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Eric Raymond
Hacker, philosopher, troublemaker, theorist of open source
Hacker, philosopher, troublemaker, theorist of open source

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New blog post: How to support simple classes without really trying.

OK, I've got a question for those of you with long memories.

I'm trying to identify pre-Internet wide-area protocols that, like RS232, could only pass 7 bits reliably. Google is not helping.

I think BITNET was like this, and early JANET, and EARN. Can anyone confirm? Also I don't know if this was a misfeature of X.25.

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New blog post: TEHOK seems to be stabilizing.

I was doing some research for "Things Every Hacker Once Knew" this morning and realized a startling fact:

There does not seem to be a maintained Linux port of Colossal Cave Adventure, aka ADVENT, aka the original of all computer adventure games.

This is insupportable and I must fix it.

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Oh, dear Goddess. I haven't been this blown away by a jazz performance in decades.

It's like listening to Weather Report or Mahavishnu Orchestra for the first time was back in the '70s. A sense of new possibilities opening up, of big ambitions being realized with impeccable skill and a passion to push the envelope.

In a wilderness of formulaic "smooth jazz" and robotic replication of old styles, it's great to hear this kind of aspiration again.

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I'll say this for the "Mass Shooting Tracker"; it's refreshing to encounter a pro-gun-control site that admits it's lying for propaganda purposes. Meta-honesty, if not honesty. 

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New post on the NTPsec blog: Yes, it's an awful pun, and I should be ashamed.

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New blog post: Heritage games. The legacy of all-uppercase terminals. Where README came from. What “core” is. The ARPANET. Monitoring your computer with a radio. And more…

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New blog post: My first new software project in a while, also my Go learning project.

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Hard Marxism, the assassinations of policemen, and now this. #BlackLivesMatter should be declared, and treated as, a domestic terrorist organization.
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