#upgoerfive   I can't tell if making the permalink automatically shared my explanation of open source, nor where I'm expected to share it if it didn't. So here is my explanation, using only the thousand most common words in English.

Writing the plans that tell computers how to do things is hard work and easy to get wrong. Faults in these plans (which are called 'software') hide in places that make them hard to see.

A good way to find the faults is to have many people with many different ways of thinking looking for them. Each different way of thinking is like a different light put on the problem, and makes it harder for the fault to hide.

So  to have as few faults as possible, we should not hide any part of how we tell computers to do things.  Instead we should be open about the plans, letting as many people as possible see them all and try different ways to fix them.

This way of doing things is called 'open_source'.
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