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Fuck you, Apple: You've gone too far

I would like to preface this bit of rambling with a disclaimer: broad strokes, I like Apple. As a company. I also like Microsoft. And Google. These three companies, together, represent some of the finest innovation I've ever witnessed. The three of them, as a whole, are beacons of what progress should be. They all have their missteps and they all have their problems, but they never stop. Each of them is responsible for this amazing future that we live in today.

But Apple? Your unrelenting assault on anything that you perceive as being derivative of your baby has gone beyond acceptable. You have moved past being the underdog, being the troubled artist, the downtrodden genius. As a company, as an identity, you are now the spoiled rich kid that got told to share. And just like that spoiled brat, you've raised a fuss that is entirely disproportional even to your imagined wrong, much less reality.

For those who haven't heard, the Galaxy Nexus is a phone that was available for sale in the US that is built by Samsung, but designed in tandem with Google. The purpose of the device is to be a model, a symbol of what Android is and could be, straight from the heart of Google. And it would take all of 5 seconds holding one to tell that it is not an iPhone.

I say that this device "was" available because at the moment, it isn't anymore. Because of a lawsuit with Apple. A lawsuit over a few patents. I don't care to go over the details. The short version is, Apple found a few tiny things that Android does the same way iPhones do them. Ergo, they are infringing Apple's patents. Ergo, the Galaxy Nexus is an illegal device. Ergo, Google murders babies and should be wiped off the earth.

This is shit. This is complete and utter horseshit. Google is currently in the process of hurrying out an OTA update to fix the issue so the device is no longer infringing Apple's patents. This means that, among other things, avoiding the infringement is trivially easy to do. If Apple really only wanted Google to not infringe its patents, this could be sorted out easily without banning devices.

It could also be sorted out with money. Apple has refused to substitute damages in exchange for injunctions because it feels it has that right. This, too, is borne of the feces of farm animals. Apple has no interest in peace here. Apple wants to end Android. Apple wants to prevent as many Android devices from being sold to end consumers as possible, and accomplishing this by being better isn't enough, it seems.

The argument could (and will) be made, by the way, that if it's trivially easy to avoid infringing a patent, why didn't Google just do this in the first place? It's simple: because making mobile devices requires, necessarily, hundreds of thousands of little features that may or may not infringe on someone's patents somewhere. Whether it be standards-related like Nokia's recent claims, or just a clever idea that someone had and didn't realize someone else's product already does. This further raises the questions of whether such patents should even be legal, but that's beside the point. The point is that what these companies are arguing over is less like intellectual property theft and more like arguing over which one of them exceeded the speed limit by a single mile per hour. It is virtually impossible to drive a vehicle at exactly the speed limit 100% of the time. Leeway is granted to drivers who can't maintain a perfectly OCD adherence to the law. This same sort of leeway is not being granted to the players in the mobile industry. Instead, the law is being used in the way closest to the letter and furthest from the spirit, in a chess game that is more about market share dominance than it is fair competition.

I want a nice phone. That is all I want. And both Google and Apple (as well as all the OEMs) work incredibly hard to grant my wish. In exchange, of course, for my money. Which I will happily surrender. This is the deal we consumers make with companies: you make a product I like and I will give you money for it. However, wonderfully, at the end of the day, I have a choice: if I don't like a product, I can choose not to spend money on it.

Apple would have none of that. Apple wants to believe that Android, as a whole, is a rip off in every way of iOS. Despite the litany of differences, despite the veritable cornucopia of essays and comments and blog posts and books, oh the books, written to the contrary. Despite the fact that the most uninformed, mentally slow observer to hold an iPhone and a Galaxy Nexus in their hands could tell that they are very different devices.

If Apple wanted peace, we would have peace now. The opportunity has been presented, on more than one occasion, to settle these relatively minor disputes with money. Apple does not want money. Apple wants bans. Apple has succeeded in getting bans. This maneuver would almost make sense if Apple were still the underdog. Apple wanting to halt the sales of a big bad company "stealing" its ideas would be reasonable if Apple weren't the richest fucking company in the god damn world. Seriously. No one has as much money as Apple. No one has Apple's power. No one has the reach Apple does.

When Windows came out, Apple's fear was rational. Comparatively few people knew about Apple, and even fewer could afford their products. If Windows could copy the basic idea of the Mac's GUI wholesale and face zero repercussions, it would not be impossible to imagine Apple being wiped from the face of the earth (and in fact it nearly was). However, that is not the case anymore. Apple does not face extinction or irrelevance if it loses this new patent war. It faces only an equal. A fair fight. A competitor of a caliber to rival its own.

