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Oh yes +John Getchel these moments full of surprises more than compensate for the occasional tantrum or mischief ;-)
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Eric Raeber

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Contemplating our true colors

During our afternoon at +Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne, my niece contemplates this work by Angelica Dass.

The project Humanae, which Angelica Dass started in 2012, highlights that skin color, to the same extent as cultural identity or personality cannot be grouped and are often a mix with infinite nuances. Yet racial classifications remains.

To these classic portraits, in a square format, a monochromatic background with the same color as the subject's skin was added. The images are then labeled with the PANTONE color code.

Read more on her project at

#lausanne   #pantone   #elysee   #photography   #silhouette
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Sounds like a great project! And I really love that photo, +Eric Raeber :-)
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Eric Raeber

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A door in Gaudi's Passion Facade at the Sagrada Familia

#barcelona   #cathedral
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Her lighting conveys the warmth of a secret whispered to a friendly four legged animal. It gives you the chills by reproducing the landscape of an endangered species and it can make the blue eyes of an adorable cat simply hypnotize you.

She has completed my Lighting with Intent mentorship and has an amazing album to prove it. Congratulations +Jenny Loren for pushing your boundaries.

If you have read this and have yourself a skill you think would benefit others, consider joining the ranks of mentors at +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers. The journey of teaching is as fascinating as it is rewarding.
#Finalpost  Lighting with Intent with +Eric Raeber  #Lightwit  

I had the good fortune to have lunch with +Sam Breach +Carla McMahon +Joanna Koziara and +Robyn Peters and they mentioned a G+ mentorship program lighting with intent with Eric. It sounded very interesting. 

Eric stopped by to say hi to our group and by the time he left I just knew I wanted to be in this mentorship. His personality is intoxicating. He had us up in no time taking photos and just having a ball. I knew he would be an amazing teacher. 

I started this mentorship with zero experience with artificial light. I owned a flash but never used it. The lessons that Eric gave us have made my flash a great tool. It no longer has to live in my closet behind lens cases. And I have more than one flash now !

Eric's lesson were written is such great detail with so much information. But I love that he always put a part of himself in them. He shared so many wonderful stories with us. He also had us shoot to get our photo's exposure correct in camera. We did not process our assignments. This was a valuable lesson for me to get it right in camera and check your histogram. 

I mostly photograph wildlife and I feel this mentorship has helped me improve there too. I am now even more aware of my key light, back light, bounce light, rim light, available light etc …… knowing the names of the light turns nature into an outdoor studio.

I also learned that lighting with intent is way more than just using artificial light. It's about using whatever light is available to create the image you want. I love using a combination of natural and artificial light now when photographing people. And yes ! I photograph people now. 

This mentorship took me way out of my comfort zone. Thank you so much +Eric Raeber for all the time and love you put into this mentorship. You will be happy to know that cleaning out my camera closet I found a macro ring flash. I no longer have a fear of flashes so I've dusted it off and have been having a blast with it. Thanks Eric ! 

For anyone reading this you must plus this page +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers Here is where you will find out about upcoming mentorship programs. I highly recommend doing one. 

+Robin Griggs Wood +Ron Clifford  +Alex Lapidus
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Thanks +Beena R

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Eric Raeber

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+Julie B Is already quite an accomplished artist. If you do not have her in your circles yet, take a look at what she has created in her graduation album for my Lighting with Intent mentorship. You might change your mind. She now handles light as well as a painter would handle a paintbrush!

Oh and if you are interested yourself in attending a mentorship (or giving a mentorships of your own), make sure you add the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers page to your circles.
#Finalpost   Lighting With Intent with +Eric Raeber    #LightWIT

When I signed up for Lighting With Intent with +Eric Raeber  back in early April, I was so excited to finally learn how to properly use my flash and lighting gear.  What I wasn't expecting was the amount  of knowledge and understanding of lighting I actually received and learned over the last 9 weeks!  

