everything to "be in the cloud" — how do I set up Android to behave accordingly?
+Péter Gervai You shouldn't assume things. I ask these questions because no one bothers to ask these questions. People have very short memories when it comes to capitative multi-touch smartphones. Before iPhones, there were ZERO capitative multi-touch smartphones. Everybody (and that included Mr. Chairman here) were trying to ape the Blackberry OS. After iPhone, everyone started using the exact same multi-touch technologies that Apple used in the iPhones and that Apple had patented. What would an Android smartphone look like without the Steve Jobs multitouch technology? Imagine that some start-up started using the Google PageRank search technology (without permission or compensation) and claimed that it is better than Google because there is less advertisement and no privacy issues. How do you think Mr. Chairman is going to react?
Then download +Ingress from Play Store and go out and have some fun. (Join Enlightened) :)
Now make sure you services are available everywhere, a lot of people can't even buy apps (they don't want illegal downloads on their phones) because there are no Google Play cards and they don't own a creditcard. Furthermore, Google Now is in beta mode for way too long and does not work with talkback in a lot of countries. Those would be my reasons getting back to iOS. 
To make that switch you must have had a brain seizure !!!
there is one important step missing at the end of the guide

5 : after you are done with the steps above, make sure to be wearing a helmet, and your windows are sealed, you may risk injuring yourself or jumping out of the window from frustration.
and yeah, another more important one : keep your iPhone handy, cause you're coming back using it 
Hey +Eric Schmidt. I once loved Gmail, Youtube and all the Google services. Then you, as Google, screw it all up: Gmail on the web it's full of ads and the UI it's very distracting. And speaking about YouTube comments: before I was posting so many comments; now: a fraction (I'll say a 2% maybe). I hate Google+. If there was a thing on the internet that was so cool, it was youtube comments section. But now? Now they are confuse and the highlight comments are not the best (as it was before). And one thing that makes me nut: one/two second of playback BEFORE it starts the ad? Seriously? This is insane. I am evaluating to move from gmail to some other service, maybe iCloud mail or something else. And I'm starting even to hate YouTube (I can't event set my main mobile app to start from my subscriber's video). I don't know if I'll move away even from youtube, but one thing is sure: I will never switch to Android because I don't want this ad-problems in the future even in my mobile OS. Google is an ad-driven company and that's ok: I's business, I understand and I respect this choice. What I don't agree it's the disproportion between us(ers) and advertisers. As today, Google is a company that cares 99% about advertisers and, maybe, 1% about us(ers)
Tja Herr Schmid,
meine Erfahrungen mit Android sind dermassen enttäuschend, dass ich nie wieder ein Android Gerät kaufen werden. Der Store ist einfach nur mies. Die Update-Politik ist eine Zumutung. Nach einem halben Jahr habe ich keine neue Version für mein HTC Desire S mehr erhalten. So muss ich heute noch mit 2.3.5 rumgurken. Die Einkäufe werden ohne Überprüfung durchgeführt. Das Syncing mit OSX ist der Schritt, den ich umgehend deaktiviert habe. Alle Kontakte und Kalender musste ich manuell neu aufbauen, da Android alles zerschossen hat. Die Laufzeit des Gerätes mit 5 Tagen ohne zu telefonieren oder sonstige Nutzung sind wahrlich ein Nutzererlebnis der besonderen Art. Sicher ist das iPhone teurer aber eben auch um einiges zuverlässiger als der fragmentierte Android Markt, wo alle nur bestrebt sind mit einer neuen Android Version ein neues Gerät zu verkaufen. Meine Interessen als Kunde werden einfach ignoriert. Abgesehen davon passen die Klodeckelphone in keine Tasche. Ach ja der Stromsparmodus aktiviert unter anderem das GPS, welches einfach nicht nutzbar ist, dafür aber Unmengen an Strom verbraucht. Die Navigation ist nicht brauchbar und schon nach wenigen Tagen "stillgelegt" worden. Billig ist eben einfach nur unbrauchbar. Derzeit habe ich Google zu 99% von meinem Computer entfernt und sobald wie möglich wird es ganz eliminiert werden.
Thanks, that´s a nice guide. But i stick to Apple. And no offense or trolling meant. Have a nice day.
I am one of those who moved from iPhone to HTC One. Transition of data was easy and smooth through HTC migration tool. Yet, I encountered huge problems when it came to migrating my payed apps. I contacted each and every company that had Android app which I had licensed on iOS and absolutely none gave me positive response about licencing it to my Google Play account. That kind a ruined my transition experience quite a bit. It's understandable that there can't be one-click transition, yet it's really disappointing that customer support officers of those companies weren't ready to sort such issues. 
Android is much better than iOS.And that now the U.S Government will use the iPhone for take the information by iOS users.Move to android is the best thing.
The day i convert from iPhone to Android is when Hell freezes over...
Bernd Braun then start to convert.
+Miloš Vučić What you want is like buying a Playstation game at Walmart and then want to switch it to a Xbox Game at Best Buy. Kind of. I understand your motivation, but Apple App Store and Google Play Store are complete different stores and iOS and Android are complete different platforms. You only buy the right to use one of them.
motherfucker google makes money by selling info to ad makers im happy IOS and WIndows phone exist otherwise google will scroogle everbody
+Fabio Trotta Your point about different stores is completely valid and I don't expect that neither Google or Apple do anything about it, yet companies should show a bit more flexibility. One example is Pocket Guide where I got some guides through their own web store, not Apple store, yet I was not able to restore them on new device. Changing mobile platforms should be same as changing phones from same platform, though I don't see that coming any time soon.
And if I don't want a gmail address ??
And if I don't want to be trapped in google ecosystem ?
Jay Em
+Eric Schmidt You forgot to mention to break the iPhone into small tiny pieces before flushing down the toilet
A dead serious question, +Eric Schmidt:
Can I use Android entirely offline except Play Store Access and system updates?
I'd rather give as less as possible data to any cloud services, including Google.
some assholes still dont get it.......
+Eric Schmidt faster? really?so you don't see an iPhone 5s!!
U know eric , in the world everybody known you as a google's clown !
Every time you say something we all laugh!!!! :))))))
so make us happy again you clown!! :)) :))))

