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In light of #BoycottApple, I figured I'd dredge this up from my earlier days of Google+. 
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so, do you not realize that samsung and literally all of the other smartphone manufacturers are trying to do the same thing? or is this just an excuse to hate on apple?
JD Davis
Really? Who's suing Apple for the obvious patent infringements in iOS? Voice search/Siri, universal search? Really? Android was first in so many areas. This is fear from Cupertino, nothing more. #BoycottApple.
How blind those sheep who cannot see. Lol
The only people who will be boycotting Apple over this are people with shitty Samsung tablets.
i agree with who every johnnie wilcox is
Our people who like their tablets for what they are. I have a Motorola tablet as well as an iPad and the differences on each are focused on the reason you use it. IPad has its pros and cons as do android tablets. The galaxy tab ids nor a rip off of the iPad though. This is Steve Jobs legacy. Not innovation. That is why we #boycottapple and #unbangalaxynexus! Blind followers...
Apple is being selfish now everyone trade in your iPhone and get a Samsung galaxy nexus
Shouldn't the Windows version be, why innovate when you can purchase!
+David Hickes, I really don't think many people will be upset over the injunction outside of people affiliated with the injuncted technologies.

The number of people waiting on a particular Android tablet becoming available is in all likelihood vanishingly small.

Only butthurt nerds are watching this closely enough to call for something like a boycott. Everyone else will simply buy a different device.
How about boycotting the banks, oil company? Nooooo, people want to boycott Apple. Get your priorities straight people, boycott something that will help this country/world. 
That would be funny!!!
While some of iPhonies don't agree with what iApple did, they certainly will not drop their iPhonies for a SGN!
+Archie Huertas And let's face it - this is a Google sponsored site where most of the people are going to have a loyalty to anything but Apple.
I'll say it again.  Consensus.  People like to feel important by starting a cause no matter how unimportant or ineffective it may be.
Suing a family run cafe called apple child (in Germany) Cadburys because their logo totally different but too similar #BoycottApple
Sooo funny.. on the bus today, a couple of guys were trying to locate a bar on their iPhone. After about 5 minutes of searching and clicking and arguing, I picked up my Galaxy Nexus and said "take me to ** bar". Within seconds, my navigation app (native to Android) had the directions, reviews, and phone number on the screen. Both of the guys said, "wow... what kind of phone is that?? Is it like an iPhone?" .... yeah... something like that...
I'm surprised apple hasn't sued ihop yet
Apple did innovate. They created demand and the very markets you babies are all accusing them of not innovating in.
Actually, I didn't and do not comment because it makes me feel important!

I just find it funny!!!!

And yes +Archie Huertas, you are absolutely right! #iApple should stop this silly little girl nonsense! I know they are trying to dominate the world!
And yes +Bob Jewels, you are also right! This is site is owned / sponsored by Google. Did you think that the people here would support iApple! They support Google in this because they feel that iApple is in the wrong! Hell even some of iApple own customers feel the same way!
Really Dexter. What was apples last big software innovation??
Why do Android phones imitate the iPhone? It looks like Apple innovated plenty, and Google just ripped them off.
Yes that's true why u want to limit the innovations!!!!! Let's it be competitive
The fruit company sux,they can't compete anymore,all they can do is drool over their past and try to stall innovation. They are just accelerating their inevitable doom. Android will annihilate them. #BoycottApple
I am all for innovation! Everything each competitor does makes the other company better in the long run.
Why is it when Android releases something it's completely ignored and when iPhone releases a 1 year old technology, it's innovative?
Listen until you have the iPhone though you don't know what you are missing 
Work together instead of this android v apple bullshit !!
I agree that htc and their phones are really cool but I think apple used kaizen and made small changes for big improvements
#BoycottApple what's next for you apple, are you going to sue makers of apple pies? Might as well get into that pie business now,you no longer have any credibility left in the tek arena,shame on you.
+Carl Burrows I bet you people would if the companies would stop suing each other. Them doing that creates hatred from fans of each side towards the opposing company.
These companies sue each other every other day, get over it. It's so funny how people get so defensive with what companies and tech they prefer. Chill out and enjoy what you have. 
Everyone sues each other these days that's why lawyers do so well
Andre, why are you so rude?

