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Jesus -- looking at some of the 'chosen ones' makes me wonder if I should have just entered some random hipster bs lingo to get chosen.  Can I resubmit?  "If I had GoogleGlass I would wander the hallways of a defunct Asian Monastery then record my walk to the local Starbucks and record them making my Venti double-douche-tastic latte then top it off with a recording of me feeding an endangered species.  Then finish it off with an Indiegogo post to help me fund my trip to buy and pick them up."
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Either they chose everybody at random or they wanted a good mixture of developers and end-users in order to get a better spectrum of usage data.
After re-reading a couple of the submissions by, Agustus Gloop, Veruca Salt and some of the other "Wonka" kids that got a Golden Goggle Ticket, I'm more convinced than ever that there will be a lot of 'no-shows' who couldn't afford a ticket to fufill their 'pie in the sky' wish entries... jeez, and here I was thinking that Google was serious.
They've sent out fewer than 1/2 of the 8000... I wouldn't give up hope yet. I understand the frustration. Before I got mine I saw one that got in that said, "What wouldn't I do #ifihadglass "

I count 1521 invites on Twitter but I have no way of calculating how many have been invited on G+
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