and also Mac Over PC ?! WTF?!!!?
I think how ever supply your drugs is the best drug dealer in the world!!!
Go home Eric! YOU ARE HIGH!!!!!!!
+Eric Schmidt Why not just make it a blogpost that people can refer to whenever they wake-up from their eternal sleep that is iPhone? (Just saying)
I had an iPhone and would say it made my life 25% easier, switched to an Android and it made 25% worse (this is by no means scientific but i almost destroyed it in anger on a regular basis). Lost my iPhone, bought an equivalent spec android to replace it, for a few months, hated every second of my experience and switched right back to apple. My 'shiny' Samsung felt like it was even slower than my 2003 Sony P900 (anyone remember them?) let alone my old iPhone. I think the main thing that android phones are generally good for are their spec list, the price and 'customisability'. But what good is all of that spec if the system is still as slow as an all-priests over-75's five-a-side football match. Also, I don't have time to 'customize' and want something just to work as it should and don't mind paying a premium for a premium product. Don't get all the apple haters, if you don't like it don't buy it. Same goes for the android haters, although you can be quietly smug because your probably right. 
Hello, i have an Iphone 5 and the Nexus 5, the Nexus 5 + Android 4.4 it's good, except for photos and videos ! The Iphone 5 is much better (not the same price ^^). The real problem for me is you can't use the great Airplay system on Android without install a third party app and if you wan't to install it, you have to root your smartphone (not good, i prefer get movies and musics on the Itunes Store, sorry ^^). Thanks to you to give us an ios app of Google Play Music :). Have a nice day ! Sorry for my English.
+Gerhard Torges i know well.I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE (even if the LTE in Italy the LTE doesn't work) and i put on the cyanogen mod and i can say that now my S3 give shit to all iphone
Well, I have switched from iPad to Nexus 7 2013 (smaller, cheaper, and as they said, faster than iPad). But... I really missed a lot thing from iPad that Android can't compete or doesn't have the alternatives: iLife and iWork (iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband Pages, Numbers, Keynote - well that's from apple), third party devs like: SampleTank, Animoog, iElectribe, iMS-20, iPolysix and other virtual instruments. Apps for video and graphic/photo editings are not as great as iPads. So, I will sell my nexus and wait for iPad Mini Retina.
What you meen faster and "Many of my iPhone friends"? Seriously?! What are you doing? Play a games? Are you and your friends using all phone features or less 20%? 1.april will be next year.. I agree only on the larger/ better screen.. thats all. I hate Android complicated use (not Samsung, HTC, etc hardware)
+Gerhard Torges not really.It lags before hack it.Now is much better.But the greatest thing for an android user is that he can customize his phone.Android is open source and is much better.Yes there are much probability to get virus but for that problem you can use avast.
Need another guidance on switching from Blackberry to Android also ...
awkward sentence, mr. schmidt…
a bit complicated, but for some people android is just better :)
Android is superior to iOS, no doubt. Great to get a guide for Android 'behind enemy lines.'
May be for the end user Android is OK. But programming UI is really bad... can not be compared to xCode for iPhone!!

