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This is a magnificent hack.
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Wonder what its payload is, and if it's enough to support a little balloon, a mic and a speaker. Have it follow +Howard Tayler around...his own little Ennesby.
Would be interesting to increase the payload ability by attaching a small helium balloon? Make it nearly neutral buouyancy.  :)
The problem with quads is that they have pretty much zero payload capacity. If you need lift, you still need a traditional heli. 
I bet they can be outfitted with a camera
The video shows it carrying an LED light array, or a camera, or an inductive charging there's a small payload capacity.
They can't be outfitted with my camera!
I don't know +Ken Barber, did you see how fast that thing shot up 3(?) stories? It seems like there's plenty of lift there. Don't know how much run time you'd get, but evidently enough to have some fun with ;)
Looks a lot like the Walkera Ladybird QR. Paid $84 for mine. Not open source, though.
let me know when I can hook up my frsky reciever to it.
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