This is why Apple wants bans. This is why Apple won't settle its disputes. This is why Apple sues manufacturers because you can tap a phone number or because scrolling locks into a certain axis, yet will rip off the idea of a pull-down notification shade wholesale. It's not because Apple lacks the clarity to realize it also borrows features and ideas from other OSes. It's because Apple truly believes, in the minds of its leadership, that Android is a pale shadow of itself and deserves to be removed from the earth by any means necessary. These patents are not the ends, they're the means.

And it's disgusting. I want to use Android. I love Android. I can't get enough of Android. I respect iPhones and I'd like to see what happens with Windows Phone, but at the end of the day, Android is my platform of choice. And after six versions of iOS, it is ridiculous to believe that I, an informed consumer with high demands of my mobile device, could be satisfied by something that is little more than a rebranded knock-off of an Apple device.

This is my choice, Apple. I will make it no matter what you do. I could care less if you're bitter about what may or may not have happened in a board room, or if you truly believe your product is better. I want to make my own choice about what device and OS I use and you are doing nothing but getting in the way. You don't get to make this decision for me. You don't get to decide that customers shouldn't have access to Android. This mentality is precisely the sort of reason I don't use iOS devices to begin with. On iOS, if I want to run an application that wasn't directly approved by Apple, I need to jailbreak my device which voids my warranty. If I want to run an application that wasn't directly approved by Google, and even if I ignore that the Play Store is not policed, I can check one setting to enable third-party apps and voila. The internet is my oyster. This is something I treasure. It's also a key difference between Android's approach and iOS's.

But you would have that option taken away from me, Apple. And that's not okay. I really don't care if you want to hang on to control of your ecosystem. Some people prefer it and I'm all for that. Choice is great. Personal freedom is great. But the day you start telling me what devices I can and can't have, that is the day we start to have a serious problem. If you had just settled for some money, if you had tried to make peace with Google, or any of the OEMs, we would be in a different place. But today I was told that I am not allowed to buy a Galaxy Nexus if I want to because Apple said no.

So, I say again: Fuck you, Apple.

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Oh man, this is EXACTLY how I feel.
Well said.  Thank you for writing that.
Perfectly said. Steve Jobs is the reason Apple is going after Android. However it's interesting to see their gutless approach. Shouldn't they be going after the creator, not the distributor?
Very well said. I believe Steve Jobs was afraid of android being the end of apple
Absolutely excellent, I totally agree. Well said sir!
I for one truely believe that since apple lost their greatest innovative mind, they're scared and are trying to block competition rather than compete
Just to add - the notification system that Apple ripped off from Android is actually patented by Google too....  (and not in the vague way that Apple patents things - but specifically with drawings etc)
+Terry Cameron Apple know full well - as do the rest of the world - if Apple attacks Google directly, Google can and probably would wipe the floor with them.
I respectfully disagree. The problem lies solely on the current U.S. patent system. I can not fault any corporation for taking advantage of the system as it stands. Google would probably do the exact same if the situations were reversed. It's business and the quickest way to ensure you stay in business is to destroy your competition. I am not saying its right, moral, or just but it's business. The real problem and evil is the U.S. Government's refusal to change the current patent system. Until the system is changed then businesses will continue to take advantage of it.
+Tawnie Knight  I mostly disagree with you, respectfully.  While you have a point regarding our screwed up patent system, to say that the "problem lies solely on the ...patent system." is absurd.  There is a large problem in that corporations have a hard time with any sort of moral compass as their overriding obligation is to enrich their shareholders.  Secondly, because it is US law does not make something right.  Let me point to the Jim Crow laws as an example - upheld by the US Supreme Court in 1896.  If the law said you could go around punching people in the face at will, that does not make it right.  So your argument that US patent law is solely responsible holds no water here, and hopefully anywhere else.  It is, a good and valid point in my opinion - just not a valid excuse for Apple's behavior.  I submit a bunch of shit has to change in this country and globally before we see the end of this kind of monkey business.
"I can not fault any corporation for taking advantage of the system as it stands."

Um, I can.

It's true the patent system needs reform, but that doesn't magically make everything corporations do okay. Businesses aren't these magic, amoral forces of nature that people like to pretend they are. Just because a business has a goal of making money doesn't mean that anything and everything that it can do to accomplish that is fine. This is why regulations exist. The fact that some of the rules that corporations need to follow require overhaul doesn't mean that "just business" gets to include "fucking up competition" with no blame whatsoever.