think about programmers also ))
Most apps are free on Android which are used by mobile users, however, you need to shell out $1, $2, $3 or $5 for iphone apps which means a great deal of money in india for most low end users
LMAO why would I want some shitty Povertydroid phone made for poor people? I mean, I know Android users are the same people who think Wal-Mart clothes are as good as designer clothes, so it's no surprise they'd know nothing about fashionable tech design. Not to mention the iPhone 5s out benchmarks every Android phone out there, even when the Android phones are cheating their benchmarks :D. Until Android has the consistency, fluidity, and industrial design that rivals iPhones, I will forever be with Apple!  And don't even get me started on tablets, where Apple's lead is even greater. Enjoy your Povertydroid phones, poor people, I'll be with the Apple master race!
ah, the fresh smell of trolls in the morning.  it's the best
I'm surprised that some people still disagree that android is more intuitive and user friendly.

Perhaps iOS was back in the days of donut or eclair, but Android has really overtaken iOS in this area long time ago. It's also just more consistent in terms of UI and apps nowadays by far. I think the people disagreeing with this simply haven't used Android past 2010 or are judging from some shitty skinned android.
And don't forget to buy antivirus software license. You will need it. Seriously I would never recommend an Android based phone to a family member unles they are very technology minded. Go for an iOS device if you value your freetime - else expect to spend lots of time with supporting your friends. iOS and Android is both great platforms - it just comes down to what are your needs and what platform will give you your best and easiest experience. There is room for both platforms.
Ignore +Kell Vagtholm. iOS is as vulnerable to attack as Android. I'm running CyamogenMod 10.1 on a Verizon Samsung Galaxy SIII presently and have never in my history of Android phones required an antivirus.

To say otherwise merely indicates ineptitude and suggests you shouldn't own a smartphone in the first place.
Mario Ndoki I switched to Yahoo as search engine in Safari on my iPhone

+Mathew Hanley Yes! It would be great if google would make the two factor option more visible. maybe a big banner on the login screen
+Lumír Jasiok "Do I have always all my data backed up to some cloud, so I can restore all my settings and data?"

