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I Need 13 Movies

I'm working on a project. A big one. It's going to involve a ton of searching and a ton of writing. It's also going to require a ton of movies. I have, at the moment, a collection of lists that, in total, should be 550 titles. The top 100 movies from 2012 (by box office gross), top 100 movies from 2011 (same criteria), IMDb's top 250, and IMDb's bottom 100.

There's just one problem. Some of the movies on IMDb's top 250 came out in 2011 and 2012. 13 of them, to be precise. (None were on the bottom 100, though. Good job film people!) I need replacements for these redundant slots. They need to be movies that did not come out in 2011 or 2012, and that are not on either this list: Or this one:

My initial plan was to find some on my own, but hey, why not ask you guys for suggestions? I promise, they'll be put to good use. So...any ideas?
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I'm liking it! All qualify. They're in. That's 8. Just five more!
+Scott Oldfield It might be because it's well-made just...horrible. I can't bring myself to watch it.

Including both of these two, though! Ten!
+Wayne Randall BAHAHAHA! Is it bad that before I clicked on that, my first instinct was 'What?! I HAVE TO SEE THIS.'

Turns out I have. And it's going on the list! As are the others. That makes 13! Thanks guys! This helps a lot. Can't wait to finish this project.

Click bait :-) all the cool guys use it.
Good luck with the project Eric. Mind giving us a synopsis, inquiring minds and all.. I'll sign an NDA. 
What's your last article's title?
Another well written piece, Eric. Thanks! 
Sheesh that's a lot of movies to compare! Good luck with that. It will be informative.
Also, thanks for confirming that I don't want Redbox Instant.
13th Warrior
Apollo 13
Friday the 13th
District 13: Ultimatum
Lucky 13
13 Curses
13 Seconds
Assault on Precinct 13
13 Conversations About One Thing
13 Hours in a Warehouse
Thirteen Days
District B13
The 13 Ghosts
Hrmm, I'm normally much better about reading comments before posting. I regret nothing.
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