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New blog post: a bulletin for our cat's distributed fan club
This is a bulletin for Sugar's distributed fan club, the hackers and sword geeks and other assorted riff-raff who have guested in our commodious basement. The rest of you can go about your business. A...
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+Olav Dahlum no, you care about your cat enough that he will have some cat privacy, and be able to tend to his feline private deeds, without all the other cats in the world to be interested in what he does in his catdom. True pious cats want only ceiling cat to know about their private lives.
My cat princess lived to be a fine old age of 21.  She was great till the end and my companion since I was 4 years old.  I could never replace her. 
My Bug will be back from her 3 year visit to Mississippi on Thursday. I will resume spoiling her as much as usual, and tell her the Tale of Sugar.
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