Yes, you do. Photos, music, notes, wifi passwords...
No, thanks. I think I'll just stick with iOS for now, (& probably forever to). Android sucks... :P
And, exactly as he planned, this Google+ post has made the Android vs. iOS debate live on... Who really cares? Both platforms get'er done so... Keep making something happen with your device.
I never had an iphone since I changed directly from Nokia to Android in 2010. Running about 8 Android devices at home now (phones, tablets and a smartbook) there is one think I would like to have changed: Please PROVIDE an reliable UPDATE policy! I understand that sometimes new HW requirements are necessyary, however what about a LTS versions for older devices? Half of my devices I should better not use anymore, because it runs on 2.2 or 3.2. with no chance of update and with unfixed security gaps, it is not about new features, it is about fixing bugs, especially security fixes. Even not so old devices as my RAZR are have reached with 4.1 your decided update cycle. This is one thing you need to catch up with Apple / IOS.
+iPan Baal you have room to talk... You don't even use your real name. 
+Arnab Das what are you talking about? I have emailed Google over faulty apps on at least three occasions and they always follow up with me. One time they charged me for an album in the play store and I filed a complaint through the website and someone called me back. She was pleasant and took care of my request. 
+Ho Hong Heng what? I have owned the HTC Evo 4g lte, galaxy s3, galaxy s, nexus s and now nexus 4 (for a year) and I have never experienced what you described. In fact the nexus s and nexus 4 are the only phones I have kept for a year or more. 
why should i switch to Android? because of Google wants me to upgrade my phone yearly. not neccessarely when using an iphone.
and i would like to see the survey Schmidt was talking about (80%???). 
+Lumír Jasiok yes. You do.
I've been on KitKat since less than a week after it was announced on my S4. Google has backed up settings and data for ages and you can get apps that go even more in depth and save all of your apps preferences, logins, etc
This guidance is one-sided ... Android "user-experience" is still behind iOS in many areas ... on top of that Samsung's products are not reliable compared to Apple's 
+Arnab Das 1- App designs across the Google platform are uniform. Third party developers are given guidelines to follow as well.

2- Are you actually serious? I've been using an iPhone 5s for the past month and I've encountered more random reboots, app crashes and general gui instability than I have in a whole year with the nexus 4. In fact I've never had such a problem with the nexus 4. Same goes for my nexus 5 which I switched to because I couldn't handle the jurassic nature of iOS.

3- App security and malware isn't an issue in the play store. That's a common misconception. What is an issue is duplicate apps and fakes. By fakes I mean unofficial builds of apps. None that actually contain mal ware.

Play Store more than holds its own against the app store and as for iCloud; Google+ has complete photo and video backup, plus your apps, contacts, calendar and tonnes of other stuff is automatically backed up to your Gmail account. All you have to do is sign in when you set the phone up for the first time.

Android is a much more glitch free experience than iOS and I can say that because I've experienced both first hand. 
No thanks. Google's goal is to know more about me than I do because that knowledge is worth $$$. Of course they want me on Android and/or using Chrome. I once had an Android phone (1st gen Moto Droid). Worst phone I ever had. I choose not to be one of the Lemmings and go to Android because everybody else is. CYA.
What is the point about "80% of the world, in the latest surveys, agrees on Android" ? Does that mean that the other 20% should use Android ? Ok, fine, more than 80% of the world uses Windows, does this mean that Google is switching from MacBooks to Windows PCs ? 52% are using Internet Explorer ( ), which means that we should use Internet Explorer, not Chrome, Firefox or Safari. I don't have the numbers, but I think that Microsoft Office does have a far bigger share than Google Docs, which means that Google Docs users should be helped to switch to Microsoft Office...

By the way, does those steps work for those who want to switch from iOS devices to Android devices like, you know, Kindle Fire ?
Hi Eric Schmidt,

I am a lone supporter of Android in my family and just purchased the Nexus 5. Love the device but there are major major issues with the user experience. Two big issues that stand out as a business user:

1. How was exchange connectivity not validated with the latest kitkat release? Nexus support forums as well as Moto X forums are flooded with issues with the latest email package in Kitkat.

2. How as sending DTMF tones using dialing sequences such as 180012456789;12345678#  not tested with the US Networks before releasing the Nexus 5. Dialing sequences does not work properly on the Nexus 5 with Sprint. Only way to make it work would be to add waits such as 1800123456789;1234,5678,#

Not acceptable if you are going after the big guys.

