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Israel and its High Tech Revolution

After a long trip through the Asian trouble spots, Israel felt very peaceful, and very much like Silicon Valley. I won't comment on the history, conflict or opposing views in the region which are well understood, or at least well covered if poorly understood.  To see the tiny Old City of Jerusalem, crucially important to three world religions, is to understand why people have fought over centuries for this land (1)

Israel has few natural resources and has about half of its GDP tied up in export oriented businesses.  The country is simply too small and with little opportunity to cooperate in traditional business with its neighbors, Israel has become a high tech hub.  Google has a large engineering and sales operation in Israel, whose achievements are definitely world-class.  

In our meetings four things became clear about Israel as a high tech, innovation engine:

a) The country has a long commitment to universities and science.  The Prime Minister talked about the number of Nobel Prize winners, and his commitment to education, in much detail.  Israel is an example of a country that succeeds because they emphasize science and engineering, not unlike South Korea but in a very different context.

b) The universal military service is integral to this process.  Students (male and female) graduate two or three years later than they do in the United States and in most of Europe, and are simply more focused, better trained and more organized as a result.  The teams are often led by someone in his early thirties and the teams are often people who worked together intensely during their military service.  The core areas of Computer Science now revolve around data analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, and large networks of information.  These are the same areas developed in the intelligence parts of the military, leading to teams already expert in these areas before they form the companies.  Surely the new Israeli push in cyberintelligence will generate many new network security startups, for example.

c) Israel technology benefits greatly from the Internet.  The traditional route to success is a technology group in Israel and and sales and marketing group in the Bay Area or New York.  The Internet makes this much much more likely to succeed as geography fades away.  There are a number of "under the radar" Israeli firms serving customers in Turkey, China, and other Asian countries where they would never have been able to operate before.  

d) The security situation may actually help as some told us that there is a "live for today" attitude, taking more risks in business than other countries would.  Another possibility is simply the age of the country:  with perhaps forty years of socialism followed by more recent twenty years of capitalism, there are simply too few incumbencies to oppose innovation.  For more on this, read the "Startup Nation" book.

We should expect much more investment in high technology in Israel, and many more startups as the next generation of the Internet unfolds.  Many countries leaders want to replicate the phenomenal success of Silicon Valley.  Israel is one example of what it takes, emphasizing technology and science education, a governmental role in supporting research and development (especially in the Israel's case through the military), and a culture that encourages risk taking and allows for rapid failure.  For a small country, Israel will have an oversized impact on the evolution of the next stage of the technology we all use.

(1) for a history of Jerusalem, just out is "Jerusalem, the biography," by Simon Sebag Montefiore.
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So +Eric Schmidt you'd say that having military training helps people? Having spent 6 years in the Canadian Forces, and then at a large consulting firm, I can definitely feel the benefits of prior military experience in a huge number of roles.

Humm actually I'd like to be the Googlecopter pilot one day. Seems like that'd be a great transport for #captaincanada  
i admit that israel is the best technology Hub in middle east now but after these all arab revolutions you will see more hubs soon and i can guarantee that Egypt will be an enormous technology hub after few years.
Dr. Schmitd.  Bring that High Tech Revolution back to the US.
+Ishaq Bukhari you're comment is irrelevant to the post. He stated in the first paragraph that he was commenting on technology only and was not getting involved in a religious debate. Respond to the topic or keep it to yourself.
Mike Winn
It's an interesting mix of factors that makes Israel this high tech innovator...what we would generally consider to be negatives: conscription, insecurity, lack of resources, mixed in with a few positives, highly educated, culturally diverse people with a can-do attitude. 

Entrepreneurs across the world could take a lesson about taking the 'good' out of the 'bad' like they have in Israel.
+Lazarus Xavier I'm showing you the bitter side of it that he skipped, hurt you much?