Furthermore, claiming that "Google would probably do the exact same if the situation were reversed" is not only short sighted, but entirely unfair. The situation is reversed. The iPhone infringes or at least potentially infringes on a number of patents owned by Google (the notification shade, among others is a huge question mark, legally speaking), either by the company itself or via its Motorola acquisition. The company has either not pursued these to the fullest extent possible, or used them largely defensively. Google has not claimed it intends to go "thermonuclear war" on iOS. Google has not told judges, not opposing lawyers but judges that it would refuse adequate and fair monetary compensation for patent infringement, insisting instead on bans on sale of competitors product. Apple is the one leading the way in abusing a broken system. Not Google. And it's not for a lack of opportunity.

I don't disagree that the patent system needs reform. And believe me, it pisses me off to no end that none of the OEMs or software providers have stepped up to push for reform of the patent system in any meaningful way. But that doesn't mean all the blame is equal. That doesn't mean that companies willfully abusing a system are off the hook. And it certainly doesn't mean that every one is just as bad as Apple because you think the companies would "probably" do the same.
As I said its not moral, right, or just but our stupid government lets it happen. It is bad for the people as competition and choice are best. It is just not illegal lol

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Awesome rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tawnie, I suppose you don't blame Wall Street for nearly crashing ours and the global economy a few years ago either?  After all, they did nothing that was "illegal", strictly speaking.

"our stupid government" is supposed to be a government for the people, by the people.  This isn't a one-way street.  If massive, cash-rich corporations like Apple are the bad actors abusing bad laws and policy, how quickly do you really think government can fix the problem on its own when half our politicians rely on donations from corporations like Apple?  The only way this gets fixed is by holding the government and corporations accountable.
+Yuval Ararat Have you read the patents? The patents are bullshit. You are placing yourself in the company of people who think Apple can do no bad no matter what they do.
Apple abused DRM by preventing music purchased from them from being played on competitors devices.
Apple abuses the rights of consumers by telling them what software they can and can't install on whats supposedly is their own devices.
And now Apple is abusing the patent system at a level far greater than all the other companies put together.
Apple is abuse, Abuse is Apple.
Call Apple bad, call Apple naughty, call Apple immoral, call it evil, its all the same. 
Or more poetically, Apple is rotten.
Two people need to read this letter: Judge Lucy H. Koh and the folks running the US Patent and Trademark Office.
+Yuval Ararat "if Apple would implement a google patent it would have been the same so why are we pointing fingers?" Do you really think Google can't find patents Apple technically infringes on? Google never uses patents offensively, and that's the biggest difference between Apple and Google.
+Yuval Ararat Even if we accept that Google sued Apple, through other companies as you put it, the point is they did so defensively, not offensively. In other words, they're doing this as part of their defense. Apple started the war. My point stands.
Apple ate my dog, but I'm sure it was justified because I really like shiny objects.
+Yuval Ararat if you read +Andrew Jones-McGuire's comment, you will see that the notification shade that was implemented by Apple in ios5, is patented by google. In fact, have a read of this: . You will see how the patent used by Apple to ban Galaxy Nexus was in fact implemented by Google in it's Google Desktop before the Apple's patent application. 
+Yuval Ararat and another thing: Google has implemented the search function in Android long before Apple have been granted the patent, and long before Siri ever existed.
Personally I don't like to wade in on this topic BUT my conscience cant stop my brain and teaching my finger to type and said, FUCK YOU APPLE...
I review gadgets from all companies (small or big) since 2000 & I have lots knowledge about OS'es from microsoft, google, samsung (bada), nokia (symbian), hp (webos), rim (qnx), appe (ios,mac os), etc...
But this is the 1st time in my life that I'm so mad at one company to the extent, I had a heated argument with a manager in the Apple store here in Austin.
My 6 months old Macbook pro i7 (barely used) had a battery & hard drive replacement already. Take note, we use it ONLY 1-2 times per week and most oftentimes its inside my computer room collecting dust.
Fast forward - today, we just got 2 GALAXY S3 (white & blue) from Tmobile and I'm selling our iphone 4s jn Ebay.
The difference are worlds apart from HD screen, microsd slot, removable 2100mah battery, much better OS (ICS) then later in JELLY BEAN & lots more features iphones dont have.
Then just last night, GALAXY NEXUS totally banned in GOOGLE play store because of APPLE greediness NOT because they want to protect their copied, stolen & bought patent.
To all the defenders of APPLE that keeps on saying that Apple should protect what they have for me is iTurds, sorry by thats how I will call you...
STOP being a patent troll, APPLE...
Sorry for some typo, this stupid new ipad cant edit my comment...
Since it's all about the money it'll never change. Unfortunately, you're not +Linus Torvalds so I'm afraid your "fuck you, Apple" thingy won't work.
+Yuval Ararat I am talking about unified search on Android, not Voice Search. That's the feature that infringes the "Universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system" patent.
+Yuval Ararat If anybody patented the steering wheel it would have been much earlier on. Otherwise we would have prior art, something the American Patent Office does not seem to consider when giving out patents. Anyway, even if given, the patent would have ensured that everyone could use the patent writing to build an exact copy of that steering wheel and as soon as the patent would have run off, everybody could have made a steerign wheel with the same quality! Software patents don't seem to have to give that sort of quality writing. Nobody could replicate anything from those patents!