Is it what you really think? :))))) "Like the people who moved from PCs to Macs and never switched back, you will switch from iPhone to Android and never switch back" 
+Eric Schmidt This is a great first step to providing a "Quick Start Guide for iPhone users" in every Android phone box.
It's sad. A friend of mine switched back to the iPhone because of an issue with Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Note II's contact list randomly wiping itself. I think she wasn't alone with the issue and it was never fixed. That is quite a blunder. 
i can put a apple brand in some new samsung smartphone. I'm sure Apple consumers will maintain saying that their new phone is better than any samsung
I love android too however Google and all the manufacturers need to go that extra 1% and fix the nagging bugs that has a direct impact on the usefulness and utility of the product. The inability to automate dialing into conference calls on the Nexus 5 is a big show stopper for me.
Faster? Faster than what? Certainly not an iPhone 5s.
lol the comments are hilarious. Most people just repeat stuff "they heard" somewhere without having the tiniest clue of what they are talking about. But yeah have fun repeating bullshit claims some companies make. Every OS has pros and cons... but just look how most of the commenters live somewhere in lalaland high on some bullshit they have seen in biased commercials. Thanks guys I had a great laugh. 
Verifying everything is working should be the last step. 
iPhoney5Shit? Really? Whats the point having all 64bit gimmick with just 1Gb RAM? And those locked down feature for overpriced gadget.... Bluetooth only for headset? Stone era? BT v1.x?
apple updates its devices, google does not update. This is a big minus google.
Galaxy Nexus still Android 4.3 and google will not upgrade to 4.4, Galaxy Nexus is a great device
you tell me to update to the latest software. Kitkat has been out for 3 weeks now, and none of my two Nexus 'es have got it.
Disappointed with google.
I now ask myself what was the point of Nexus.
+Alexander Albu c'mon man,do you even know that Google only update their own Nexus phone? And the rest is depend on the manufacturer? Blame OEM for not updating theirs... Google update their Nexus, fastest update ever.
+Crescendo Fang Sorry to disappoint you mate, but I have 2 nexus devices, the 7 (2012) and 4. None of them have got the update.
And I check for System Updates every two hours.
+Jamie Munro Battery life is simply NOT an issue on the Nexus 5 - to my surprise. I traded a S4 in for one and having 0 battery issues with it despite now leaving bluetooth and wifi on 24/7. The S4, with the same apps, would often not make it through a full day with the default battery. Not that the S4 was bad, but I tend to use the phone a lot.... 
+Bhaavan Merchant where'd you live? I'll ask my brother,he have both like you... And maybe need time,coz Google just updated their HTC One GPE to 4.4.... check 😉
Sammy tend to update after the device about 1 year old.... 😠😡
I owned a Motorola Milestone from the prehistory of Android and my wife has a Moto something (one of those cheap android phones with only 256 megs of internal storage which i hate) i have had my share of Android experiences be it on tablets or phones and let me tell you, i will never switch back to, thanks but no thanks Mr Schmidt
+Eric Schmidt I can't believe Android still doesn't support S/MIME. What the heck are you guys thinking? Many companies are thinking on going all iOS just because of S/MIME!
thank Eric, can make a one step app for the switch?
".. have a much more intuitive interface..." you must be kidding! 
i have several devices, android and iOS. Android just not there yet... sorry.
+Christopher Bräuer No bootlocker unlocked. Vanilla Nexus just like it came out of the package.
+Crescendo Fang I live in India. My devices were puchased from the USA. But I dont see why Google should discriminate based on country for Android updates.
+Bhaavan Merchant not discriminate... coz my broyher bought it from UK and it got something that locking the firmware on UK region... some games not working due to that region coding or sth.... I will unlock that later... I live in Indonesia....
How to move SMS's from iphone to android ?
Vava K
Get rid of the credit card requirement for a "free" service and maybe I'd consider it. It's ridiculous to request this information just to access a "free" service. If it's really free than you shouldn't expect anything in return.
Mr. Schmidt,

Great post. However, if you're hoping to convert large groups of users to Android from IOS, then you need to give a greater push to improving the accessibility of Android for low-vision and blind users. Actually, Android is quite close to beating the pants off of IOS in this area, but misses the mark just slightly in some areas, and does way better than IOS in other areas. Put the heart and dedication into finishing what you started in the Accessibility arena and I guarantee you, you'll have an instant turnover group.