We all know what phones looked like pre-iPhone and post-iPhone. Apple was first.
Google director sits on Apple board. Google director likes what he sees then leaves Apple board. Android makes leap from Blackberry like clone and becomes suspiciously like ios (which google director saw being developed).
Since that point both companies have done their share of innovating. Let's honest here though, Apple aren't the big evil monster some of you would like them to be. They have pretty much single handedly reinvented the market for smart phones, tablets and the way digital content is distributed. If anything, as consumers we all owe them a big thank you for firing a rocket up several industries backsides.
So long as Apple, Google and the rest keep pushing each other it can only be a good thing for us, the consumers. 
The government will do the craziest things sometimes this "look and feel" thing is pretty bad but not as bad as the lady who sued McDonald's for hot coffee
What we need is people that buy apple to start returning the shit in droves and state this BS as reason.

If I had the money I'd start visiting Apple stores lol
+Stuart Cripps only if they keep pushing forward. Apple is not interested in innovation, unless it's their own, and in their own snail speed. The rest has to wait. You see that often with makers of form-over-function products.
Apple practically invented the tablet or at least made it famous
If apple had made the first car, all following cars would not be able to have doors or handles in the same place. Perhaps not even be able to use wheels. Xerox is where apple copied their first OS. 
Sincerely, I do not dislike Apple. They have designed great products. Jobs was very smart. My problems with Apple is that they have a very petite attitude. They are afraid of competition. They are very arrogant -- they believe they are the only smart people in this mad world.
Finally, they are very selfish and they have exhibited a bad example by going to China to manufacture all their products.
What is wrong with the American Workers?
By going to China and bypassed America, they became a traitor. Figure how low our employment would be if Apple did believe in American Workers --- and -- Union Workers.
+Stuart Cripps in the words of Steve Jobs, Good artists copy, great artists steal... He has done his fair share of stealing and passed it off as his own, and is evident in past updates and in Ios 6 ie- notification, voice search(ahem, SIRI) , ota updates, wireless sync and the list goes on and on
+Peter Hempstead That's not true...I currently own an iPhone and I cant stand it. I bought it just to play with it and experiment with, and even jail broken it sucks...can't wait to get back to droid! At this point I would take a lumia windows phone over my iPhone! #boycottapple
Android Fanboy. LOL.
What is wrong with American workers? For a start they have more rights, secondly they probably cost at least 10 times more to employ. And let's not single out Apple here. All tech companies do this, even the Japanese ones to keep costs down (although that may change since Japan recently found a deposit of precious earth in their own waters).
If Apple etc all switched to home grown produce and the cheapest you could pick up your latest gadget was $2000 upwards do you think you or indeed anyone but the elite would be able to enjoy technology as much as we do? It's the low barrier to entry that keeps tech moving so fast. You think innovation is slow now. It would crawl to a snails pace if it became merely a play thing of the rich elite. Sometimes what's 'right' isn't always what's 'best'.
People will not boycott something they love. I know plenty of people who have switched to Apple not only for the coolness factor but for the quality of the product. I frankly don't see a boycott working. 
With regards to the comment about stealing. Stealing is taking something out right and using as it is. Taking an original idea, seeing its flaws/ways to improve it is how people innovate. It is very rare these days anyone has a truly 'original' idea. The way we move forwards I both technology and life is to take what has gone before us, learn from it as build upon for better, proved experiences. 
I don't think this will hold up in the long run.. there is prior art for most of the patents in question. iPhone is a great product but no means was Apple first with these innovations. The iPhone innovations amount to nothing more than incremental improvements on technology that was already invented by others.   Here is a great article that outlines, very specifically, who invented what first.
Erick B
I am joining the boycott apple movement after their litigation with samsung. People like the galaxy series and apple would deny the world this innovation in the name of creating a monopoly on user friendly computing
Not everyone enjoys Apple products, many people will not ever buy their products which is why Android is winning the mobile wars and Samsung is kicking Apple's ass in the sales department :-)- Sent from my incredibly cool, unIphone like Galaxy Nexus 
Original?? What original? There is nothing original in this world..if u all read Eric Von Daniken...there is an intro in one of his speaks about two Russian astronauts refusing to draw a spaceship. Why? They say how can we draw something we haven't seen...
Boycott apple? Im not ready to snap my mac in half. How about you boycott bp or something...
+kevin Johnson First of all... don't hijack a thread. Second of all... what happened to personal responsibility? I love coffee almost as much as I love technology (and craft beers), but if I spilt my coffee and burned myself, I would be pissed at myself. It wouldn't cross my mind to sue someone.
None sense flaming here. Apple, as much as I hate them, take technology and put use to it. Their products are for most part not new, but they are trend setters who keep us moving in the right direction. No other company has been successful as them in this fashion. 
+Gerard Jean-Michel , +Stuart Cripps with the scale of production and the insane amount of money Apple makes, if it was purely about worker costs -- honestly I think Apple makes enough to hire Americans.

