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I know this is boring shit, but it matters. If you're having a problem with your internet service provider and they won't fix it, call the FCC. If you even think your ISP is engaging in unfair practices, report it to the FCC. That includes unfair data caps, failing to deliver promised speeds, and overpriced service.

For a long time, we've sort of accepted that home internet companies suck, there's minimal competition, and it won't get better. It's also easy to get cynical and say the government never does anything and just yell into the wind. That's not entirely true anymore.

In February of this year, the FCC enacted Title II rules to govern ISPs (somewhat) like public utilities. What that means is if your ISP is acting unfairly, the FCC now has more power to do something about it. Filing a complaint with the FCC may not fix it forever, but it's a way to make your voice heard.

They might not listen to every complaint you file. To be totally frank, chances are most people don't understand how the internet works to effectively complain. That shouldn't always stop you. If you think there's an issue, let the FCC sort it out for you instead of giving up.

If you want to know more about the changes to the FCC rules, I wrote a brief explainer about it here:

If you want to file a complaint with the FCC, I have a guide on how to do that here:
Consumers vent to regulators about slow Internet, high prices, and data caps.
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Hi Eric, are you interested in reviewing Selectec 24000mAh power bank? I met you on @lifehacker
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In which a representative for the National Association of Theater Owners claims that The Interview will lose money because theaters didn't like Sony's day-one VOD release schedule. Because that's what happened.

I get that theaters have to cling to their exclusivity tighter than an internet writer clings to sarcastic jokes as a defense mechanism. But when the star player sits the game out and pouts, he doesn't get to come back and say "See? We wouldn't have won anyway." Maybe they would have if you weren't being a selfish dick.

Oh, and let's not pretend that theaters chose not to show The Interview because Sony also wanted to put it online. This wasn't a moral objection or a negotiation tactic. Movie theaters simply did what they do best: they pissed their pants the instant the internet did something scary, took their ball and went home.
The National Association of Theater Owners has some harsh predictions on the future of the day-and-date release in theaters & VOD.
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+Paul Tobeck Crappy as the Movie itself is, this has nothing to do with the movie. Theater assoccomplaining about the consequent consequences of their own actions. They first chose to cave to threats, THEN Sony reacted by releasing VOD. THEN theaters changed their minds and decided to show it.

I'm a bit annoyed that theaters would not defend freedom of speech, then exercise their freedom of spin.
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Amazon customers discover their genitals for the first time.
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"That's really cool, how does it do that?"
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Question for the Linux users out there: I'm doing research on an article about the best features of Linux desktop distributions and equivalents you can bring to Windows. Any suggestions? Accepting both known equivalents and sweet features Linux does have that there may not be a direct equivalent for.
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Turntable may be dead, but is alive and well. If you're up for some weird music on a Friday night, get in here. lets you and your friends throw a music video party. Chat with others in real-time about the music video. Step up and show off your music selection skills or 'w00t' the current DJ and watch as your avatar gets its groove on! It's a fun way to discover bands from foreign lands.
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Turntable closed down.
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Most of us only ever dream of being this talented.
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Unsurprisingly, the Japanese Age of Ultron trailer focuses even more heavily on robots.

Also, like, massive amounts of spoilers.
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That's a good point. For some reason I care less about spoilers with Marvel movies than anything else though. Usually I don't like how spoilery trailers are, but Marvel stuff I want all the info! Haha
There were definitely things in the Age of Ultron trailer which gave a different impression of the movie than what it ended up being. 
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The Avengers are a group of incredibly violent, yet incredibly popular characters. They operate outside the law and often create just as much, if not more, destruction than they prevent. When they're not blowing stuff up, they hang out in the penthouse of a lavish skyscraper where they hold decadent parties for members and friends of their team. They own a variety of high-tech weapons and vehicles with sweet customizations, decked out with their own team colors and logos.

The Avengers are the Third Street Saints.
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MIND. Fucking. blown 
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Most folks who know me here also know +Cameron Summerson. If you haven't heard, his friggin adorable two-year-old son needs a kidney transplant. His family could use some support right now. I don't usually pass around crowd funding campaigns, but I can't think of a better cause.
Yesterday, I posted that my family recently got hit with a life-changing event. I want to share a little bit more about that today. 

To get to the point, my wife and I found out our two-year old has a chronic kidney disease called Chronic Nephrotic Syndrome. Basically, his kidneys aren't working as they should, and they are irreparable. In order to live, he's going to need a kidney transplant, but he can't even have that done until he effectively doubles in size. This is a difficult task in children with any chronic disease, but the kidneys are especially crucial in growth. It's going to be a long, hard road that will perhaps take two years or longer. In the meantime, he's going to require three weekly dialysis treatments.

For those of you who are interested in the longer version of the story, here it is. I'll try to keep it as simple as possible.

Axten has always been a small baby, much smaller than other children his age. We just assumed that this was because my wife and I aren't very big people - her being 5'4" and me only 5'6". He's also a very picky eater, but that's not uncommon for a two year old. We figured he'd grow out of it. A few months ago, we started noticing swelling around his eyes, mostly in the morning when he wakes up. A lot of kids have allergies, so we just chalked that one up to the dusty Texas atmosphere.