+Eric Ravenscraft excellent writing. Exactly my thoughts, for a couple of decades now ;)
The patent system might be at fault, but it doesn't compel Apple to take the enforcement action it chooses to take. That's a wilful decision when other equally fair remedies are available.
+Yuval Ararat I do not know about the states but there are plenty of alternatives here in Europe. Just not very successfull (first to market, merketing power, word of mouth).
Touché +Eric Ravenscraft . In the end this will most likely hit back harder on Apple and iOS than it does on Android though. It's just karma. And nobody like anyone that has hubris - which is clearly the case here.

I can't believe the PR-department of Apple doesn't see the problem here. Eventually, they will though.
Fantastic rant! Much enjoyed, and whole-heartedly agreed! Hate the aggressive marketing and the bans that Apple go into! On another note and a win against them! HTC successfully beat Apple in a UK court this week, when Apple was trying to get a ban on products due to "infringements" on 4 patents... 
'This means that, among other things, avoiding the infringement is trivially easy to do.'  <------- this line kind of negates almost everything else in this rant. I stopped reading most of it afterwards. If avoiding using patented material was trivially easy to do, it should have been done from the start. Period. 

The idea that stopping the phone in someway lessens Android or hurts their sales is simply foolish. If anything, more Androids are going to be sold. Probably more Apple products to. 

If there is actual infringement involved (I am not saying there is as i am not familiar with the particulars of the case and frankly don't care), than it is expected that Apple put a stop to the sale of the infringing phone. 

That is the whole point in having things patented in the first place.
+Cliff Roth "That is the whole point in having things patented in the first place" - wrong. The point of having something patented is to protect your ability to exploit your invention. Licensing your invention to another party is fair exploitation (and is many companies' business model). Patents do not have to lead to injunctions.
+Peter Bowyer while that is certainly one use of them the point is to prevent someone else from using them. 
+Cliff Roth I disagree. The 'point' is to protect your investment in your invention. This can just as well be done by licensing as by injunction, and is likely to be more profitable (stopping Google selling a phone doesn't make Apple any money directly. Licensing a minor patent to them does).
+Peter Bowyer I don't think the primary goal of Apple at this point is to protect their investment but really to build up a monopoly by spreading fear in consumers who cannot know what product will be available in 2 years time and therefore will go to the "winning" platform.
+Michael Schneider Exactly - Apple is using its patents as an offensive weapon. They don't need to do this in order to protect their inventions; have no obligation to their shareholders to take this approach (as has been suggested in the 'they've no choice' argument) - they choose to attempt to restrict a competitor's trade rather than license.
+Eric Ravenscraft  "This further raises the questions of whether such patents should even be legal, but that's beside the point." NO! That is the point!!!

Apple's complaint alleged that the Nexus infringed four intellectual properties granted to it by the US Patent and Trademark Office:

the use of a single search interface - such as Siri - to retrieve information from a range of systems using a number of techniques

the use of a sliding gesture to unlock a touchscreen device

a text input interface that tries to anticipate which words the user wants to type and makes recommendations

a way to manipulate structures - such as phone numbers or postcodes - within computer data

