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I got my smoothie setup in my K40 and have been trying to get laserweb to work with it. I'm able to connect to it over USB but when I send a command I get this error. I read that if you have a certain version of firmware you will have communication problems, I've got a knockoff board and have only been able to get it to run on the stock file so haven't been able to change firmwares and test. Would this error be an issue relating to that or something different?

TypeError: Cannot read property 'emit' of undefined
at SerialPort.<anonymous> (C:\LaserWeb3\server-smoothie.js:240:28)
at emitOne (events.js:77:13)
at SerialPort.emit (events.js:169:7)
at C:\LaserWeb3\node_modules\serialport\lib\parsers.js:24:17
at Array.forEach (native)
at SerialPort.<anonymous> (C:\LaserWeb3\node_modules\serialport\lib\parsers.js:23:13)

I'm trying to get my AZSMZ mini up and running and I think I have everything connected but I can't get any axis to jog. I'm using the middleman board, do I need to have 5v or 12v going into it?

I just tried updating the firmware on my smoothieboard and now the LCD doesn't display. It still receives power from the smoothieboard but I don't get any text. I've tried swapping the aux connectors and that didn't fix it either. I'm not sure if it was from flasing the firmware or I messed something up in the process. Anyone have any ideas? I'm wondering if I burned the LCD out with it just hanging and it shorted touching something.

What are the best replacement laser tube mounting brackets for the K40, I'm really trying to square things up and the supplied clamps are terrible, thanks

Would anyone want to sell me a set of new laser tube brackets laser cut out of acrylic? My machine isn't running at the moment and it's because I need to focus the mirrors and align the tube and the new brackets would help square up everything. Can send paypal with shipping.

Could someone measure the distance the first mirror is from their laser tube, maybe with a picture so I know what corner your measuring to. I have a bunch of epoxy of the back on the back of my tube to seal a crack in the water section and it moved my tube forward a bit and I'd like to figure out where to redrill the mirror mounts. I have an idea with how I have it calibrated but wanted to start from the stock spot and I'm offset now.

Does anyone have a beam combiner setup to use a laser pointer to see where you are cutting accurately. Would make focusing mirrors and finding focal easy too.

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