Turns out those were all the first signs of a serious kidney disease. It wasn't until last week when he came down with the flu that we knew something more was wrong, when his feet and legs started swelling. It was the day after Christmas and I decided to take him to the ER because of the swelling and lethargy. After one look the ER doctor told me to take him to the Children's Hospital in Dallas immediately. We've been here ever since.

We had no idea what we were in for. We were in the ER for six or seven hours while they ran all sorts of tests on him. He was severely dehydrated from fever, which sent his kidneys into overdrive. Apparently they were functioning just enough to get by before he became ill, and the sickness was just too much for them to handle. Within 24 hours of arriving at Children's, we went from thinking he had some sort of flu and infection to finding out he has failing kidneys, a surgery to install a hemodialysis catheter, and the first round of dialysis treatment to clean his blood. He has handled it all like a champ, especially since he's so small. I nicknamed him Tiny Tank, because honestly, he's just tough as nails. 

I've never experienced anything so terrifying in my life. We're still trying to adjust to what's happening and the new life we'll have moving forward. He's already had four dialysis treatments, but has responded exceptionally well to them, which is a good start. After spending three days in the intensive care unit, we've been in a regular room for a couple of days. Eventually we'll get to go home, but we're still not sure when that will be. 

We have a long, hard road ahead of us that I never could have expected. I'd like to ask that everyone keep us and Ax in your thoughts and prayers. This all happened so suddenly we're still trying to figure it out. Honestly, it's overwhelming. I still can't believe any of this is real. 

If you'd like to help out financially, my sister-in-law started a GoFundMe account to raise money for his treatment. I don't want anyone to feel obligated by any means (and I'm honestly not sure how I feel about sharing this link in the first place), but I've had several requests for a way to donate since we first started telling people, so I'm sharing it here, too. The link is attached. 

Thanks for reading. Just typing this up has been cathartic for me. 
I have created this account in hopes of raising money for medical expenses for my nephew Axten and his parents. On December 26, 2014 their lives changed. Axten is two years old and will be three in February. He had been sick for a few days and just not getting better at all. My sister noticed his...
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Hold on.  You mean to tell me that restricting a physical media format to only approved players, bogged down with complicated update schemes, completely banning PC playback without expensive software, ignoring the Mac market entirely, and generally giving the finger to paying customers didn't result in huge sales for years to come?

Color me mother fucking surprised.
Sony is warning shareholders to expect poor financial results for its fiscal year ending March 31, 2014. The electronics giant previously expected to pull in an operating income of 80 billion yen...
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andy o
+Andrew Dodd agree with +Eric Ravenscraft. Blu-ray is way harder to play than DVD ever was on the PC. The only surefire way to do it is to buy AnyDVD HD and keep it updated. Do you know anyone that has bought a new pc with a fancy overpriced Blu-ray player, that could actually play the movies without problems, especially newer ones? Even when you do buy a "legit" player, they come out with a new version about every year, and if new blu-rays break due to updated DRM (which they eventually will), then tough luck.

With DVDs, you can fire up PowerDVD 2.5 or something 15 years old and will play them.
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I can't believe this needed to be said, but...guys. Don't fucking smash your phones.

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My name is vasti amiga brasileira moro no brasil bjs
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This is crazy. +Android Police reports on a project called Hera, Google's plan to bring Chrome and Android together into a single, unified interface. It's still unclear how it will all be implemented, but the web has been a second-class citizen on an operating system made by one of the biggest internet companies around. It only seems right that Google fix this.

Not to mention, that new look. Whenever Hera shows up on Android, it looks like it's going to bring a new style to Android. We previously saw a glimpse into this new UI when +Russell Holly of showed us what a future version of Gmail will look like here:

Android updates have been boring since Ice Cream Sandwich. Jelly Bean brought us Google Now and that was cool, but just about everything else was under the hood or minor tweaks. Thankfully, it looks like Google's not done bringing the hits.
Occasionally, an OS update will bring around features that really change things. Android 3.0 brought the Android experience to tablets. 4.0 completely reva... by Liam Spradlin in Android OS, Exclusives, Google, News, Rumors
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sounds interesting
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Food is consistently delicious here. Staff is polite and friendly. Orders take a little while to cook, but they're worth the wait. Even on crowded days, I've never waited an unreasonable amount of time.
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Easily the best restaurant for geeks in Atlanta (or anywhere). There are constant events and parties for cosplayers, gamers, or anyone who enjoys geek culture. The staff is the friendliest, most welcoming group of people. The menu is creative and the food is delicious. If you've ever been to any geek con in Atlanta, Battle and Brew will feel like home to you. And if you haven't, start here and find your geek family.
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This place has fantastic food and great service. I love my food spicy and the servers offered to add in peppers from their self-grown ghost pepper tree (when they're in season). I'll be coming back here often.
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10 reviews
It was okay.
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Perfect for trying many types of sushi. Staff is very friendly and the sushi is delicious.
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