Many of these features existed long before the first iPhone, i believe  
Very interesting thread folks. Thanks +Eric Ravenscraft for kicking it off. I think, as +Jean-Louis Nguyen started to articulate, that we should start an internet/email campaign to make Judge Lucy H. Koh (fangirl extraordinaire) aware of the dangerous precedent she is planning on setting.
+John Holme - +Yuval Ararat gave the link to a great rant that gives all the specifics of those patents; as reposted here:
Apple Patent Insanity Rant or why we need a Patentlaw Reform
I believe that this is happening because Apple is listening to weak lawyers instead of strong leadership.
+Rex Rivers - I believe this is happening because Apple has taken Steve Jobs' "...last dying breath..." quote as their new Corporate Credo:
“Grand theft. … I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”
I find this rant catharctic, we need a ongoing #boycottapple  event to vent our rage periodically ;)
Well said. In the end of the days, if you like Androids you will get an android and if you like IOS you will pick up an Iphone.
Wait, what - you're surprised that in a capitalistic and money-based system, people focus hard on greed (be they corporations or private citizens)? Our entire society is built on the concept of combat, hoarding and greed, it's drummed into all of us from before birth until we eventually die. Greed is a survival tactic in the social organization we've chosen, so of course Apple is going to enforce patents hard. Especially since if they don't defend patents and copyrights, they are weakening their claim to them legally speaking. 

We can't fix society the way it's run now. The very core of it is warped into something really ugly by its basic design, which is why we spend the equivalent every 8 days or so on our combined military might on the planet that would feed the entire planet - for a full year. 

Stop focusing on penny ante crap and take a look at the whole world, people. We're destroying it, fueled almost completely by using a hideous, combative, destructive form of social organization powered by money and profit, and we we can't find a new design that's built on cooperation and sharing pretty soon we get to enjoy a hell-ride into an annihilated climate, mass starvation and human die-off and other fun stuff. So let's not focus on a trivial symptom of this mess but rather the mess itself. 
I was JUST about to write that, but now you've saved me the hassle...  ; )
+Peter Bowyer that is only if making money off that particular patent is the goal. While it might potentially be a goal of patenting something it is not necessarily the primary one. Money isn't everything.  On the whole Apple and Google are both going to make more because of this so all these boycot apple related posts are nothing but free advertising for both brands. It is kind of comical really. 
+Kimmo Jaskari you are absolutely right. And you would be pleasantly surprised that not the whole world is like that yet. The current form of it has started in America, and it's spreading around the world through the big bad corporations. I have no idea how can it be stopped. The 99% movement has tried to no avail...
Why isn't this rant published on Android Police yet? ;)
I agree with your passionate diatribe in many ways, and applaud you for taking the time out to type it up and share it with us. 

We should all be extremely concerned for the welfare of the United State's burgeoning computer science-driven technology market. These patent lawsuits driven by absolutely trivial software patents are highly damaging to our reputation and ability to compete locally and globally. Much of Apple's innovation lies in stitching together products and ideas that are developed by other companies into a cohesive whole. Global leaders in hardware and software are emerging from the Asian countries, with Samsung being the prime example. I'm not sure if people understand just how good Samsung is at research, development, and commercialization. And certainly China will soon nurture companies of equivalent stature to compete in the market.

Of the three largest computing companies, Google and Microsoft spend the most time and money researching new technologies, such as self-driving cars (Google), wearable/implantable computers (Google, Microsoft), and inexpensive high-resolution LIDAR sensors (Microsoft and Google). These are the kind of technologies that will enable the United States to remain global players and global leaders in the fields of technology and robotics.

Ask yourself what Apple invents. Touchscreens? Negative. Processors? Negative. Graphics Processing Units? Negative. Organic Light Emitting Diodes? Negative. In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Displays? Negative. Backlit Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Crystals? Negative. Photonic Crystals? Negative. Slide to Unlock gestures? Yes. When the rest of the world observes the legal morass that encompasses one of our leading companies over the most trivial of software features, they are forced to calculate whether doing business in our country would be worth the possible downsides. Right now that calculation returns a solid "maybe", but moving forward, as the Asian powerhouses gain increasing footholds and market shares everywhere else in the world (remember that we are 320 million of 7.5 billion), the answer will surely turn into "why bother?" unless we have a complete overhaul of the patent system.

