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Michael's second logo survey,
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Hell, was there a meeting today?
I will have to get better about that. Saturdays are generally my day of rest. Sorry. Next week. Week after I'll be in philly, too.
Only if you still love me after missing two meetings in a row... and needn't be during the week, I'll be slammed at my gig there....
<> This is actually the worst logo I have ever seen. Lightbulbs like the one shown use the "Edison screw", which was patented by Edison and which only became "standardized" because of the market dominance of General Electric. And there's no reason for the Free Standards Group to acronymize their own name, then include that name in full, particularly since I can't imagine that there's a branding advantage to "FSG" over "Free Standards Group". This logo could only be made worse with the addition of pudenda. Oh wait, now I see it. Damn.
I'm adding a comment just to ping about getting an export of the answers to the survey.
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