UPDATE: +Eric Schmidt removed my first comment, sorry I thought you believed in Freedom of Speech (boo!)
Very informative post. With what little aerospace experience I have had with Israel I was left thoroughly underwhelmed with their quality, if not impressed with their long-term vision. It seems the high-tech industry suits them better.
Hey +Eric Schmidt 
btw Google Space would be a way better social network name than Google Plus. We'd be spacers like in Asimov's Foundation series.

With the investment in PlanRes and the focus on good grammar... and being Spacers being awesome, I hereby think you should rebrand.

Google Plus is to Google
as Facebook Like would be to MS owning FB. That's how lame Google Plus sounds.
I only know what I've observed. I've seen IDF soldiers protect settlers who threw excrement out of the windows of their new high rise apartment into the ancient Palestinian market below. I met a Palestinian teen whose back was apparently broken when he was kicked from behind by an IDF soldier. He couldn't get any medical attention because he lacked the required pass to get through the Israeli checkpoints surrounding his West Bank home. .................... I was an international observer of the 2006 Palestinian Legislative Elections, where the only two problems of any scale were an illegal contribution of $1.5M from the USA to Fatah and the forced mismanagement of the Jerusalem polls by Israel. It all became moot because Israel chose to arrest without charge many of the winners. The legislature was never allowed to meet.
Maybe they are smart but not good people and they have every thing essential to destroy themselves and i think we will see the end of this fake country before we die
I have to say, I have always thought Isreal was a peripheral technology hub but Eric Schmidt's endorsement of Israel as crucial for the evolution of technology is surprising, and makes me willing to learn more about the country's tech. 
+Mattia Zarulli There is a very good reason why Intel built its top factory in Israel, it certainly wasn't a random choice when they have less than half a dozen factories. The best minds in the world are in Israel.
Thanks. Let's innovate for good of all.
Ouuu of course, israel has the best technology to occupy another country
What if Israelis consider Palestinians as equal human beings having same rights.
Mr.Schmidt , I respect science and technology but as a human being, I cannot stay calm when I hear the name of ISRAEL
+Eric Schmidt As a SYRIAN American I call on my fellow SYRIANS and on all ISRAELIS to make peace together so the entire world can visit the beautiful sites in both places and not have to worry about WAR anymore. PEACE
So much for a peaceful post on Hi-Tech!
Visit gaza and live there for one month, then you'll understand why israel is such a pain in he a** in world today .
What value have ethics in this shit world?Is the only important thing "Technological Development" at any price?
yeah google shouldnt do nothing with them or that country
Mohamad Shahdloo, funny you cannot stay calm when hearing the name Israel but terrorists, murderers, women oppression (all by the name of Islam) will not move you. talk are cheap, please check the facts. both in absolute numbers as well as in percentage Arabs in Arab countries are being slaughtered by their brothers in way greater numbers than any casualties in the Israel-Palestinian conflicts (in which most arm conflict BTW, are initiated by Palestinians). lets go back to technology, look what this small country with small population contributed to the world, technology that saves life. what was the latest contribution from Arab countries? what was the latest contribution for Muslim countries?
I wanted to say ZERO but it will be untrue, Arabs and Muslims (not all but those in political power) bring death and distraction.  
The Palestinians also have no compunctions against racism, intolerance, violence and incredible hypocrisy.

Since they can't seem to police themselves others are forced to do so.
Lasurus Xavier dude , cyanogenmod profile.... google isn't going to like you
+Robert Stiles LOL! I like that, stating facts make people racist and intolerant.

So I guess mentioning Palestinians consistantly doing everything they can to not allow peace would make me a warmonger too, eh?

Praised Israel? Prepare for trouble (make it double?)
+Burke Peters Isreal is not defending itself from any physical attack... Yea they have to put up with being hated but Palestinians are the ones who are defending themselves
Well of course they're not interested in peace! That's why they're always attacking everyone.

Oh wait...

They're not "expanding". They're using the land they got as a result of that li'l ol' war that was inflicted on 'em.

You would also do well to learn some history and gain at least some honesty. You'd learn of the time Israel did return land they bled on only to be attacked later.

