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Here is another image with dancer Lauren Mindel from our light painting experiments.

It turned out this one was more strenuous than it appeared. Try for yourself, holding your back strait, putting tension into the string of lights and create an oscillation. Then repeat multiple times.
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Absolutely stunning!
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Eric Raeber

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A throw of light away

It took the very talented +Lauren Mindel only a heartbeat to accept posing for me, after I suggested some experimentation with a string of LED lights. She also happens to pass quite a bit of that talent over to my daughter, as her dance teacher!
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You show us super hot in blue.
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Eric Raeber

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Outrunning his weight

+Micah Walters is one amazing dancer and gymnast I had the chance to photograph recently for the Capacitor dance company in San Francisco.

Read the story at
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Hi, dear +Eric Raeber I'm deeply impressed - how you can imagine - we have a international and although very young talented group here in our next biggier city. They performed "MOMO" and I loved it. I think before I found you with your great pictures about modern dancers and with the great film and work about PINA BAUSCH,  I won't have found to the modern ballet - thank again for it!
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Moving along

The baggage you pull with you is not always lighter than air

With Sareeta Panda, San Francisco

#conceptualphotography  for #modelmonday  
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I do feel like a robot when leaving comments on posts most of the time +Eric Raeber.
Have to take off the auto pilot i guess... 
Have a great day :)
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Higher gears

Three gears on one side of the handle bar... Seven on the other... It is on his sister's bike that he practiced switching gears. There was so much to concentrate on, that the color of the bike did not matter one iota! But I am not sure how long that will last.

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Eric Raeber

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Endless texture...

I already captured lots of leather textures yesterday, but when I see a wall with such a variety of stones, all neatly aligned side-by-side in a row... I cannot be stopped! I kneel down shoot the first one and follow the arrow 'till the end (ok, I might have skipped one or two).

These make for wonderful textures that I then add to a grey background or a boring sky.
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Nice =] !
You are doing some magic tricks with those textures +Eric Raeber ^^
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Eric Raeber

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Aiming high

I have been having some fun with my lighting while playing "basketball-dad" by the side lines.

So here is a long pose (1/30th) with a speedlight on each side of the court. To complete the blur, I played with my zoom while my son aimed for the basket.
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Have yet to try any sport photos, and think I will like it when I do. Action and unpredictability are part of what draws me to birds. I look forward to some baseball shots from you, and I will occasionally have dreams of being on the sidelines at an NFL game :-)
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Tilt jump by Maggie Power, dancer with the Capacitor dance company.

The story and more images at

#dancephotography   #sanfrancisco   #tiltjump  
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That's a great shot !!!
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Eric Raeber

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It is always a pleasure to meet in real life those creatives whom you have been interacting with for a long time. Tonight I had the pleasure to finally meet in person +Derek Kind, who came visiting the Bay Area.

Not to forget mentioning +Elizabeth Hahn and +Kurt Harvey who made it all the more fun!
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Eric Raeber

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Aiming high

I have been having some fun with my lighting while playing "basketball-dad" by the side lines.

So here is a long pose (1/30th) with a speedlight on each side of the court. To complete the blur, I played with my zoom while my son aimed for the basket.
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Merci +Enzo Ros et pour une fois, l'effet etait voulu ;-)
+D Stuart +Meng Ty Meng Long thank you
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Eric Raeber

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This is how my model offers to help by holding the light in order to avoid being in my images... tsssk!
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I dunno.  I invested in Bluffs and I can pack the umbrellas (head and all) and be set up in ~10 minutes.  30 if I have to do a backdrop.  My old ones were a nightmare (I think CBS) so I'm prejudiced too.
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A refill of textures

I frequently use textures in my conceptual images. And one can never have enough textures to choose from.

Today, before picking up my daughter from dance I decided to stop by in a custom leather furniture shop downtown and asked whether I could shoot some of their leather swatches. The owner of the shop was somewhat surprised - this must have been a first. But he let me shoot and I spent a good half an hour rummaging through this treasure cove of textures.

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That's a great idea, I never thought of that, not sure why.
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