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Sigh. If there's one other version-control system that deserved to survive the seemingly inevitable triumph of git, it's Mercurial.
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It could have won, if only it had not refused any "fix the past" feature at the beginning.
What brought on this comment?
Now, there's an interesting question.  Which will remain in use longer, Git or Linux?
I very much like "hg" but almost nobody is supporting/using it anymore. :(
As someone who uses Mercurial at work, I really have to disagree on this.  Now I'm sure I wouldn't say this if I'd ever worked with CVS or SVN or any of those horrors, but from my perspective Hg seems to do everything wrong - never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity.  And then tries to paper over the problems by layering more problems on top of them (Mercurial Queues come to mind, as do the our-branches-didn't-do-what-people-want-so-we-created-this 'bookmarks').  Oh, and I've never seen git repository corruption, but over the past year Hg's managed it three times (and while thankfully DVCSes do make that much less of a problem, it still interrupts everyone's workflow).
#endif /* RANT */
And thankfully we nowadays have 'git clone hg::http://foo' built into recent git releases, so we even get a usable interface to those few mercurial holdouts.
(complete with pushing, pulling and most other things I tried)
Mrf. Put me in the camp that considers hg more usable than git.
+Edward Cree Having not really used hg much, I still think you're probably right-- you wouldn't be complaining if you'd used SVN. It's not actually badly designed or hard to use, but centralized version control systems are inherently incapable of certain things that you just end up wanting to do. Like committing locally. Or branches that aren't effectively fork-only. SVN is a good implementation of a bad idea.

I personally use Git for everything I can now, except one project that's still on SVN. I plan on trying to learn HG soon, because it's supposed to have better Windows support which may help me convince the other developers to switch from SVN.
I prefer hg to git, (sane defaults, more clean syntax, better Windows support, etc.) But the internet doesn't seem to share my preferences, especially in the web development community. 
Has something happened to the project?
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