I say this as a technology trainer for the DeafBlind consumers who travels the country training DB users on telecommunications equipment. Most are up in arms because Apple has essentially abandoned its low-vision users with the release of IOS7. Android has just a few more things to fix and then it'll not only be up to par with past IOS versions, but actually far better. Don't blow this opportunity. Thousands of my consumers are screaming for a solution to replace wht is essentially now a bricked iPad or iPhone because Apple made their devices unusable for low-vision users.
Anyone have a suggestion on the best app as an Itunes replacements for music downloads?
Google Chrome is free? Awww, man. I wish I had've read this earlier. I've been paying for my browsers this whole time :(
@ Ryan Cohen....  Try Google Play Music.   Then also get a nice Google Chromecast for your television, only $35 bucks, and you can stream your music virtually anywhere, on your device, your computer, or your television.   I swear by it.
Too complex instruction.
If you want to go android, just go and find what is possible in the platform.
I recently just made the jump from an iPhone 5 to the nexus 5. It's good to be back on android 
Eric, some of my iPhone friends are considering moving to Android only due to the MotoX being assembled in the U.S. The still prefer iPhone since they own other Apple devices but would switch for that reason. Please keep expanding and moving the entire production here and I hope other companies follow your lead. Great product, great concept A+
iShit era is past...they sell shitty hardware and software... overpriced and outdated feature....
This is too good. Gave me a nice laugh this morning 
I expect a similar guide any day from Apple.
+Ryan Cohen Doubletwist used to have an app that would transfer over all your iTunes music from computer to phone
very soon you can have ALL YOUR MUSIC on ANY DEVICE, and synchronize between Android, iOS, Mac, Win...
"Liztic" is coming soon!
Solo B
Why would you want to do this Android is Crap!!!
Thanks, now can you help me sync my Blackberry to my Amiga?
Thanks...just made the switch to the LG G2 from the iPhone 5. Android is a amazing OS... when is the G2 getting 4.4? 
The big reason I don't convert is PodCasts.  Searched, but have never found an application that lets me download podcasts as well as the iphone does
+Eric Schmidt Funny.. The only Android device I would go with is the Google Nexus but Google is not selling the phone in my Country. Instead, at the local Apple Store, I can buy the latest iStuff. Sure it's expensive but at least they let u buy their latest products.. 
"They (=android phones) are a great Christmas present to an iPhone user!" jajaja nice one.. probably as much as giving Liverpool FC's fan a Manchester's scarf for Christmas, right:D
It's days like these that I miss Steve Jobs' antics :) I can actually see the Android to iPhone guide: 
1. Step one - throw away Android device
2. Step two - power up iPhone
3. Step three - done.

Happy Holidays everyone :) 
Dear Erci Schmidt. You do Google (I mean browser and search engine) the only 2 good (if not the best) things from Google. Andriod is just pure device balast.
An Android user can pick up any device with any OS and figure it in about 30 sec. Takes iOS users a few weeks, hence the detailed list. 
Alu P
Seems way to complicated for the average ios user. Should be a few clicks / wizard. 
+Eric Schmidt you're missing something which I don't believe you yet have an answer to. What if someone has invested in a large number of paid apps in iOS or some other os even? Some people will not want to make the switch if it means having to buy all the same apps twice. +Google Play
Alu P
Mr Schmidt, why can't we get physical volume controls for non bluetooth headsets? They do t take up battery power, and one button headsets suck even with headphone button control apps. 
This is one of the weirdest things I've ever read from a top level exec. Smacks of desperation. If Android is great people will switch, there's no need to beg them to.
+Jason Edwards +Hester Mandolins security issues? Android has more? Please do a quick check of facts via bing/Google or wherever to verify what you're saying. To suggest android is fragmented and to completely ignore iOS's fragmentation issues is a big mistake. Just because apple may install the latest iOS on as many but not all of its devices doesn't mean it's not fragmented when apple disables many features of the os based on the hardware it's installed on. 
After Google canned Reader I don't trust their services enough to make a switch over to them.