So much in fact that in exchange for tax cuts, if we cut things to the effect: you made Apple the collector for any out if work but able labourer, it would probably improve our national situation while Apple grows fat.

In reality there is a lot more to it then just the workers. There was an article sometime within the last couple years about why Amazon couldn't make the Kindle here even if they wanted's sad bu't largely true. We've lost so much since our country awoke after Pearl Habor.

The giant got old and bought a home in suburbia.
Also for all the die hard google+ fans on here. Remember, if it wasn't for Facebook you probably wouldn't have this place as a digital soap box. Google, as with Apple took something existing and tried to innovate and build upon it. It's the way of the tech world. It will never stop so we should all just sit back and chill or at least spend our time boycotting and putting our weight behind truly important topics that may help change the world and make it a better place for EVERYBODY, not just tech nerds ;)
The new frontier, LAWYERS!
And the only thing I can say is
"Julius Caesar, part two, act I, scene ii"  
An even bigger mistake. Kill your competition and your a monopoly.

Oh wait, M$ walked through an Anti Trust smiling, and currently seems changed in tactics.
people power .. If only we can stand united.. Sigh
Can't we all just get along...
+Stuart Cripps technology can make the world a better peace for everybody, the rolling pin sure did. And allowing tech nerds more powerful tools is usually good for the whole, after all that's what evolved into the tools that power the Internet, and that's been good for most.

I always respected Apple when they were in their own corner. I used to wonder how could the iPod be worth so much. Then when they tried to invade the competition, well. If if I had more money than Bill Gates, Google, and GOD combined, I'd take Apple to court lol.
steve jobs ripped off his partner, not his customer or competitor, his partner, wozniak. that causes me to suspect that his claim against anyone is spurious. how do you trust anything he says about what's his or someone else? he couldn't even be honest with a partner.
Hopefully the judge will do his job wisely and fairly. But in the mean time, remember when Google's CEO joined Apple's board in 2006, learned about Apple's hot new products, but never told Apple in that 3-years what he was up to? Finally leaving after the conflict of interest became apparent?
"Apple is one of the companies in the world that I most admire," said Eric Schmidt. "I'm really looking forward to working with Steve and Apple's board to help with all of the amazing things Apple is doing." —2006
+Johnnie Wilcox The problem is exactly that an injunction prevents you from buying the device of your choice! I have an iPad(3), just ordered the awesome looking Nexus 7, and have had an Android phone since the first day the G1 became available, but all of this excessive legal crap that sometimes boils down to who 'owns' the rectangle format or the 'swipe right to open' is insane and prevents people from making free and sensible choices based on features and price.
The saddest part of this to me is that it could have been avoided. If Google had protected its platform by patenting every last detail of Android then it would have the power to fight back. Right now despite all the money they've spent on patents they seem helpless
+Dexter Torres no, people are rightfully accusing them if stifling innovation of other companies by suing any phone manufacture that resembles an iphone. Not everyone wants ios.
I sure don't Galaxy Nexus all the way.
All other phone manufactures have to tame the bully, thus is why everyone else is now filling law suits against apple
They're talking about it on right now.
Don't hate the player, hate the game. Android maker block Apple first in Germany. I feel patent wars are wasting both company's time and money.
If anyone buys iPhone or iPad or anything that starts with an 'i' you are supporting labor abuses.
Apple also claims they came up with touch phones, Funny that MS had done it 10 years before iphones even existed 
Samsung are for those poor people who couldn't afford to buy a proper reliable phone, i.e. the legend that is "The iPhone", the phone that every other phone wants to try to be. 
The rumor is Apple is planning a 7" tablet.But if it does happen,  will they turn around and sue all the companies that builds 7" tablets? The                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
problem with Apple is, they are afraid of competition that's why the are suing everybody. Imagine if Mercedes Benz was suing all the car companies back then, do you think we will have better cars today? Grow up Apple and keep the court system out of your pocket. 
It's irrelevant who made what first, Apple have perfected it, Deal with it, you made your choice to by a shitty android thing. Live with the crap. 
Ben Hartley, where's your evidence for the "touch phone" that Microsoft supposedly came up with? I think you're confused about some awful Windows CE-based thing that needed a stylus.

