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Reporting from near Malvern, PA  at approximately 40°2′4″N 75°30′52″W.

Power is out at our house, so we've retreated to a friend's place about 1.5 miles away. The outage is very localized; most of the borough is still lit up.

Malvern now has continuous strong to gale-force winds - though, oddly enough, only light rain.  The streets are deserted, but the line crews are already out.  Everybody else is hunkered down, as well they should be.

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Wishing for the best for you and yours, Eric.
That didn't take long.  Barely 2.5 hours later our power is back.  I'm OK, wife is OK, cat is OK, we're going to sleep.
yay! I hope Sugar properly chastised you for leaving her alone to the scary winds.
The wind and rain have lightened up considerably in South Philly. Less than a day to go.
Damn you sandy! there goes the cerowrt uptime record.
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