In regards with Israel, most of the mid-east cannot be trusted. History. Fact.

Stop being a child, like the Middle East, and grow up.
It is sad to see people like John Walker living today like the stone ages. You should read some history and geography to learn who is who in the region. Tell me... Is the kingdom of Jordan sitting on London or Palestine?
JEEZ I made a PEACE Gesture and all want to teach +Eric Schmidt how wrong is ISRAEL, OK... and how do we move forward or do we remain DEADLOCKED... I say we move towards PEACE... the surrounding countries including SYRIA can benefit from all the TECH developments in ISRAEL and the HUGE YOUNG LABOR pool in the surrounding countries will make it for one of the hottest economic regions in the world if they ever made PEACE and stopped NAME CALLING
It is funny to see brain-washed people like you that live comfortably numb, are another brick in the wall and, like puppets, only repeat empty words brought from unknown resentments and no brains. Please read, study, learn something in your empty life.
Referencing b) Prim Minister Golda Mayer New more about our Military Equipment ground and aircraft that our US Generals.  Ge I hope I spelled her name right.
You will scarisly see a leader like her Prim Minister of Israel Golda Meir there now I got it right. During the 6 day war she made our diplomats dress in coveralls dawn the hard hat and the safety shoes because she was too busy working as a mechanic to talk to them so she put them to work and I love her for that.
Island of peace IS NOT ENOUGH we need peace in the world.Isreil    should not wait for the day when amarican people say enough is enough. Time is running out .I say to Israilese please RUN for peace and. I feel you will be the biggest gainers. those who help others, believe in forgive and forget will never be losers.There is enough for everybody if only we could share everything including happiness.
+Daniel Sacks unfortunately I know enough facts to conclude Israel is evil. Just like Iran and Syria are. Palestine is not innocent either but they are the ones who are suffering right now and its my obligation to humanity to support them till their sufferings end.

By the way it's not people I am talking about it's the states. People from any nation deserve respect just because they are created by the same creator. 
"After a long trip through the Asian trouble spots, Israel felt very peaceful, and very much like Silicon Valley."

What does that even mean?

"After a long and unexplained statement taken as rote and continue as though I am incredibly deep."
You're 100% right about the military. I'm proud to be serving in the Israeli army right now. +Eric Schmidt Was nice hearing you speak at the Tomorrow Conference.
Thats interesting, I don't hear of israel shooting rockets into neiboring countries. You don't hear of Israeli's going into crowded areas and blowing themselves up. If you really want to know what started the Palistinian crisis, it was the arab nations who in 1948 told the then arab occupants of Israel to flee while they destroyed Israel. Then they promised them all the spoils but the defeat never happened. So, in stead, they kept those folks living in tents and squalor and poisened their minds by saying It was Israel's doing.
Lol your Jewish right?
God is not mocked support Abraham seed Israel and prosper. Support her enemies and Go bankrupt all over the world. So tell me what do you see in our world banks. 
+Leonard Rosenfeld  as a person who have studied the history of starting of this crisis I see you'r saying "occupants of Israel" completely meaningless.There are lots of documentaries on this issue in Aljazeera and BBC archives
It's ok to say that to solve the crisis let's accept Israel and Palestine as two independent states, but talking about existence of an Israel before 1948 is a little funny 
Israel is a country forged by the west and they are supporting it by all means including locating important branches of their greatest companies and  science and technology
... I love you all (except any murderers, of course) why can't you love each other? I've been to the middle east twice and if the haevy duty politic's were removed, (a pipe dream) then you all would have a chance to live in harmony....
Spot on! You're post was very informative and accurate.
it might also be result of hard work but for a country without support from the west or a country under every kind of sanctions hard work is not enough
Israel will live forever for it will be the Throne of Jesus Christ. Every knee will bow to Him and every tongue confess that He is Lord of everything and always was and will be!
I have worked with several companies based out of Israel, mostly small to mid-sized startups and have always been impressed by their professionalism and quality. Its very smart that Israel has gone for a product/ innovation based startup culture that's serving them well. 
Moshe S
Such a great post by +Eric Schmidt. But its sad to see so many misguided opinions based on propaganda, false information, media agenda and lack of real perspective. The status of the Palestinans while awful and the behavior of Israel did not come about in a vacuum. It takes two to tango and unless people can acknowledge that fact they are just biased and hateful towards one side or the other.
How many of you have been to Israel even and seen the facts up close on your own, without being spoon fed anyone's opinions or agendas or "facts". Have you been to Jewish (west) Jerusalem and seen how Arab's from (east) Jerusalem walk the streets safely and freely and shop and eat in the cafe's and restaurants. How Arabs in all parts of Israel work alongside Jews in stores and do business together. Have you hung out in Tel Aviv which was just named the best Gay city in the world, its also a haven for Gay's that would be killed if they remained in the "west bank" under the PA.
These pictures destroy the myth's of apartheid, of the "oppression" and "ethnic cleansing" by an Israel that people love to hate, and it presents Israel in a positive light. 
+Eric Schmidt Are you on a world tour or something? Interesting read really. Thanks for taking the time writing it up.
As someone who lives in Israel, served in the IDF, and just joined a new tech-startup...
+Eric Schmidt  - Thank you for coming to Israel, seeing the country and meeting the people. There are amazing people here doing amazing things. I hope you enjoyed your stay and got a chance to sample some of the micro-brews.