If I'm wrong, I'd love to know. Prove it with a link, or you're just blowing smoke.
Samsung S2, who's idea was that? What a piece of junk. Especially when you consider that money it was. Cheap trashy plastic crap. iPhone every time
I Phone is cheaper trash... they just rip you off and make you pay more for it.  I have an I phone for work and would trade if for a samsung, HTC or droid in a heartbeat
Boycott apple Android all the way .g+ the best
I dont know the intimacies of this patent war but I sure am glad I got my Samsung Galaxy SIII before apple managed to ban it in the US (which it probably will).

Up until last week I have had an iPhone for 5 years. Really happy about the change! : D
+Peter Jay I would like you to drop the iPhone 4S on solid concrete 10 times, before you comment on how cheap the S2 is.. (for the record, I have dropped my S2 around 10 times on concrete, and countless times on wooden floors .. without any damage - just some minor chips and bruises on the sides).
This thread has brought out the worse in people
Mark Ng
Apple makes such great products its a shame that they're spending so much time and effort on this instead of product development.
Let's just boycott everything then! Fast food stores for making the same cheese burgers, car companies for having the same brakes.

Let's boycott every film company for every movie made since 1980. May as well boycott all the TV manufactures for all of today's Tv's looking the same and being the same size. Shit let's boycott google+ for stealing the idea of a social network. This is ridiculous. Fuck android. Fuck apple. Give me back my Nokia 3315.... At least everyone liked it
+Johnnie Wilcox - the problem is, you'll end not being able to buy another device because Apple will file an injunction on those devices too. Apple has to stop with the injunction and just blow the competition with another inovative feature or hardware. We want to choose the phones we want to use. I personally don't want Apple shoving the iPhone down every persons throat including you.
Why are there so many apple users on Google+? Shouldn't they be begging apple to create it's own social network and accept the monthly user fee?
Steve jobs is looking down on us giving us one big troll face xD MAC FTW
+Chris Hartin that's stupid. Why would we have apps for Facebook and YouTube and such?
Im Guessing +Dexter Torres and others havent seen the change log of iOS6... Yeah all Apple is doing is taking things from Android. IOS has not been innovated sincce it was first released really. #boycottApple
Apple is on its last leg guys if the iPhone 5 don't blow the socks off people its a rap for them and there itoy!!!
I was actually going to give apple my money for a brand new macbook pro but after the silly shit they pulled that's a no. hello windows laptop
I no longer swipe to open, I now drag the lock outside of the circle (ICS). At other times I drag the icons to the circle. Wonder when that will end up in court?
What +Max Harris thinks is the general perception apple managed to built without inventing nothing. That is what the brand apple is all about. Sad reality..
I'm not a computer judge, but I prefer PC computers over Apple computers because PCs are a lot cheaper and they come with like 10 programs for editing stuff!
+Max Harris iPhones look like HTC full touch screen phone with windows that came long before iPhone. Apple made them better. And now when google made a phone far better than iPhone, they have a problem with. cellphone or touchscreen or full touchscreen or camera on phone etc etc..nothing was their invention. They made existing technology better. Now google did the same thing.. so why not accept it ..
+Stuart Cripps correct. They reinvented windows full touchscreen phones. And it's a good thing. But why sue when google reinvented smartphones.. isn't that being hypocrite?
I have a apple I pad and I love it. 
Some good points. Still, Apple is taking the wrong path here.
+Mark Bienvenu said "use whatever technology you like"

