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Watched a Korean historical drama called "The Divine Weapon" last night.  Fun movie, kind of a late-medieval technothriller with good duel and battle scenes, but the most interesting detail is this: 

Now I know what the model for the vaguely Oriental garb on the Jedi in Star Wars was.  Pre-modern Korea.  It's not a loose resemblance, but very exact. 
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Yup. I loved it as well. And Hollywood tends to redo a lot of oriental movies. 
The official's head garb looks like Tang China to me. A model also initially copied in Japan and Vietnam.
And when Eric says "technothriller", he means technothriller.  There was the obligatory romance between the male and female leads, murder attempts on the protagonists, a plot-critical break-in to a secured installation, and a denouement with lots of explosions.  Lay your hands on a copy and find out how this is all true!

The production values were excellent.  I can't speak to the correctness of the historical dressing (I know little about Korean medieval costume) but it all looked consistent and period-appropriate.  The soundtrack was good too, though surprisingly it was all Western!
Pet peeve: it's originally Tatooine desert garb, not Jedi robes. Uncle Owen wore them too, and Ben Kenobi would not likely wear an instantly recognizable Jedi outfit while trying to keep a low profile. See the Red Letter Media prequel reviews for more info.
Looks good!  I've pushed it onto my stack.
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