It is absolutely crucial to the success of our country, and why everyone should be standing outside Apple's HQ in Cupertino screaming, "Fuck you!": because Apple is damaging not just the competitiveness of Google, but of an entire industry. 
Google deserves what it's getting.
Fantastic rant! Jeez on bread that was good.
Short sentence with no other goal but to induce anger. No profile icon. Yea thats a troll. Ignore him.
I think Steve Jobs wrote it in his contract that about 50% of Apple's revenues should be put aside to battling Android for the next 10 years and it was lawyer-proof.
Can someone help get this message across to Apple? Tim ain't cooking anything up and instead, I think he kept getting burnt...
Thanks for writing out my thoughts; Agree.
Don't be evil! nuff said.
Spot on!  My feelings exactly.  I don't mind iOS existing and I don't hate people who like it.  It's your choice, choice is great!  However, when Apple starts abusing the system to shut out competition and stifle innovation I have a problem with them.  Patents were originally conceived to protect innovation, to give inventors a reason to invent.  However, the things that Apple is bickering over in court aren't new or exclusive ideas, it's become a game of "who can take the most patents and who can do it first" which is entirely the opposite of the intended purpose of patents.  If Apple wants more users, they should get off their butts and innovate.  iOS wasn't an entirely new idea when it released, but it brought a lot of cool things to the table.  Rather than turning into a sitting duck, polishing the same OS every year and alternating between a squareish brick and a curvy brick every few years, you should get your act together and innovate.  Siri was a great concept, but why stop there?  Improve it until the Siri engine actually runs on the device.  Rather than abuse court power to keep other Siri-like apps from being developed, put extra work into Siri to make sure it is the best of its class.  Also, realize that many people hate Apple because of the locked in ecosystem.  This is a major reason why users choose Android!  Allow non-AppStore installations and you'll immediately see more interest!
For a rant, you eloquently expressed how many, many people feel. Nice job.

I do have to nitpick about one thing though -- Apple isn't the richest company in the world.
Well said.  I'm sure these are the sentiments of many people.
Doesn't anybody think that US judges are on the side of Apple because it is an American company and makes shit loads of money from around the world. Samsung is a Korean company and Google does not gain anything (except from ads, which for Google it doesn't matter if you own an iPhone or an Android) from Nexus phones. Why do American judges let Apple win cases with shit complaints? 
I stop you right here :

If you like google and microsoft, you don't like Apple, 'cause you frayed with the ennemy.

Ok, I know, my sentense is "a bit" too incisive and polemic... But all the media and advertising campaing of apple is they are different, exclusives. They started to work as "a camp against a common ennemy of the people" and now you can see their rethorics as church rethorics.

I am like you, liking all compagnies and corps. It does not stop me to analyse them and denounce their behaviour.
I own an iPhone but I agree with this post completely
Bravo!! Well said. I agree with you a gazillion %. This is why I hate Apple as well and will never buy another Apple product.
Another iPhone user here....not for much longer though. Apple has indeed crossed the line this time. I don't think they have any idea how much damage they have done to their image with this. They have totally lost me as a customer.
Excellent post, agreeing with you 100%.
+Steven Harper 
Unfortunately if this keeps up and there's no patent reform soon, I fear no company will survive with starting to use the same tactic in defend. 
"A lawsuit over a few patents. I don't care to go over the details."
The MOST IMPORTANT thing about this whole story are the DETAILS! If you don't know what exactly happened (neither do I), you can not make any conclusions.
Really, guys?
Adam M
+Daniel Bulygin yes... we do know the details... he said that he didn't care to go over them... not that he didn't know them.  The details are readily available on the patents in question.  Several of them have already been invalidated in multiple countries, and will likely be invalidated in the U.S. as well.
One hell of a rant, deservedly so.
Stands up and starts a round of applause. Well done Sir.
@ Meckes & Soukis(?): It's hysterical that any repinae to a rant that begins and ends with "Fuck you, Apple!" could be considered trolling, but as my initial post seems to have vanished, I see your confusion.

Google's CEO sat on Apple's board while the iPhone was being developed, ten walked back to Google & implemented what he'd seen, violating patents & ethics, as well as stabbing a former friend in the back.

That is why Google deserves what it's getting. Perhaps in future you could ask for a clarification rather than hurling accusations, which is trollish, in & of itself. As to my lack of a profile pic, I set up a Google+ account sometime last year & hadn't signed back on until I received e-mail notification of your charming entreaty to converse. I came TI thus rant via an article elsewhere & it's quite likely I'll not be back on Google+ for some time. 
+James Mercel Unless you sat on Apple's board with Google CEO and know what happened in all of those important rooms at Apple and Google, your little write-up holds no validity. It's just an opinion of a die hard iGoat to me.

