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Time to jump into the first episode of The Walking Dead game!
The first of five The Walking Dead episodes is here, but does the game do the franchise justice? Yup, it sure does.
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Man you ruin like every post.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. I don't get what kind of game this is. I just queued up the demo though.
I read about this in one of my gaming mags. It sounded really interesting (not your typical shoot 'em up). I definitely want to know what you think!
I tried the demo. Not for me, I don't think. It's an interesting system... you move your dude around the 3D world with the left stick, and pan a "cursor" around with the right stick. When you move it over an item of interest you get up to 4 options mapped to the face buttons. Top tends to be Look At and bottom is Touch or Take. Left & Right are more varied.

Fighting zombies (which isn't really the focus of the game) is all about pressing buttons really fast in order to get your guy to do a canned animation against the zombie.

It's interesting but it's too close to adventure game for me. I'm not good with adventure games, really.
Well that makes sense since it is an adventure game.
Quoting myself: I don't get what kind of game this is

Had SOMEONE said "It's an adventure!" I coulda said "No need to d/l it then." But SOMEONE who had played it didn't bother to tell me that because SOMEONE is just plain mean!
heh your comment was missed, my friend.
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