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Eric Richardson

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Ronda Rousey is kind of a beast. 
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Eric Richardson

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I would love to one day punch Ted Cruz in the face. It's just such a punchable face. 
If Republicans win the White House next year, they’ll almost certainly control the entire federal government. Many of them, running for president or aspiring to leadership roles in Congress, are trying to block the nuclear deal with Iran. This would be a good time for these leaders to show that...
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^^ he got that right at least
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Eric Richardson

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Whiskey and fire night. 
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That Yamazaki is so good straight up
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Eric Richardson

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This could be my favorite post comments ever. 
Fools and their money are soon parted, but glad to see those that prey on the weak are being dealt with. Psychics are bullshit, people.  - Eric Richardson - Google+
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I gave it a try... Lol
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Eric Richardson

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Nice! Should make using Play for betas much, much easier. 
Improved beta testing for developers on Google Play

Beta testing, a critical part of any developer's workflow, is now getting even better. Learn about the new open beta process that lets you sign users up with one click, as well as new tools for managing closed betas in the developer console without the need for a Google+ Community or Google Group. #androidDev
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Eric Richardson

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Thought for the day -- if you oppose modern genetic modification of food crops, you should be aware of the following:

Many common crop varietals have been produced using what I'll call "old-school genetic modification". In this process, we take a plant's germ cells and beat the hell out of them with mutagenic chemicals and/or highly ionizing radiation (e.g., gamma radiation from nuclear reactions). This creates lots of completely random mutations in the plant's DNA, and you simply cross your fingers that some of them will be beneficial. This has been common since around the '20s, and includes many crops currently labeled "organic".

Preferring that process to modern, surgical genetic modification can be thought of as preferring being shot with a shotgun to having endoscopic laser surgery. Sure, the shotgun might accidentally fix something, but...
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Thank you for this! I have a few friends that swear by paleo and don't even understand what there fully doing.
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Eric Richardson

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Also, always fun to watch F-22's doing what they do. 
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Eric Richardson

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Excellent talk on Eddystone and the physical web in general
Here is my screencast from the Google Beacons presentation at #AnDevCon  earlier this week in Boston. Enjoy!

#Android   #GDE   #TechTalk  
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Eric Richardson

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From the top down.... No wait... Bottom up... Wait.. Shit. I don't know!
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I met him once while swing dancing in Pasadena. Really great guy.
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Eric Richardson

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I've said it numerous times to numerous people: +OnePlus​​​ is the worst of companies. The utter worst. I don't even feel a shred of sympathy for their terribleness. Not even a tiny shred. Any negative news about this terrible company brings a smile to my face.
Not entirely unexpected, but still a bit surprising. +OnePlus just broke up with us over +David Ruddock's editorial.

No more review units, no invite giveaways that I promised you guys, and likely no further communication (though I hope they at least respond to technical questions).

I'm glad respecting editorial integrity and reception to criticism is high on their list of values. But remembering that part about respect at the end of title, I shouldn't be surprised.
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I've gotten that impression from OnePlus, but haven't had much direct experience with them. (Their tone-deaf marketing aside.) I'd be interested to hear why you dislike them so much.
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Eric Richardson

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Fools and their money are soon parted, but glad to see those that prey on the weak are being dealt with. Psychics are bullshit, people. 
Sandra Marks, 40, a.k.a. Catherine Marks, was arrested last week on a 34-count indictment that accuses her of bilking clients of nearly $3.7 million.
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hmmm..maybe not bill maher..i did a little intuitive research and i didn't like the read of the situation...any thoughts?

 here are can find them on youtube too  

what are the exact words,or even the best recorded and heard guess,of the hecklers?
what did they actually say? because i heard BUILDING 7 and bill,whether accidentally or not,detoured that reference to buildings 1 and 2. he also said at first that he couldnt hear a word they were saying,,but then responded as if he heard all of it.

not a 9/11 conspiracy theorist .just wondering what the other party actually had to say..especially considering a conjoined effort by bill and his guests to detour,mislead derail and/or evade specifics..going further to enter a set of their own specifics,while simultaneously putting incorrect words in the other parties mouths..literally (and i do mean in literature) LITERALLY changing their words and the exact topic,,then arguing with themselves and their own words,not the other parties words,,since they immediately changed and reworded shit...

Bill and his guests are very smart..literally..they are very good at staying on topic,being specific and DEFINITELY NOT rewording shit..that's like the cardinal rule people..especial as an atheist..and especially when people are screaming bloody murder

and i don't like where my deductive reasoning skills are leading me in all this..somethings up..maybe not such a large CRIME (not conspiracy) but a crime never the less..or atleast that's usually the case when so many efforts are made to cloud truths and details

maybe they are allowed to lie and be private regarding building 7 since it's full of military and gov'confidential  associations where as the other buildings had more public office s associated?

still dont like the word twist/puzzle/salad
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Eric Richardson

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What if indeed...
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+shag willoby
Oh yeah, well at least we don't shag willobys... Do we?
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Good breakfast food all day! They also have a ton of mac n cheese options.
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Great variety of soups and sandwiches, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. I'm partial to the quesadillas actually, they're huge and packed with good stuff.
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Crepes for days. They're great and I highly suggest partaking in both the savory and dessert crepes(probably not at the same time, that's be a lot of crepe), particularly the banana nutella one or the morning crepe. You will have to wait at times, but it's worth it. I'm just glad they finally take cards.
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114 reviews
I used to despise Millers(long story, but Millers was the first place I ever went in cville and they ignored me for an hour, they are better now though) but it's kind of growing on me. Good beer selection, Decent food, and live music often. Millers went from "I'll never go again" to "I go once a week".
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Best dumplings in town, and super cost effective. Also the sesame noodles are great.
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Best pizza in cville. Cant give it any higher praise than that. I'm particularly talking about the Hellboy(I think that's what it was called) pizza, which is what happens when you throw awesome onto fantastic and bake it for a few minutes. They also have an excellent meat ball sub thing if you're into that kind of thing.
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