As to the political situation, there is to my mind no better place to say "it's complicated". Anyone who feels that Side A has done no wrong or that Side B can't feel safe or that Side A killed children or that Side B never killed children or any other absolute statement, would do well to visit and see the reality. There are wonderful people on both sides. There have been wrongdoings from both sides.

It is also very difficult for each side to truly see the other side. Politics, religion, history, and blood make for a very wide canyon. The discussions on this thread are important to have.  I'm not sure that this is what Eric was looking to start and we might all be best served by moving these important discussions elsewhere.

Again, Eric, thanks for the visit.
I love google+ for being able to read great posts like this. Another country I would love to visit someday, thanks for sharing.
Thank you Daniel Sacks!

As always in any discussions where Israel involved you'll find very little about the real subject. I would understand, if a single comment would mention that even though the technical level of Israeli engineers is extremely high, it's not always easy to work with them, because they don't have the same corporate culture as in US or other western European countries. Overwhelming majority of Israeli engineers have academic/start-up mentality.

Now to some critics of Israel. No question, it's not a perfect country, please, show me which one is (but, of course, Israel have to be held to a "special" standard).

Mr. Mohamad Shahdloo mentioned, that "talking about existence of an Israel before 1948 is a little funny". I wish you could present us with a historical document about Palestinian state. There was a chance to create it in 1948 alongside of Israel, but Arab countries choose not do it, because by doing it they would have to recognize Israel which wasn't in their plans.
Many of idealistic well-wishers would scream - of course, there should be only one state - Palestine - with two peoples living in love and peace, but by some "unknown" reason the same people wholeheartedly support creation of such countries as Kosovo, Bosnia; they never question why Czechs and Slovaks - people with pretty close ethnicity, culture, language, religion decided to have a peaceful divorce ...

Mr. Mehmet Sinan Hasanoğlu wrote - "I know enough facts to conclude Israel is evil." With all the respect, please spend at least some of your energy to fight for the freedom and equality of 13.5 millions of Kurds in your country (Turkey government has historically enforced its one-language policy with fervor, just recently under EU pressure authorized Kurdish classes in public schools, bringing a long-banned language under the official umbrella), and for recognition of Armenian genocide (1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered by your countrymen during the WWI).