How can we when they are limiting our choices with this bullcrap lawsuit.
Binh Ma
Choice is important, and Android is providing this to consumer
another piece of garbage fanboy....GET OUT OF MY STREAM!
My friend said to me one day only good phones break and i told him thts a total lie because android phones are the best and the dont break when you drop them and who would even whant a phone tht breaks like apple 
apple is an innovation killer now... Even my neighbor a big apple fan moved to android after I showed him my SGSII! ;-) no need to boycott they are moving slowly to android as android is clearly far far ahead of apple now...
I have had both as well +eric johnson , and you're absolutely right, they are both great in their own way and perfect for different types of users. You're also right that companies imitate all the time, where people (including Apples loyalist's) should be mad is the extent of litigation that Apple is going through to block competition. As you can see in the past couple of years, their litigation budget is obviously effecting their bottom line, as nothing truly new or revolutionary has come out of Apple in a few years now. Simply faster, leaner iterations of the products already in place. 
Imitation exist ...definitely ...if you can upgrade it and fly with it
The second deal breaker q is Flash Support which already down by Adobe.


Does this mean we no longer have to hear: "No flash? Yeah, that's a deal-breaker right there." from the anti-iOS folks?

Oh well, at least they'll still have: "No removable battery? Yeah, that's a deal-breaker right there."
Apple was the first to make a touch screen smart phone, but Google made created a better interface in almost every way.
+Brian Williams  Apple was NOT the first to make a touch screen smartphone, but thats what Apple wants everyone to think. But you are right about Androids interface being way better than Apples iphone. #boycottapple  
Apple is nothing more than a monopolizing corporate bully. Competition gets ahead and they make petty claims on how it feels. Pathetic and happy to tell everyone anytime they consider an iPhone to opt out of it.
Take that back Maxwell
+Brian Williams See, this is why people dislike #Apple , because they get the credit for tech that they never "innovated", only stole co-opted.

First "Touchscreen Smart-phone": IBM Simon 1994
First Smartphone with a Capacitive Touchscreen: LG Prada 2006

Notice you don't see IBM or LG dragging Apple into court for "borrowing" their technologies.  The only way things get better is if people improve upon the ideas of others.  But when you have companies suing others just for implementing a similar idea, then everybody loses.

+Chris Pirillo was right in one way, you shouldn't be allowed to patent a concept, just the particular implementation of it.
All this whining and crying makes me never want to buy an android device ever. You morons are pathetic. 
I think all of you are dumb,all of these devicesare l are similar,but everyone bitches and hates.All this money spent suing each other can be spent on making a better phone.both apple and android have a ton of room for improvement. I sell phones for a living and basically the major part of people buying phones are barely smart enough to use flip phones.That includes most of the people above this post.
I'm going to file a lawsuit on everyone here younger than me for stealing my idea of talking and walking upright,and making it look bad.
@Ryan Anderson Whining and crying is pathetic (depending on the situation, but in most cases, yes). However, criticism of litigation is justified, especially when it stifles competition and negatively affects the consumer. Also, seriously, fuck this ridiculous patent system. A system which results in an industry profiting solely from patent trolling is a broken system.
+Ryan Anderson do you know who copies? Apple. Do you know who backstabs? Apple. DO YOU KNOW WHO SUCKS? APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you hate Android then skew you! You suck! And your a moron!!!!!!!
Open source .. problem solved. The best device is your own.
Look at all those iSheep. Paying top buck for an inferior device. You guys deserved to be ripped off of. Please don't #boycottapple . You deserve Apple.
Yeah, we deserve Apple 'cause an Apple a day keep the doctors away! ;-))
iphone 4s
mac book pro retina diplay
I did a lot of Mac Os programming in he past, (also windows and linux, I do much cross platform work) and I used to like that company. However, that changed in the recent past. I think they piss off old fans and that may backfire. Apple has always also been about image, and that image is important for them. I think all that patent bullshit is very shortsighted.

