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The first computer art (1956) was a pinup girl.  I am surprised not.
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Fascinating. I wonder how many of the people who went on to design ARPANET cut their teeth on SAGE.
Since, then as now, most computer geeks are men, this is no surprise at all.
I'm a male lesbian.  :)
Except for a few like Admiral Grace Hopper.
+Todd Vierling What do you mean by "prominent"?  Other than Admiral Hopper, were they engaged in programming?
If only mudflaps had that much computing power.
+Cathy Raymond IT was made on air defense SAGE computer. So it was crewed by a male crew with some time on their hands during boring shifts. Kinda like the telex operators before them, who passed time by making and sending around the precursor of ASCII art.
video mentioning them in the history of erotica in technolopgy. kinda sorta NSFW:
»male crew with some time on their hand « pun intended? (^_^)
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