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Hacking talent can spring from anywhere.  It may be interesting to see what this guy has written in ten years.
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I actually know a lot of hacker/actors. In general, I think you'll find more hacker/artists than just hackers (though not programmers, if we are remembering a distinction between hackers and programmers). The two go hand-in-hand; Paul Graham wrote a whole book on it.

Personally, I fancy myself an illustrator when I'm not tearing databases apart and putting them back together again.
In my mind, I can hear Spottswoode coming into his dressing room:  "You're a top gun actor, Kevin.  Double major in acting and computer science.  I have an incredible offer for you...."
There's a fair bit of overlap. I thought that was mentioned in the Jargon File, but I seem to be mistaken.
In the theme of some of these replies, I have personally seen a correlation between a person being a hacker and a musician.

I'll just say the linked-to page is..."interesting." When my Nexus 7 first opened it, with Dolphin, about half of the text (horizontally) was off the right edge of the screen. I swiped left in order to center the text, and the portrait on the left was fixed on the screen so it was floated over the text. Hmmm...OK, try #2, Opera Mobile...that works OK/as expected. The other thing which kinda stuck out is, why would you leave spell check on so that unrecognized words are broken-underlined in red? That's odd, just sayin'

I'd also like to note programming isn't really all that difficult, from the perspective of, except for things like compiler or interpreter bugs, or hardware failure, it's all rather regular/deterministic--the machine pretty much does what it's told to do. That's one of programming's big attractions for me. The difficulty comes with defining precisely what the machinery is to do, or to do the task(s) efficiently.
My experience confirms the hacker-musician connection.
Programming isn't really difficult, unless you find it difficult; same as anything. If you think any profession is difficult, step back and look at some of the morons who do it. Any skill favors a peculiar mindset.

But geeking is essentially just figuring out what makes something tick. For computers that's programming, or electrical hacking. For acting, it's psychology. Most of the best actors I know have a pretty good idea why people do the odd things they do. Many of those apply that part of their mind to everything.

I suspect something similar calls to musicians.
I was impressed with his methodical approach to that early audition-- that sort of attention to detail bodes well for programming.

Any opinions about Learn Python the Hard Way vs. Python Bytes?
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