+Eric Raeber  provided us each week with an assignments on a certain area of lighting which entailed not only a scientific explanation of how lighting worked, but illustrations and examples to help us understand the lesson.  The assignments were not only challenging but so much fun to accomplish!  The community itself was an amazing learning environment with awesome mentees to help us along the progress!

Having the understanding on how to control light and use it to my advantage has brought my photography to the next level!  I can't thank  +Eric Raeber  enough for all the work he has put into this mentorship!   I would also like to thank +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers for providing us with these mentorships programs for photographers! It's been an awesome experience!
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Julie B
Thank you +Beena R 
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Eric Raeber

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Eric Raeber

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When +Gernot Glaeser decides to light with intent, he not makes his vision come true, but even succeeds in capturing the inner soul of gummy bears...

Browse through his album and you will see why it has been such a pleasure to have Gernot in my Lighting with Intent mentorship.

If you are interested in learning more about the art of photography, or if you have a knowledge of your own you would like to teach, consider joining the  +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers 
#FinalPLUSpost Lighting With Intent with +Eric Raeber #LightWIT

So, this is the end. No, it isn't! The journey's only just begun!

Since the end of last April, I've been participating in the extraordinarily wonderful mentorship Lighting With Intent that +Eric Raeber has offered under the patronage of the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers. I signed up basically because I wanted to improve my use of flash - but what I got was so much more!

Like many others, I used to be proud of my ability to get along without flash, most of the time. Then, in summer 2013, I had the pleasure to be accepted into the "Camera Basics: Beyond Automatic" mentorship, and I learned some basic stuff about using the flash. I was encouraged to do some experimenting, I got myself a speedlight and tried to get along with the manual settings of that speedlight. I did quite well, and began to use that speedlight without fear and with acceptable results.

And then came along Eric with his Lighting With Intent ! He gave us lessons that were written with such a light hand, entertaining, a joy to read. And yet so packed with information. It was fun to read the lessons, and read them again, and get something new out of them with every go! Beginning with how to see and analyse the quality of light, continuing with playing with shadows, leaving the auto white balance behind, up to a well planned conceptual shooting, this mentorship was so much more than learning about flash: To me, this was very much a basic course on the art of photography! And it really pushed me forward on my road from taking random shots towards making a vision come true: That is what lighting with intent is all about: Make your vision come true, intentionally using light!

I could go on and on forever worshipping the fun and pleasure and delight and greatness of this mentorship! But instead, and to make a long story short, I'll just say this: If ever you see a sign-up post for another Lighting With Intent mentorship, SIGN UP!

Thanks bunches, +Eric Raeber, this has been awesome beyond compare!
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True :-) 
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Eric Raeber

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If I were to just state that Andy is an exceptional artist, I would not do +Andy Burke justice: indeed, every other UK photographer seems to be named Andy!

It has been fantastic having Andy in my Lighting with Intent mentorship. Not only did he explore the topics thoroughly, with his usual touch of humor, but he also produced exceptional results. Just take a look through his graduation album!
Lit with Intent

I’ve long known about the photography mentorships run by +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers and have only ever heard good things of them from those that had participated. Until now they were always either on a topic I already felt confident with, or were over a period when I wouldn’t be able to provide full commitment.

When I saw a post advertising a Lighting with Intent mentorship it attracted my interest as I’ve read several books and guides about lighting in photography and owned a flash and a set of wireless triggers but I hadn’t really put it all into more than occasional use.

I didn’t actually know much about the mentorship leader +Eric Raeber but a little research showed that he seemed to know about the subject and had posted many interesting images. So I bit the bullet, applied and was very happy to be accepted.

A closed Google+ community provided an excellent place for shared learning, providing privacy and structure for the lessons, resources and our creations.

From the introductory week it was clear that this was going to be an intense yet supportive journey. I already knew about half of my fellow mentees and moderators, and the rest soon became friends as we learned and interacted on the weekly assignments. We had to use manual settings on our cameras and flashes, and share our images with the group without any post-processing. At first we all found this to be a challenge but the value of this approach was clear as it forced us to really explore the effects of making tweaks to setups.