Mr. Tau-Mu Yi, I just wonder what would happen to China, if they would have 20.5% (about 260 million) of Tibetan (or Muslim)  population? Yes, 20.5% of Israeli citizens are Arabs (with very different culture, religion, very often, values) and, what a surprise, most of them are much better off in Israel, than their relatives in neighboring countries. They have equal rights, Arab women have equal rights, they have multiple representatives in the parliament and government, they have their own public schools, theaters, sports clubs, higher education institutions, they have healthy middle class. There are two official languages in Israel: Hebrew and Arabic. Israel made and continue to make its share of mistakes, but which country didn't and doesn't. Nobody screams that Switzerland banned building of Minarets and Mosques with Muslim population just above 4.2%. I wonder world's reaction if Israel even think about issuing such a law. And it doesn't make any sense to talk about human rights in the Arab countries, who cares about sharia law, death penalty for gays and religious conversion, who cares about women rights, ...
Mr. Schmidt, it's called Palestine an not israel
There is a saying that when desirable is not available; then the available becomes desirable. Israel is a model to emulate in terms of Hi-Tech. Just wish my Nigerian government would take the bull by the horn.

But then, No one can compare a city that has heavenly blessing and God's covenant with nations caved out of corruption and politics. 
Actually on a trip in Israel right now sifting through deal flow. While our main offices are in Manhattan, we opened an office in Israel about a decade ago and get a significant amount of our deal flow from here. Btw, we seed early stage companies. On a separate note, I look forward to the passing of the Jobs Act making my life much easier as it relates to our seed stage funding. 
The sad thins is we keep selling the startups over and over again.
On the other hand, maybe this is the reason we've too many startup companies.
Israel is situated on stolen land! Not a good idea to invest there, Google could face image crisis.
+Nafiz Imtiaz    The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters.
One of my metrics when comparing on their contribution to technology is "You are okay, but you are not as interesting like what Khan Academy is doing," Sorry to disagree with you +Eric Schmidt 
+Yosef Sukenik *PEACE*.. solving this 100 year old problem is so simple and this is Dialog part of the solution... 
When EVERYONE discovers the OBVIOUS truth... they will accept it and PEACE will happen overnight. I look forward tot he day I can come visit you in Jerusalem and you can come visit me in Damascus. PEACE
+Hatsujoukikuma naster  to Convert a "lie" to "truth" will take another 1000 lies . What did you think ? People around you are fools ? that people around you doesnt know who does media fabrication ? First be part of "humanity" then compare contribuition
"Israel is a country forged by the west and they are supporting it by all means including locating important branches of their greatest companies and  science and technology"

+reza zademohamadi 's comment above illustrates the prevalent attitude among our neighbors (e.g. Egypt). They have a fundamental misunderstanding of western capitalist societies. The only form of government they know is one that's corrupted to the core. In their world, a flourishing private enterprise is one that has close ties with the governing powers. They find it hard to believe Google has made its bet on Israel purely based on its viability and potential, or that Israeli start-ups are completely independent of the military complex (that feeds them with a constant inflow of workforce). Our Arab neighbors mistrust such notions. "This cannot be! It's all political!", say the conspiracy theorists, and bury their heads in the sand, instead of fighting for freedom of enterprise in their own countries.

* Yes, I know there's Google Cairo (or has been?), IBM in Egypt, etc. and I hope to see more coming.
Who cares about their technical achievements as long as they suck at human rights 
Let us talk about "fact" then
Who did occupy the other? Israel? or Palestine?
Who killed more than the other?
I really don't like to enter politics into any discussion, and I try to avoid it as much as possible, but sometimes I have to mention it when I see tedious comments
+Eric Schmidt was a great honor to host you at the +BillGuard Tel Aviv office. Your words of encouragement were both practical and inspiring. Come back soon!
Respect for the achievements in education and Sci-tech.
Here's a simple recipe for peace. Invite the OSCE to supervise elections in which every resident of Israel & the Occupied Territories will have an equal opportunity to choose representatives, who will be charged to draft a constitution for a single, secular state with respect for the equal human rights for all. Israel is the only state I know of with no constitution and no official borders.
Very sad to see a conversation about how to achieve high levels of innovation degrade into yet another fact-less argument about the political situation. Honest people understand the conflict is not about land, it is about hate. Sadly, whether it is Hezballah in north, Hamas, and now maybe Egypt in the South, or Iran to the east, they don't talk about borders or constitutions - they talk about killing Jews.
What +Eric Schmidt points out here is Israel's commitment to survival, education, and innovation, despite the threats (and hate re: +Michael Granoff 's comment above) from the neighboring hostile populations. 