Steve Jobs was a true visionary in only one way - that is seeing Android as a major threat to iOS.
+Christopher Winkler Awesome comment and an outstanding thought. This angle didn't even occur to me, but you are correct to take notice of it. While there are a lot of comments and opinions that the patent system is broken, I've heard of yet more criticism of the government for not getting involved (although I understand their hands are tied). However, some people call it as an anti-patriotic act. Why? Apple produces their gadgets in China. Google produces some of their products entirely in the United States (Nexus Q, for example).
Google blatantly copied/ripped-off Apple. These are the consequences. End of story. BTW -  I'm not an apple fan boy.
While I will not deny that Apple does have some VERY nice hardware, and their software isn't too shabby...  I will say their tactics ARE.  I am out looking for a tablet, and I was looking at Galaxy Tab 2 from Samsung, only to read that by the time I scrape the $$$ together, I may not be able to buy THAT either, from the same line of legislation... I have to say that disturbs me deeply that Apple, is performing this type of action.  I would love to own an IPad, but the cost is prohibitive.  The hardware runs faster than the Galaxy Tab 2, but it's just not affordable for me.  Quite honestly any operating system that operates on similar devices is going to appear to be similar in some way or other… I am certain that since all artificial knees work in a similar way they all appear to have similar features too, but you don't see the medical companies suing each other… I must be honest but it looks to me like the Apple company  is simply adopting a cocky attitude, and trying to corner market I doubt there is very little intent to actually protect their rights… In the end  regardless of how similar the operating systems are people are going to buy the hardware, and the brand name that suits them best.  I was looking at stretching might very thin pocketbook and buying an iPad, but after having found the article quite by accident and seem to not only affected cell phones, but also tablets… I have now made the decision that Apple will NOT be my choice, and will not even be considered.  I will live with a slightly less smoothly functioning device simply because I feel Apple is trying to limit me simply based on their greed… Advancements frequently said: "goodbye and thanks for the fish"
Elias, where in the world you are living?
I don't want to live there... Because its FULL OF ILLUSION...
APPLE is the one copying, stealing & buying OTHERS real invention & innovation...

Joseph, BUY a NEXUS 7 & u will thank yourself!
I got one from GOOGLE I/O and its much handy & better than my New iPad in the way intend to be...

I love your rant!!  +10,000!  You saved me the time in posting the exact same thing.  I would also add that some of the elitist "disciples" of the "Church of Apple", who own every Apple device, are in power in the courts and in the media, which undoubtedly influences the results of these patent lawsuits.  They love Apple and are biased in their decisions.

I owned an iPhone before an Android phone.  The iPhone is a great phone, but I wanted to be Apple free because I hated the company's control and cult-like following, not to mention the idiotic "geniuses" at their "temples" (stores).  I've fully embraced Google's Android and don't miss Apple for a second.
Brilliant commentary and essay. It's a great counterpoint to the pushback against the #boycottapple trend. Yes, the US patent system is beyond fucked, but it takes a special type of evil to be aware of and exploit the flaws for destructive purposes. Apple simply wants to be rid of the competition, its a further example of their demand for pure product regulation and control
Couldn't agree more. I could try, but I would fail.
Most EXCELLENT point-counterpoint conversation going on.  I too believe Apple has some very nice products, as does Microsoft, Android and Linux.  At the end of the day it's all about choice.  I don't like some of the things Apple has done, ditto to Microsoft, Android and Linux.  But it's about me and what I want, and if I don't like something I choose not to buy/use it.  Apple and Microsoft will never get another penny fro me.  For the longest time I've had Android for mobile and Linux for computing......and I don't see that changing.  :-)
I wish I could +1000 this post & the author's point is one of the main reasons I will never give apple one cent of my hard earned money. If I purchase a piece of hardware, I own it & won't be told what I can & cannot do with my property by apple or anyone else. Period.
Wow, it's just business. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Who cares? Ultimately, capitalism is controlled by the purchasers, us.
Li C
Very well said!!!. fuck you Apple! I would never buy any apple product.
Everything is a remix. Companies say all the time: "Hey, I can do that, and I can do it better". Some do, and they are succesful.

That's capitalism. What Apple pretends to get is monopoly.
very well said. I totally agree, ""but""....

when it comes to commerce and making money, I can't find anything to say to apple, they know all the rules, and they are pushing them till its limits, as every trade focused company, this is actually how capitalism works.

Unfortunately, there is no companies on earth, trying to make money with a honesty of a child. Do you think google, samsng or any mobile manufacturer would act different at that situation? No. That is just reality. And  no I also disagree with what you said above, that the situation is reversed etc. It is actually about how strong your company is. Apple got that power right now, and they are playing  ugly. For mobile market, google and samsung would not try that act, not because they are finacially powerful, they are weaker than apple smart phone market. (popularity, PR, etc.) And also they have bussines each other. Apple is muc more free to take an action like that!!!

