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Ballet as a mean to an end there is no pointe in asking for chocolate

Getting your kids to cooperate for a picture can be challenging at times. I am sure as parents you may have experienced that.

However, last week when driving my daughter back from dance class, we brainstormed on a few fun ideas together, one of which involving candies (which transformed into chocolate). As we had no time for the photo that same evening, we wait for the week-end, and today when I took my camera our, I saw willingness and patience like never before!

What tricks have you used for getting your kids to cooperate?

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This is so great +Eric Raeber ! And that same trick worked for me too. I've asked my daughter to help me with couple of images earlier, and she wasn't always too keen. But she promised to help, if she would get a pizza for it. So actually, because I thought she really didn't want to be involved, I didn't ask her to help me with the latest "video shoot" for Style It Shoot It -challenge. But then when she heard my plans, and the fact that I didn't need any help, she wanted to get in :) So we made "the script" together, planned out the shots, waited for the right time to shoot, and went out shooting. And we had so much fun! And I must say that video turned out to be much better and funnier with her :)
And then we went out to have that pizza :)
What a great story +Mari Luukkonen, that video of yours.
This reminds me a few years back when I did a little animated motion with clay as a Christmas video for friends. We write it together with both my kids. But we skipped the pizza ;-)
Thank you so much +Eric Raeber ! I'm glad you liked it! And that is great, if yours play along without pizza :D
Outstanding capture and gorgeous scene. Awesome !!
+Alex A. She is too cute. A few years to go before wearing pointe shoes to reach the chocolate ;-)
+CutZy McCall pointe is very recent step. Still discovering all of its possibilities ;-)
love this! and of course, it had to be Toblerone! ;-)
Wonderful!  I"m sure collaborating with her made her want to do it more than if you had just asked.  
great shot!
I'm just now cutting a video for my sons leave-the-school-event and so far did not succeed in motivating him to work along ;-)
(will try the chocolate thing or maybe the soccer game tonight ... no that's already promised!)
Rose L.
Love the capture, Eric! I hope your daughter will collaborate with you in more wonderful photos shots! 
רעיון מגניב לתמונה! :):)
+Alex A. She is on a good path for that, with 10+ hours of dance class a week
+Lauri Novak Absolutely.When we had done the first photo shoot (and taked the lights down) she noticed an imperfection in the foot position. So we went for a second shoot!
+Rose Le Oh we came up with a few more ideas. For some other day.
I didn't started doing pointe but am eager to do it!!!
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