I find that the hateful comments against Israel are from individuals who fail to look at the leadership of those opposing Israel: Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO, Syria, etc. These are dictators who put their populations in harms way, suppress education, innovation, women, gays, freedom of speech, etc, all in the name of blaming/killing Jews/Israel.

If they were to put half of that energy into building up their society instead of bringing others down, perhaps Israel wouldn't be the only bright spot in the region. 
+Michael Granoff it is about land, nobody cares much about jews and slaughtering them, they always lived among the Arabs in peace while they were hunted down like dogs in Europe. It's a matter of removing that western colony and returning the land to its righteous people.
+Majdi Jarrar if you knew anything about history, you'd know that the Jews were there before Islam existed. "Righteous people"? Please. 
+Dani Klein and if you knew anything about history, you'd know that our ancestors (Canaanite) inhabited this land way before the Jews and there's not single proof of the jews claims in this land. Even in ancient Egypt, there's no mentioning at all about them and there's not a single proof of their temple in Jerusalem and rest of Palestine.

I'm really sorry that Eric's post turned into this as i highly look up to him, so i'm stopping this.
Israel is a democracy that respects human rights of all of its citizens.
Indeed there is a arab community that live in territories occupied by Israel in 1967 war, after Jordan treated its existance. The Judah and Samaria territory, so-called "West Bank" captured by Israel in this war, and since than Israel is willing to eastablish a state for the arab community in this territory- but with an option to protect itself from its enemies. As a matter of fact, Israel freed Gaza Strip in order to give this territory to the Palestinian authority, and since than- the people of Gaza lunches missiles against Israeli citizens.

In order to learn about the conflict you should learn about the history of the Jewish people, and the history of the Palestinians.
After learning about the two subjects, you will understand that the Jewish people are also a nation, and that the only state in the territory called "Palestine" was jewish- in different period of times, accross the whole history, before the Muslim religion has created.

There was never a palestinian country. There were a lot of jewish countries in Palestine.
Didnt you ever read the Bible? All of the references to Palestine in the bible are "the land of Israel".
Mary M
June 26
The Gov't doesn't care that SOPA and PIPA was shot down, they are implementing censorship and Google may be next.
Look at what they are having Godaddy remove now...
How about a Blackout for Independence Day, they obviously didn't get the message the first time?

However, I love Israel.
If Arabs were to lay down their guns tomorrow, there would be no war. If Israel will, there would be no Israel.
Its sad to see how all the arabs posting here all the lies and hate they learn since age 0. Most of you dont have a clue in the history of this region. 
Mr. Robert Stiles, FYI, the Romans were the ones that named that region as Palestine when they invaded and conquered Jerusalem  after thousands of years that Jews lived there and today, Israel, created after the British disastrous mandate, is the ONLY democracy in that region... believe it or not!
Tell me something about the "Palestinian" land the kingdom of Jordan occupies.
It's funny how jews claim to know the history of our lands more than us. Facts on the ground and everything proves that all their history is based on nothing but lies and myths while we've been here forever and everything proves our existence.
Even the color of their skins proves that they don't belong to this part of the world.

No matter how you people are educated, you are still brainwashed idiots and the Arabs will never abandon Palestine until it's cleansed from the zionists and this western colony wiped out.
For more than 60 years and we still haven't forgotten our cause and we will never do, you're nothing but a cancer in this beautiful part of the world and we will bring justice sooner or later.
One more thing, you people get over it, it's not some sort of a holy religious war between Islam and Judaism, Arab Christians suffered as much as Muslims in Palestine and they shed blood and fought Zionism beside their muslim brothers and they still do, and if you don't know that then you obviously never read history. 

