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#upgoerfive It is never a bad time to remind people of Poul Anderson's classic exercise in linguistic alternate history, but all the recent fun with trying to express science using only common words instantly reminded me of it.

Here you go, upgoerfive fans.  Not quite the same limit as +Randall Munroe  used, but productive of surprisingly similar results. Well, only surprisingly if you don't know the history of English.
The following item shows what English would look like if it were purged of its non-Germanic words, and used German-style compounds instead of borrowings to express new concepts. This recently appeared...
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That is not purely non-Germanic, though. I noted several points where the abrogated word was of Latin or Greek derivation, as when it avoided the use of Gamma to refer to the"waves with the shortest length"
+Howard C. Shaw III Right, Anderson was not a linguist by profession and he slipped up occasionally (another one is the use of the word 'ordinary' which is from Latin via Old French).  This is known.  But the lapses are few and do not detract significantly from the overall quality of the piece.
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