Also considering only the Nexus is usually supported more than a few months update-wise so you'll have to switch phones constantly if you don't want to lag in getting updated.
Not any android, but Nexus only. I love my Nexus 4 and now the 5!
+Arnab Das Do you have any real familiarity with android? The AppStore, iTunes store are replaced by one app called the play store. iCloud? Aren't you familiar with drive or simply enabling backup when you first setup an android phone? Can't backup and restore everything locally? Are you not familiar with "my backup" or "titanium backup"? There's nothing complicated about any of these things.
Wow. Wish I'd never commented on this post. Now I'm getting tons of spam from Google. Signing out. Oh, and Andrew Reymer, stay classy. Is this the 1950s? Really?
I think you may have difficulties trying to convert iOS users to Android users. After all, you did sit on Apple's board of directors and stole all of their concepts to make a 2nd-rate version of iOS. It seems to me that most Apple users have this thing, uh, oh yeah, "ethics and integrity" that you so sorely lack and which the majority of iOS users actually agree with. 

BTW, Eric, what are you going to do when the ONLY company making money with Android, Samsung, abandons your stolen software for their own Tizen OS? Another name for Android: Dead OS walking.
+Scott Wilson Yes. No in app sharing or allowance of a true custom keyboard is completely ludicrous to me
Android is unreliable, unorganized. It is a complete mess. Most of their phones are full of "more features than the iPhone" that doesn't work half of the time. Working at ATT, android phones are returned within the first 30 days so often it's ridiculous. iPhones are returned too, but it's usually to get a different color or Gb. As employees we carry both android and IOS devices, and the android devices work terrible with enterprise email. It's such a pain to setup and trouble shoot compared to iPhone. When we sell an iPhone, we rarely see the customer come back. Sell an android phone, they are most likely to come back with some type of problem. I would rather have a reliable phone with less features, than androids unreliable, malware infected, possible updates ecosystem and cheap hardware.
+Donald Michael Kraig apple has ethics and integrity? Please see the YouTube video of jobs mentioning how great artists steal. And how about that nice new notification center in iOS 7? Where has that been seen before?
Haha, Gavril. I kind of miss Steve, too, but I think he should have taken the advice given to him by his docs, even if risky... at least he probably would still be here, alive and kicking! :) That aside, it's funny when people say we Android users spend a lot of time on our devices and never get anything done. Pure malarkey. Sure, the custom ROMs can take away time, but not everyone works on those (I don't). It is good training if you want to be a dev, and this is where Android has an advantage with if you want to code using a mobile OS. 

If you're just a regular user, I really don't see much difference anymore as to which OS anyone uses. Yes, iOS is much easier, but at least Android doesn't require loads of $$$ to obtain, unless you need the best devices. Even then, it's still as accessible as any iOS piece, especially with the more current Android OS versions.

Speaking of latest OS's... this is where Android also has some advantage. Many apps obtained from Google Play today can still run on older devices in Android land, compared to iOS (at least from what I've seen). I have a 2 1/2 year old, rooted LG Optimus V running CM 7.2 (GingerBread) that still runs a good deal of the latest apps. I acquired a iPod Touch 2G a few months ago, and had to jail break it using Whited00r to get some older apps running via Cydia and App Time Machine. Nothing new on it, except for Pandora. Admittedly, it mostly sits around as a toy for me, though I've been able to use it somewhat as an e-reader.

I'm still on a budget these days, and my primary phone is a rooted Kyocera Event. I don't have too many tweaks applied to that phone. It's mostly stock software now. I could have gone unrooted with the phone, but I wanted to open up more of the space to use. It's fine for me, as I don't use video conferencing anyway. I'd rather not pay for something I'll barely use at the moment. I can do selfies without a monitor, thanks. (Hell, I do most of those with either a DSLR, or a film SLR. Smartphone cameras aren't real cameras IMHO. ;) ).

