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California Drizzle

We have a little bit of a drizzle over the Bay Area these days. What better theme for a photo session with +Fan-Pei Koung?
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Eric Raeber

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Two of my photographs got picked up by the SF Chronicle to illustrate the article by Claudia Bauer on the ballet "It's a Wonderful Nutcracker" by Michael Lowe.

I saw the dress rehearsal through my viewfinder this past Friday, but I can't wait to see the show again from the comfort of a seat on Saturday. A few tickets are still left, in case you are in the Bay Area.

More than a century after its premiere in Imperial Russia, “Nutcracker” has become ballet’s equivalent of a Shakespeare play. Tchaikovsky’s magnificent score provides ample structure to support endless reimaginings. Penniless after years of vagabonding abroad, George “Drosselmeyer” Bailey (Lowe) is ashamed to show up empty-handed at home, where Uncle Billy, Cousin Tilly and children Tommy, Janie and Mary await. A former principal dancer with O...
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Eric Raeber

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Best Friends

For the end of the afternoon today, we went for a walk by the beach. There is nothing like hanging out with a friend by such a breathtaking landscape.
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Eric Raeber

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Creatures of the night

San Francisco with Luma Jaguar
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+Kerstin Thieme-Jäger with magnets the size of these shoes... she could probably walk upside-down!
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Eric Raeber

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A story to follow

The road from the beach is winding through the forest along a path shared with a nearby river. Every hundred yards or so a bridge leads into the woods. This could be a Bay Area luxury home. Or it could be a gingerbread home. We will never know. But next time Hansel and Gretel get lost in that forest, instead of bread crumbs there will be a story to follow. And they have +Olga Silina to thank for that.
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Anh Duc
Mỏ hfhgg
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Eric Raeber

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...and searching for a better place to sleep!

with +Olga Silina
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Eric Raeber

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Wishing everyone a Christmas as peaceful as ours and a very happy new year!
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Thank you so much +Kerstin Thieme-Jäger! All truth be told, I wish they would stay at their current age forever ;-)
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Eric Raeber

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I have had the pleasure of counting +Mary Presson Roberts in my mentorship on lighting this past summer. I am now so excited that Mary is giving a mentorship of her own.

This is going to be an amazing mentorship in which she will have you develop your own creativity by taking a different look at what you see through your viewfinder. This is a mentorship you don't want to miss.

The Practice Makes Perfect Magic mentorship is ready for sign-ups!

This is a special program that will lead you on a journey to make your own discoveries using your camera by participating in a series of deliberate practice activities through the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers. You will make your own discoveries as you explore with different apertures, shoot multiple compositions within a scene, explore the differences of light on a subject at different times of the day, move objects to improve your compositions, and shoot with a theme in mind.  
You will learn not only from the practice activities, but from the other participants' experiences, as well.  You will also create a final project which will allow you to showcase all of your discoveries.  I will be taking on a handful of people for a six week on-line mentorship program which will include lessons, assignments, and informal discussions. Everyone who participates can have fun and learn at the same time!

I am an award winning photographer based in the Carolinas.  You can view my website at  I have been active in the Arcanum for a little more than a year.  I am currently working on Level 22.  I am also on the Path of the Protégé to prepare to become a Master in the Arcanum.  In addition to being a photographer, I am also an educator in the public school system of Charlotte, NC.  This is my twenty-eighth year as an educator for young people.  I am passionate about education.  I am also a published author in the field of education.  I have been photographing seriously for nine years. Photography has completely changed my life.  It has taken me to places I never would have experienced, led me to people I never would have met, and opened doors I would have never approached. Photography has added a dimension to my life that I didn’t even realize was missing.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to get the most out of this mentorship program, you will need to already have an understanding of using aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to create a proper exposure.

Selections will begin December 24, 2015 for the mentorship beginning January 7, 2016.  Notifications will sent January 5, 2016.

These are the selection criteria:

• You must be taking and posting your own photographs regularly here on G+ –– an absolute minimum of three days between Public posts; more increases your chances of being selected. (The class itself will be private to the group selected except for the option of a public display album of your best work at the end.)
• You must already have an understanding of using aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to create a proper exposure.
• You must be interactive here at G+, as you will be expected to participate in this program giving feedback and comments to others.
• You have the time available to participate in this workshop.

To be considered for selection, please comment to the main post only, here:
(your application will not be seen at any reshares) and answer the following questions in your comment:

1) Photography skill level
2) Photo editing software used most
3) Favorite three subjects to photograph
4) Aspirations within photography
5) Current job or profession
6) Previous art studies
7) Amount of time you have available for participation

1) Intermediate hobby photographer
2) Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CS6
3) Trees, landscapes, waterfalls
4) To sell prints of my work
5) Full-time grocery store clerk
6) I have no previous art studies
7) I do have a job and two kids, but I will make the time for this

The G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers is organized and run by the program directors, Robin Griggs Wood, Ron Clifford, Alex Lapidus and founded by Randy J. Braun.
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Lindo 😝😝😝
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Eric Raeber

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Pescadero Beach

with +Olga Silina 
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Thank you +Angela Migliore !
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Eric Raeber

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The Journey

with +Olga Silina
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Walking upon the clouds in Heaven.
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Eric Raeber

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Following the light

As much as I enjoy creating the light I need for a photographic concept, I have just as much fun getting creative with a light that is bolted into the ground.

When Luma Jaguar asked if I was up for an improvised photo shoot, I had just the place in mind. The "new" explOratorium in San Francisco has a lighted sign with an oversized neon illuminated circle which can (when the staff is not looking too closely) be used in some unique ways.
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Beena R
Amazing shot (when the staff was not looking :) love how the composition come off and beautiful lighting! That was such a clever idea..
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Eric Raeber

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My submission on the theme "Violet" for the Scavenger Hunt.

We finished this session rapidly. After our "Electric" and "Brick" underwater sessions, it was late, the night had fallen and the water started getting seriously cold. Caitlyn Slavich has been a trouper!
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Thank you +Beena R !
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I have always loved photography; for early on and despite the odors of developer, stop and fixer baths. Dodging, burning and retouching with a paintbursh dipped in black ink were all necessary to reach the results I wanted.

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