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Google needs to stop this hype shit, get them into the hands of actual users (if they even exist, but we've been down that road before), and stop sending expectations through the roof. They won't deliver, and we won't see the kind of amazing industrial design that would happen if Apple made them. Yes, I'm fan boying, but you know how Apple does it. They lay in wait and then launch.

And get all the credit.

Don't eff this up, Google, and stop the hypecycle.
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right, agreed, we need to play around see if you feel too visually impaired to still interact with the world
Yeah, a little worried it'll be done the "Google" way where they put something out and let the users be the testers.. It's a nice theory but users don't understand their role, and expect a polished finished product so they bitch and moan when it's not perfect.

That said.. if anyone at Google wants me to test it, I DO understand that role! ;)
I feel annoyed because you're fanboying,
and annoyed because you're right.

+Google, please do this properly. Please? You've got all the right cards to pull this off and make it awesome. Play it right.
I have to say: I'm partial to Apple products over Google by far. I'd much rather have a pair of iGoggles than Google Goggles after my overall experience with Google in some areas (and not others). However, I have to agree with you. Apple didn't invent the MP3 player, but the iPod became identified in everyone's mind with what an MP3 player is. In fact, MP3 players had existed for a few years before Apple came out with the iPod.

The same goes for tablets. Let's face it: Apple takes a lot of products it sees with potential and reconfigures and designs them for every day people to use. That's a lot of hard work, of course, and a ton of effort is put into detail (more than any other tech company that I know of). My take on this is that Apple may well out-perform Google in this area as well. They may even have been working on something like this for a while, but we'd never know it. They only show stuff off when it's completely ready. Google has a lot to learn about how things are done by other companies who present themselves with successful publicly usable objects. I think you're totally right that Google may just blow this one as well. Frankly, I think it's a shame. I'd like Apple to get some serious competition. I don't want Apple to become complacent. Even though I prefer an Apple format, I like it when they feel challenged by new inventions and discoveries and react to them.

Google has a great chance here to make something huge - even transformational. I, for one, find this invention to be something we've all been waiting for in one form or another. It's the next step to being hooked up to information (in both positive and negative ways - as all technologies are). I'd rather see them succeed than not. But I'm with you on the chances of that success: the way that Google operates oftentimes makes me wonder if they understand regular people at all. It's been said that Google employees live in a sort of engineering bubble and don't understand how "regular people" function. I think it's somewhat true (not always though). If only they could open their eyes and become a bit more sympathetic to how non-techie gurus function, they might have a chance to revolutionize the world with this invention.
Regardless of quality, it will end the same way:

If you are seen wearing iGlasses, it will be "cool, you got the new iGlasses!"

If you are seen with Google Glass, it will be "those kind of look like iGlasses!"
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