Right now, I am thinking about replacing my five year old mbp, but was torn between a new mbp and the Lenovo X230 - both fine devices. I think my money goes to Lenovo for now.

Does all this really affect peoples day to day lives!?!?! If you dont like something, buy something else. get a grip!
+Stephanie Rodriguez It's because the company stinks. They're basically a big bully, using every dirty underhand trick in the book. I'm not saying other companies don't exploit the system, but Apple comes out on the top, often going out of its way (read the statements by the late Mr. Jobs). It's always the first to start a fight. It's the only company that's trying to sue every company out there. Soon Apple will be left with no friends, which is I think exactly what it wants - to be a monopoly. The result is we - all consumers (apple or otherwise) are loosing out - so much money is being wasted on lawsuits, and all this is stiffing competition and innovation. At the end of the day the only people who are gaining from this are the lawyers.

As for this specific  #boycottapple  campaign, read this to find out why:
I like samsung devices .and generally anything that runs android .i dont care what i think but j m satisfied with my choice and i always will be.
I am not against Apple products. What irks me is that many stores tend to sell only accessories for only iPads & iPhones. Why ?
Don't hate the player; hate the game!
I thought apple fanboys were bad, till I meet droid fans, seems like iys a must to hate apple and argue till you prove androids better then apple. There were smartphones, some with touch, way before apple or android. And in most industry's if someone steals your design/product/or hardware you sue. And for the people who like to compare this to the car company's and cars, the have automobile regulations that have to be met to make a car safe, witch is why they can't sue over most things because cars have to have seatbelts/car locks etc to pass and be considered safe. And last time I checked phones didn't have to have slide to unlock to work. 
Yo +Johnnie Wilcox..ave u ever try Samsung phone!? I bet not...coz if u do..then u'd know..coz like anything that steal from was stiff and incomplete..just like da is da great! gplus://app/stream/search?query=%23boycottiphone
As someone who has both an Iphone 4s and Galaxy Nexus for verizon I can honestly say Apple is scared of better products. Its child-like almost. I'm not a fan of either side. I have no brand loyalty just calling it like I see it.
The only thing Apple did to innovate was bring a product to market which had a simplified interface which implemented old ideas much better than anybody previously had.

That these ideas had not been seen in a consumer product before didn't make them novel. We've been seeing them in movies for decades and reading about them for longer.
has google declared a war on apple cause only anti apple things turn out to b hot on my page..??
While we're at it, let's boycott FaceBook. And the government.
Haha my next buys are in order SGSIII, Nexus Q, Nexus 7 and google glasses! Yes google innovates! Thank you Google!
Apple products last till the new one comes out, I've got the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket and works even tho the Galaxy S 3 is out. 
Erick B
Does this seem like apple is trying to force everyone to use an iphone?
Haha, of coarse! And don't forget patenting existing technology, thats a good strategy as well.
+Michael Truex
Yes but most of Samsung and others lawsuits against Apple are desperate at best and seem to be them trying to keep Apple off their backs. Apple has started the patent war with nearly all the companies suing them for infringement. It's no secret that Steve Jobs hated Android and would make it personal; he's even quoted as saying no amount of money would make him happy he will pursue it until Android is dead. Its not about infringement even, its just Apple thinking they own everything.
I really think this is how Apple rebounded from losing the look and feel lawsuits against Microsoft.  They needed a way to continue the 'look and feel' and with some clever poking around figured out the way to do it:  avoid copyright law....just go straight to patents, patent any thought or idea in your head, word it as broadly and vaguely as possible, and then unleash the lawyers.

By the those who think Apple invented multi-target unified search...go look at Copernic Desktop Search for prior art.  This, like the other Apple patents, needs to be invalidated.  As for Lucy Koh, the manner in which she expresses herself show that she's already decided in her mind that Samsung is an infringer, and the trial hasn't even started yet.
+Randy Magruder 
I think you hit it right on the head with the Microsoft vs Apple and their new method of patenting literally everything.

I also agree that Lucy Koh has already decided in Apple's favor. I saw someone saying that she worked with Apple and I couldn't find anything to substantiate that claim but I did find this:

And here's someone that did more research on this decision by Judge Koh than I did:
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