Over the few months of the mentorship we learned about aspects of light such as hardness and colour and the effects those can have on images. We learned how to work with motion, shaping light and controlling reflections. We learned about portraits using some standard lighting setups. We learned how to control light to create a mood or help tell a story with an image. We learned how to deduce the lighting of images we like, to think about the effects of that lighting and be able to try to reproduce it.

Perhaps the most important knowledge came from the “Intent” part of the mentorship title. Eric brought us to a place where we can be inspired with an idea for an image, can work out how we might go about lighting it, and have the knowledge, tools and confidence to do it.

The mentorship is finishing but our community remains as a place we can discuss ideas with our friends and peers.

The images in this album are either straight out of camera (as they were for the mentorship) or have some minor cleanup. No Photoshop composite images (which is how I would have done some of them in the past). Our assignments took us to polar regions and outer space, and forced us to become intimately involved with bottles of wine.

If Eric runs the mentorship again I would strongly recommend going for it if you want to take your photographic creativity further.

#FinalPLUSpost Lighting With Intent with +Eric Raeber #LightWIT
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Thanks +Jake Vickers, sorry for the slow reply - I lost some notifications
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Eric Raeber

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Thank you +Beena R and +Gernot Glaeser.
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Eric Raeber

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One ring to hold them all

Couples from all around the world used to declare their love by placing a padlock with their initials on the Pont des Arts in Paris and then throwing the key into the Seine that flows below.

As I crossed the bridge this year I was surprised to find all padlocks gone; the steel lattice of the railing replaced by brightly painted panels to prevent any further declaration of love. It turned out their weight caused one parapet to collapse and started to endanger the rest of the bridge.

You will still find a few padlocks attached to the stairs leading to the bridge as well as to an occasional ring in its anchorage.

Have you had the chance to cross this bridge? Was it before the first padlock showed up, while they were still attached to the railings or after they were removed?

#lovewithoutlocks  #pontdesarts   #paris   #monochromeworld   #monochromephotography   #blackandwhite  
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If you take a stroll through +Robin Cohen's #FinalPLUSpost for my Lighting with Intent mentorship, you will not only find exquisite (and well lit) portraiture work, but also a variety of creative results from her exploration of light.

It has been such a pleasure to have you in this mentorship, Robin and to see your horizon expand.
#pluspost  Graduation album for the fabulous Lighting with Intent mentorship, led by a wonderful teacher, +Eric Raeber  #LIGHTwit  
This was an excellent in depth exploration of photographic lighting. There is so much more to understand about lighting than I ever imagined.  My goal was to be able to do portraits, but I realized through this process that there are many other creative ways to use lighting, such as in freezing motion, adding color, and in aiding creative long exposure shots, i.e. light painting. Additionally, whenever I am taking other shots now, I automatically think about how the shot can be improved by lighting. A whole new world has opened up. Please, if you see any posts from the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers offering this lighting course in the future, or any other course to be honest, (I have taken several stellar mentorships), take a chance and sign up.  I am so grateful for the time the creators and managers of this program
(+Robin Griggs Wood , +Ron Clifford and +Alex Lapidus ) have put into this, and I am grateful to +Eric Raeber and his moderators for helping me get to a much higher level in my quest for photographic creativity and excellence.
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thank you +Gazzaroonii T. !!  I appreciate your input very much when you do pop in and I hope you are well!!
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I have always loved photography; for early on and despite the odors of developer, stop and fixer baths. Dodging, burning and retouching with a paintbursh dipped in black ink were all necessary to reach the results I wanted.

Since '82, I have always had a camera more or less close by. In the years that followed, Picasa, Gimp, Lightroom and Photoshop took care of the odors.

The first big push in my photography has been a summer job with a pro photographer in his studio. That made me reach two conclusions:
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