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Today's culinary combination of awesome goodness:

A small amount of Handel's Chocoholic Chunk ice cream - because the stuff, which is basically 80% dark chocolate in ice-cream form with embedded bits of dark chocolate, is so rich that I cannot eat more than about an ounce of it at a sitting.  And a Bundaberg's ginger beer.

The play between the bite of the ginger and the dark heavy smoothness of the ice cream was perfect.  Foodgasm!
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Not familiar with that brand
of ice cream... Time to hit Google while chowing down on my bar of 95% dark chocolate
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Eric Raymond

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Because +Lewis Collard is too modest to do it, I propound

Collard's Law: Given enough funding and little enough accountability, any organisation comes to resemble a shit copy of the public sector.

(I hope he doesn't mind the minor, clarifying change in phrasing.)
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+Jonathan Bennett There wasn't such a dichotomy when those schools were founded.
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Eric Raymond

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What in the hell?

"The GNOME Foundation got into this situation [out of money] through its Outreach Program for Women (OPW) and managing the program (and funds) for a number of other participating organizations."

Hey, GNOME - maybe you should have stuck to, you know, shipping code?  However your laudable your goals may have been, an outreach program that prevents your organization from executing on its primary mission isn't just a dumb idea, it's actually worse than doing nothing.
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I have to agree that the phrasing off the blurb sounds like the output of one of those New Age Bullshit Generator websites, but the fact is, transgender/intersex and uber-alternative gender are coming out and becoming more widespread as well as more visible in society.

Would alternative phrasing like "but we outreach only to real women, transgender/intersex need not apply"?

See also for food for thought...

And in any case, "even mad folk ought to have access to open source software". Heck, Microsoft already says "only crazy people would use Linux". Who are we to disagree with Microsoft?
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Eric Raymond

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Things seen versus things unseen...
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And attacking the straw man that you claim I'm saying free open source software is better than proprietary software doesn't work Eric. The point is that your "many eyes" idea that you attribute to Linux gives a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY, independent of how bad proprietary software is. You need to face the fact that it's incredibly difficult to audit any kind of software, open source or proprietary, and that requires a lot of time of very skilled people who could be paid very well for doing other less tedious, more interesting things, and it requires money to pay for their food, housing, electricity and equipment. So exactly how much money have YOU personally given to support Theo de Raadt, Eric? And how many lines of code have YOU personally audited, Eric? Stop spending your energy constructing and attacking straw men, and DO SOMETHING to fix the false sense of security that you've spread throughout the industry, which has caused huge multi billion dollar corporations to use open source software as important parts of their mission critical software in the heart of the Internet, yet they have totally failed to donate any money or person power to support the development and auditing of that crucial software that billions of people depend on every day. You need to shift your focus to evangelizing those companies into supporting people like Theo de Raadt, even if you despise them and call them assholes and trolls because they have legitimately criticized you in the past. 
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Eric Raymond

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New blog post: Review of a forthcoming book
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Eric Raymond

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I love this concept. It's open source taken to a logical extreme.
Google believes open hardware innovation could help it find industries and markets for its software and services.
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wow...everything is going modular these days.  started with the modular jacks and plugs for the phones.  now this.  Even Raspberry Pi has gone modular with their SODIMM form factor compute module.
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I started reading this prepared to scoff.  I changed my mind quickly.

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+M. L. Hunt When people have lost track of very basic fundamentals, sometimes the remedial work looks like mind-numbingly idiotic oversimplification.
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Eric Raymond

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New blog post: bulletin for friends of Sugar, you know who you are
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We just lost one of our wee beasties a few weeks back. It was hard watching her go down hill, then my wife had to take her to the vet early on a Monday morning. I was teaching an over-the-phone Linux admin class, and so didn't notice her absence until I came upstairs to make a pot of tea, expecting to be greated as she had timidly that morning, and...silence. Funny and unexpected how animals become part of our lives.
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Eric Raymond

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I'll take "Mind-bogglingly, awesomely huge", for $400, Alex.

What is the biggest heavy-transport ship in the world, capable of carrying an entire oil-drilling platform or the destroyer USS Cole or a stack of twelve cargo vessels on its cargo deck?

This is serious big-engineering porn.  Don't miss the video of the ship semi-submerging in Rotterdam harbor so the palletload of a dozen ships can be tugged off it.
When one needs to transport a large number of ships (perhaps they aren't ocean-ready), move a gigantic oil rig (like BP's Thunder Horse PDQ) or perhaps carry a damaged warship home (The USS Cole), ...
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+Lance Berc, was it docked in Hawaii, or was Hawaii docked to it?
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Eric Raymond

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With epic skill and epic gear!
Trust me, i'm an engineer !

For some reason, this became an earworm....

+James Sterrett  Why did this make me think of some of the stories you've told about your work... :)
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