And so what if people want to upgrade their phones every year? I don't have a problem with that as long as the older devices are either repurposed to be used for something else (like old phones being used as mini tablets), or properly recycled.
+Denis Yeremuk I'm sorry I made you angry but please stop using profanity. The Google Now program is set up to be a virtual assistant. On the Moto X it sets alarms, controls the phone (switch WiFi on/off etc.), dials, takes notes, schedules calendar events, even reminds me to pick up milk at the store when I drive by, all by voice. And most of these things it can do hands free, without my ever touching the phone, even when the screen is locked and the phone is asleep. Virtual assistants like Siri will get left behind if they don't catch up with Google Now because Now does so much more. It speaks answers back instead of saying "here's what I found" like Siri. Ask a math problem, hear the answer. I don't even have to look at the screen. Ask to call a contact like "John" and I am told to say "call" after she says the correct one. Again, I don't have to touch a thing. Unlike Siri that tells me to touch the correct one or asks "Which John?" If they are all the same but different numbers (work, cell, home) then it's a real pain with Siri. Not so with Google Now. So I think I have my thoughts together. I've used both. I still use an iPad for work. But for an assistant I will choose Google Now until something better comes along. 
Yes... Join Android by getting yourself a clunky device with loads of great features that never really work, then delete all the preinstalled bloat ware on said device and download some apps developed a lot by armatures with no design skills. This doesn't matter, because you'll be deleting all these apps in a few weeks when your device slows down and you have to restore. After a few restores you'll get fed up and take your iPhone out of your drawer and start using a reliable Eco system that actually works. Ray
Android is the one and only. Apple is very much like scientology. NO WAY iWould touch iOS
Plain and simple Android is Junk, the hardware is junk, the interface is junk, the software is junk, Are there even two people on the same version of Android? Full of malware. Piece of Junk is Android it is for the poor and uneducated who want Junk hardware and software. If you want the good stuff you have to be able to afford it.
+Denis Yeremuk the irony of you calling me names when you can't even spell. A debate with you is pointless. It isn't spelled SOURSE. It's *Source. 
Врядли владельцы iPhone осилят такое сложное руководство ;)
Goh Sam
Google is definitely a CRAP!
I have a HTC One and i am really disappointed. Now I would wait for the APPLE iPhone 6.
CERBERUS - pay for and use it!  
+Ray Kennerney switched from iOS two weeks ago to Moto X. It defies the typical android experience you mentioned because the hardware is made by the same company that makes the software. Works flawlessly. 
so many of my friends switch and change and warranty out their phones at least 3 times a year. I understand they still love it. But reliability is a big must for me. Still on the same iPhone 5 since it came out, no lag, no performance deterioration, and it's gotten all of it's updates ON TIME. 
There should be an app for that. Seriously, how hard could it be to design a web page that allows you to sign in to both Google and iTunes and pulls all the required information into a file that can then be loaded by an Android app. A lot fewer steps involved would make it more likely for people to switch.
I will give another 5 years. I find that android for super nerd users. Maybe if you can simplified! I'm sure your iPhone customers will love! Just make it simple!
+Chuck Peper Podcasting has come a long way on Android in the past couple of years. You might like to try +Player FM as a free app that's focused on making downloads simple and with cloud-sync'd subscriptions. (Disclaimer: Shameless plug, this :)
Google + AT&T? Sure, moving now!
+Forever Buffalo the very fact that you think the google play store is a legitimate counterpart for the AppStore and iTunes Store; and that iCloud and iTunes backup and restore can be replaced by a third party app or even google sync suggests that you have very little experience with iOS. For my defence, let me just say that I've used an android phone as my only phone in the past for a lengthy stretch of 2 years and have used it intermittently of late. I've been through all the custom ROMs and rooting phase and I'm only glad that I'm done with that. 
ahahaha... proud owner of Mac hardware! macbook, iphone, ipads and proud to be part of the gauloise legion!!! :P 
Whats the deal with Apple hijacking txt messages from other apple users? the system seems to continue to try to hold up your messages, even after turning off all imessage accounts on other devices. Major sticking point for me.
Thanks! Just what I needed for the new year. 
I'm sorry but this is an ad. I like Android, it's great but this is just a poorly written ad.
Did you use Mac???? Oh... 😱 a crazy androidfan!
Eric, can you come up with a guide on how to switch back?  Android sucks!  Brainwashed into thinking open platform is better but its not.  Plus, I don't like having my privacy breached every time I use my phone.
It'd be great if Google fixed the system crashing bug in AFT before making proclamations like this. I love my Nexus but now that I have a Mac I have to resort to Dropbox for getting files onto my phone.
Quero ver me dar uma oportunidade de desenvolver um sistema operacional apresentar novas idéias inovar criar !
How to turn off this fucking feature off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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