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New blog post: Surfing the creole continuum
Here's the most interesting adventure in linguistics I've run across in a while. Two professors in Norway assert that English is a Scandinavian language, a North Germanic rather than a West Germanic o...
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Interesting idea. However I wonder what it means German should be SOV? In a regular clause SOV hardly ever works in German. German is dominated by SVO, but you have chances to rearange parts. For example given the right articles forms in front of the nomen OVS can work. However many German puns happen to be based about SVO/OVS ambiguities.

Well, or SOV this about subordinate clauses? Then it is all different.
Thanks +Adrian Mihailescu. Cause I didn't knew the terminology and still find it strange, V2 is what I tried to call OVS, which sometimes can be OVSO and is called V2 for that reason ... maybe. Yes, we are V2!
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