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Reporting from Malvern, PA  at 40°2′4″N 75°30′52″W.

Power has flickered a couple of times in the last few minutes.  Wouldn't be astonishing if it goes out soon.  If I go off the air for longer than about an hour, you can assume #HurricaneSandy has drawn first blood  and I'm in the dark futzing with hurricane lanterns.
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Winds here in Kutztown PA are stronger than before.  Rain is still steady.  Wind going through the trees sounds a lot like a winter blizzard.
Get a generator, Eric, at least one that keeps the fridge (with beer) cool, and the computer running. Maybe a heating/cooling unit as the season demands.
No computer.  Power outages are for boardgames by candlelight and other mischief. ;)
Eric, why are you posting your address?
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