However, Good and honest jews (especially Arab Jews) are always welcomed to live among us.
+Mohamad Shahdloo Palestine is a name of geographical region, Palestine as a state never existed. By saying it, I don't mean that this country has no rights to exist, a great opportunity was missed almost 65 years ago, because of only one reason - Arabs hatred towards Israel.
I agree that the military service makes an impact, first when people comes to learn in university, they are more mature, some already married, and have their priorities. Some, had a big trip around the world, so they come with a business attitude.

Additionally, in the army some are in charge of many people, budgets and so on, and need to make daily decisions. Some involved in "high-tech" like projects, some were in combat. This experience makes a large difference. They have responsibility, and take responsibility.

The last decade is called by few university members as the "lost decade", as budgets were cut, personal got lower and so on. It is true that recently larger investments and reforms were made to the education system in large (age 3-33) , but we will see the fruites of these only in few years.

Another aspect, maybe related to "live for today" attitude, is that a portion (I think large) of start-up companies are initiated with "exit" in mind, and not with a "long-term" goals. How many checkpoints there are? how many start-up companies were bought by large companies? I guess that if Google was an Israeli company it was sold, rather than built and grow. This goal, either conscious or un-conscious, allows, I think, to take more risks, because you want to be bought, not be large. There are few exceptions of course.
I'm an Arab (from my dad) and I support Israel, it's the only civilized and democratic country of the region. Ironically, it's also the only country in the region where my fellow Arabs have the right to vote, free speech, free press, women and gay rights etc. There are many persecuted gays and lesbians every year who cross the border from Gaza or PA to escape persecutions from their hellish governments to get safety in Israel. It's not a surprise that most Arabs living in Israel would stay in Israel if tomorrow a Palestinian state were to be created. I left the Arab world a long time ago and couldn't be happier ever since, it's a corrupt and bigoted world for the most part.

As for Israel and their start-up industry (to stay on topic), it is nothing short of amazing. I would love to visit one day.
Generally brilliant, +Eric Schmidt misses the point of the impact of a military regime on the social fabric of a community. I completely agree that Collaboration is a learned skill. And while the Israelis learn collaboration in a military context, there are non-military contexts which not only teach, foster and promote collaboration, they also teach, foster and promote other Values, important to society.

The Mormon church teaches many of the very important values through their missions. I am not a Mormon, however, in the course of my life I have had many opportunities to work with Mormons and to witness the works of their missions. It is an inspiring example of how Collaboration is taught as a Core Value.

There are many other initiatives which are effective in teaching Collaboration as a core social Value. Other readers may want to cite their favourite ones.

But to promote military service as a viable mechanism to teach Collaboration misses the importance of the unintended consequences that the militaristic mindset brings with it.
Hello ,I'm a Chinese Man .Now I talk to you by use the GAE .I hope Google make GAE have a HongKong IP rather than only usa IP
1948 sind 1 000 000 000 Juden aus den Islamischen Laender vertrieben . Doch Israel hat diese Fluechtlinge nicht in Lager eingspeert sondern Integriert.Heute werden die Christen im Irak vertrieben.Die Geschichte wiederholt sich.
Der hohe Stand von Wissenschaft und Forschung zeigt sich an Universitaeten wie die Neue Haebreische University in Jerusalem.
Auch der IRON DOME waere ohne den hohen wissenschaftlichen Stand nicht moeglich.
Kinder die von ihren Eltern zum Betteln geschickt habe ich nur im Westjordanland gesehen.
Wie wenig die Palistinaener fuer die Entwicklung getan haben kann in Jericho sehen. Jericho wird durch eine Wasserleitung aus den Bergen versorgt doch diese Leitung wurde von Koenig Herodes gebaut.
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