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Playing catch-up with the competition can only ever help you make incremental gains. It will never help you create something new.

It’s important to understand what’s going on around you, but the best way to stay ahead is a laser focus on building great products that people need.

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Great statement, not sure I buy the illustration...Hard lemonade is not exactly competing with fresh lemonade :)
Google Plus certainly seems like "fresher lemonade", a case of playing catchup with Facebook.  But perhaps that is an ungenerous interpretation, perhaps G+ is fundamentally different in important ways? 
+Dayne Close Not to mention that there are a bunch of suits standing around getting trashed in the midday sun on a small surburban street. Whereas lemonade stands are directed at moms and pops who want to support enterprising kids
Differentiation. Provide something different, not simply for the sake of making something different, but for something you do better, cheaper, or simply what your target customer actually wants and the competition does not provide at all or not as well as you can make it.
I tryed to do that. I succeded at it. Then my company fired me because the tool required no maintenance.
My 2cents on G+ vs Facebook is that while G+ could be compared to the "Fresher Lemonade" the differentiation between G+ and Facebook is the various aspects that Google provides outside of G+ (email, websearch, apps, sites, chrome, Analytics, Adwords, Play store, etc) and that makes it closer in comparison to the "Hard Lemonade"  stand.

So, G+ by itself is an incremental improvement versus Facebook. G+ and the rest of Google is the "great products that people need."
+George Riggs for me, Facebook is way closer to hard lemonade, with a bunch of people getting disinhibited and posting a lot of personal stuff which is Too Much Detail. Whereas G+ is more like a lemonade with geeky techie people who bring a lot of fun structure that complements the Gmail and Hangouts stuff I use with people I already know.
FB = talk about people, TWIT = talk about events, G+ = talk about ideas.
+Matt Schofield , that is an interesting interpretation of the "Hard Lemonade" that I think people will agree with! :)

I don't use Facebook, so no too-much-detail from me.
Facebook has always been and always will be a 2nd-rate website, service, platform, social network, or whatever the hell these idiot hipsters call it today. Even prior to its '08~'09 public premiere, it was entirely overrated and had nothing but a bunch of bugs on top of spaghetti code that has only gotten worse with time.

The entire idea of G+ copying it is beyond asinine, stupid even. What Google did was give users a properly-working alternative to the few decent early social networks that were actually worth being on regardless of status (MySpace, LiveJournal, and several others).
I think I saw Eric Schmidt's profile pic in a google search I did today: "Ok google now, define hubris"
+Eric Schmidt You do realize that you posted this on Google+ right. You know, the social network that has no focus and is trying to play catch up with the competition.
+Jamie Munro Lol, nothing fails at curating content more than Facebook. It curates far more advertisement based on likes than actual content by friends or acquaintances alike and like a majority of other long-term users, I too couldn't even count the number of times I had to specifically go to someone's profile just to find a wall post that Facebook stopped from showing up in my wall if it didn't outright delete, and even if not so, that doesn't disprove the fact on the whole it's a complete mess full of bugs and spaghetti code. Google Plus runs quicker, more efficiently, and has the only technologically-literate culture of any social network.

But hey, I actually have used Facebook since long before its public premiere and have been with Google Plus since beta. I would know a thing or two more than a fanboy like you, more than likely. 
Is anyone actually using G+?  (from the shockingly low # of comments and +1s, the answer is a resounding 'No')
+Jamie Munro +Paul Friedman I too would never use Google + if it weren't linked to photos. I don't feel there is anything innovative or compelling about it. Just a bunch of google fanboys and girls, tech writers and wannabe tech writers with over-inflated senses of self-importance. They all seem to relish in the obscurity of google +  as though that somehow makes them superior, much like techie hipsters.
Oh yeah.

+Eric Schmidt, I'll order the book myself, though not finding a link to an Amazon product page is disheartening for me since I can't stand B&N, BAM, or Overstock at all.
+Jamie Munro "Google+ has no means of curating the content"

Huh? What do you call Circles and volume sliders, then? Also, +1s are functionally identical to Likes in terms of curation signals on both networks. 
I blame +Guy Kawasaki for me even knowing about or even thinking about using Google+.
"What the Plus!"
+Eric Schmidt I think the same thing could be said for artists as well (of any sort). 
what is the different between hard lemonade and fresh lemonade
How they going to sell pizza outdoor
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Quick question : How would one get a signed copy of this up coming book. I bought the digital copy but I need a hard copy too because how else will anyone know how smart I am!? =P So yeah, I need both but I would love to have it signed. If that means going to a book signing then so be it.
Heh. The next panel would show the proprietor of the Hard Lemonade stand getting bored and wandering off to start a yak farm.
<3 tom fishburne... (the cartoonist!)
That statement doesn't really apply. Not to Google, not to anyone. Actually believing this makes it far more harder for any creatives than just trying to imitate and copy others to then find your own path. It's not like you don't know what I'm talking about, is it? ;) 
can I share with you a secret?(nobady else please....) ..... about lemonade? ....... secret is in the water! .... ok ... think in that direction ... ok ... nice ....
I'm really excited to get my hands on this book.  Things that you stated on your last book "New Digital Age" is still powerful information that people are just starting to understand or even realize what's happening around them.
"Laser focus"... Hmmm... now where've I heard that phrase before? Can''t possibly be Google - they're as focussed as the sun!
I used to use G+ until my G+ results disappeared from my SERPs. Now I'm wondering what the point of G+ is. I mean, how many social networks does a #marketer  need. Oh wait -- I just used a #hashtag. I think I got that from #Twitter. Should I try to build hard #Twitter?
Kind of like the way Google+ tried to copy Facebook, yeah? LOLZ
More important than having a bunch of smart guys is to have a boss that knows how to stimulate them.
Improve it by adding alcohol!
What lemonade is the Android platform?
Geez. What has Google launched of any significance beyond search? And that ship sailed long before you came on board.
+Antoine Carriere just a simple easy to say new and or different than quo, it should be Cold Water and promote health benefits
What's up with Google then announcing drone delivery plans after Amazon's initiative? I don't see Amazon pursuing driverless cars.
+Carmen Hughes just because they announced it after doesn't mean they copied the drone delivery service. Things like that take years of development. Amazon could of heard google was working on one and decided to announce theirs early. 
If this is true at all, please explain why Google Wallet never took off, while Apple is about to launch a mobile payments platform that is worldwide and supported by three major credit card issuers? 

I'm deeply dissatisfied with Android.  And will be looking to move to the iPhone shortly.  My deepest dissatisfaction are with Google services.  Google takes forever to launch new services in Canada.  At launch, they are usually half-baked like Google Wallet.  And then Google seems reticent to put in the work or negotiate the deals necessary to push forward.  Also, when they do launch, they are never exclusive to Android anyway.  So why bother with Android?  There are better experiences for Google apps on the iPhone.
Yeah, then why is the unique "Googliness" that once defined the company being shed in order to imitate Apple and Facebook?

Google Reader and Code eliminated, YouTube, Maps, and Shopping dumbed down... it's like nobody took heed of the example of Digg versus reddit. 
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