So we may come to a conclusion with you beautiful but naive artiicle, we would not expect that kind of act from apple, cause they are honest, they really care for customer, they are fair and righteous??

come oooon... I expressed that feeling at the end of your story to apple, years ago. cause I realy do not like someone imposing and  limiting  the way of using  devices.

You have a point there. Apple has gone too far! They sued android over everything. They are trying to ban the Samsung Galaxy S3. This is ridiculous, and I am a android fan, I love android! Apple is just greedy! Fuck you apple!
Apple's fighting against consumers, not only competitors.
I agree with everything you said and I also say fuck apple I'm sick of them controlling what I do it's bull shit I glad I read what you said because I feel the same way
It's just business, and business is money. Can anyone here say that if they were in this position, that they wouldn't do the same thing? If you spend time and money designing something and then see that someone has copied that design, I'm fairly sure altruism is thrown out the window when it means that potentially millions or billions of dollars that would rightfully be yours goes to the competition instead.

I'm not defending Apple per se, but I'm defending the right to fight for intellectual property, and in a way, capitalism. I don't like capitalism, but capitalism, at its core, is not about the PEOPLE'S right to choice. If anything it's the opposite. But the good thing about capitalism is that you, as a consumer, have the right to NOT buy something, ergo they don't "control what you do".

So I wonder, you really accuse Samsung for similarity of iphone or ipad?
Sorry but I am strongly against that. We should accuse all tv manufacturer also. Cause all tvs  look alike very much, a simple frame and a display?

But; what Apple did was expected, they found a loophole and reacted within the rules. Whoever waited that long to say "fuck you Apple", is something more than naive..
@Mehmet Not sure you followed my gist, and you kind of contradict yourself. 
All I'm saying is that they're following the law, as I'd expect Samsung, for example, to do in the reverse case.
Honestly, telling a company to go F themselves is like shouting at the moon to stop existing, or water to stop being so wet....pointless. It's just an excuse to get angry over nothing and complain about first world problems. 
how did I contradict with myself? even I think we are simply saying the same thing. Yea calling apple "fuck u" out loud makes no sense..I am with ya on that. 
the comment about the similarity of the products with samsung and apple, was just a designwise critic. Not a judgement for clearing out the righteous one.
Aaaaaaa-men! How many devices and ideas has apple stolen over the years!?!? Get over yourself Apple
Just bought an iPhone 5 32 gig and paid for apple care + 2 months service with unlimited everything through sprint. And guess what? Those greedy sobs have design this "innovative" phone so I can't download music except through iTunes. Forget file sharing, uploading CDs, etc. I can't even download free legal albums sent to me by bands! Nothing! There are a few apps that let you download a couple hundred no name bands for free. Otherwise it's $1 a song even for free songs a band sent me for free! I'm done with these greedy sobs. I'm paying to break my contract ASAP, and Never buying another apple product again! Innovation my butt. The only thing they are innovating is greed. I hope Steve jobs is rotting in that mythical hell where he belongs. Blah
+Ryan Moyer There are problems with Apple's policies. They don't understand freedom. Would you try Android  :-)
I just watched an interview with the jury foreman from the "big trial".  He said what hurt Samsung was the fact that there was a record (meeting minutes) of Samsung saying that they were going to copy the iPhone.  Google (which has an invested interest in Samsung) told them they should back off the iPhone design a bit more, but Samsung proceeded anyway.  If not for that, the trial may have taken a different turn.

You know what, though?  This is nothing new.  It's always been cutthroat.  It used to be oil companies, railroads, and steel... people were killed over it.  Today's tech wars actually seem quite civil.

I like Apple, Google, and Samsung and I use all their products.  I we're never forced to use just one.
yea fuck apple its sucks and apple company haven't anything to do with stupid iphones nothing new
Yep, everything needs to be "Perfect" and "Good Branding" for Apple. Get at peace, Apple. If not: then FUCK Apple.
Behold! I am the 1000th like on this post! FEEL JELLY!
Amen! I am having to use a mac right now for AVID and a few other things and I swear, simply for the operating system shortcomings alone, I want to throw this piece of shit out the window about 20 times a day. I mean, seriously, FINDER? It blows me away they haven't come up with a better way to manage the basics... I can do any task faster on Windows 7, and when you add up a while day's worth of file moving, searching, resizing windows, general basic day to day operations, I lose a few hours per day to this thing, for sure. I've always watched the producers and editors I work on their macs and I swear, if it were my business, I'd enforce a 'no macs' rule, because they're so inefficient. And all that is not to mention what a capitalistic bunch of douchebags they are as a company. 
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