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Costumes and props had just received their final touches. Rehearsals had not yet started. This is when I had the chance to shoot the poster of the next Menlowe Ballet production: “It’s a Wonderful Nutcracker”. This is set to the original Tchaikovsky score, which Michael Lowe updated with inspiration from the 1940’s Frank Capra film, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, bringing the two holiday classics together on one stage. Be ready for a memorable show.

Artistic director: Michael Lowe
Executive director: Lisa Shiverley
Ballet Master & Artistic Advisor: Julie Lowe
Dancers: Julie Giordano, Demetria Schioldager
Decor / props: Brent Brimhall
Graphic Design: Meagan Carabetta

#ballet   #bayarea   #menloweballet   #nutcracker  
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Eric Raeber

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+Swee Oh, absorbed with her phone. Her camera has lost half of its interest after I borrowed that wonderful 35 f/1.4 of hers with which I took this shot!

#TreyUSA photowalk in San Francisco
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Swee Oh
Lol I just saw +Leo Deegan​'s version. I felt so lost without my lens :) glad you like it!!
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Eric Raeber

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Trey USA photowalk

You were missed +Ron Clifford, but then, somehow you were still able to watch over +Lauri Novak's shoulder!

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What a good catch +Gary Munroe. I am glad this is just a cover ;-)
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Eric Raeber

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Don't be in a hurry to grow up!
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genesis chaputer bible holy 
and the eyes of them both were oppened and they know that they were naked sewed fig leaves toghter and made  thmvles appons 
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Eric Raeber

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From intent of street to lighting with intent

+Lena Konstantinova has always been doing such a beautiful work in documenting the street. When she applied to my mentorship on lighting with intent, which involved more planning of a concepts than catching the perfect moment, I could not have been happier. Experimenting in a domain at the antipodes of our comfort zones can only bring growth. And it only takes one look through Lena's album to see such a result!

If you are interested in other such programs, or if you have knowledge of your own you are ready to pass on, you can create a mentorship of your own and take a few students to their next level with +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers. There is nothing quite as rewarding as watching someone blossom with enthusiasm and accomplishment!
#FinalPLUSpost Lighting With Intent with +Eric Raeber #LightWIT .

Hey , So much happened during these long.. but so short 9 weeks of the "Lighting with Intent" mentorship  held by a talented photographer and not less talented teacher +Eric Raeber . I'm so thankful to Eric for letting me in , though I was late to apply. I almost never used pop-up flash , and never owned of- camera flash before,  so all was really new for me: stands, brackets, triggers ,  gels, etc. but Eric's lessons were built in such a great way not to let anyone feel being behind, with explanations, examples from his own experience,  they were very informative , but not overloaded. He was online and ready to provide help in hangout in spite of the time difference between our countries.. I learnt much from my student-mates and helpers as well, When I spent the whole night trying to drop the tomato cherry into milk at the exact moment to get splashes., I shouted out for help and only with the advices of this wonderful community I could achieve it. I've got so much love and support from anyone,  my  friend gave me his camera when mine crashed, the new friends I gained in this community are super-creative people and I'm thankful for the support and encouragement , that I constantly received here!! I know I need to practice more and more to feel comfortable with lightening and to arrange it properly , but nevertheless the knowledge and practice that I gained by Eric's mentorship  are priceless. Thanks to +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers for this wonderful project! Thanks to +Eric Raeber for his positivism, patience, sense of humor and LIGHT !  Thanks for my new and old friends for just being awesome !! 
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+Marlène Rak​ , thanks, I'm happy to get to know you also, and to see your work, Marlene!
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Eric Raeber

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Oh yes +John Getchel these moments full of surprises more than compensate for the occasional tantrum or mischief ;-)
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Eric Raeber

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I am curious to see if this new platform can take off and where it will lead. In any case, it never hurts to sign up early.
It’s finally here and it’s revolutionary
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Eric Raeber

~Photos  - 
The Fleeting Moment

#TreyUSA photowalk
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Eric Raeber

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Memorable moments, with some of my favorite peeps during the #TreyUSA  photowalk.

+Robin Griggs Wood +Pamela Reynoso +Larry Nienkark +Sam Breach +Leo Deegan +Lauri Novak +Robyn Peters +Swee Oh 
and of course, +Ron Clifford who did not, for a single second, loose that smile of his!
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Thank you +Leo Deegan. It is the subject, that really made these images ;-)
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Eric Raeber

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If you browse through the images +Rita Zietsma has created for this mentorship, you may come out impressed by the perfection of the lighting or surprised by the originality of the concepts. What you may not see is how much creativity has gone into the setup to get that perfect image straight out of camera. Rita, it has been such a pleasure to get to know you better and see you grow through this mentorship!

Everyone else, if you are interested in attending a mentorship, or even better in hosting a mentorship of your own, make sure you visit +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers.
#FinalPLUSpost Lighting With Intent with +Eric Raeber #LightWIT

During May and June I was lucky enough to be able to participate in +Eric Raeber 's Lighting With Intent +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers. Here is my graduation post.

It was an AMAZING mentorship to say the least. Eric's lessons were detailed and informative. The assignments were challenging, educational and fun. I have learned so much about off camera lighting. I have owned 3 Nikon speedlights for years and now I finally know how to use them with confidence. This has opened up a whole new avenue of creativity for me.

I loved the lesson on coloured gels and am super excited to continue to use them to compose creative images. Probably the trickiest lesson was trying to capture the wine bottle and wine glass. Reflective surfaces are extremely difficult to capture, but persistence paid off. I used my new found skills at a wedding I was shooting during week 8 of the mentorship - perfect timing. The couple loves the image.

Thank you so much Eric for all the energy and time your poured into this mentorship. It is so appreciated. Thanks also to all those who helped Eric along the way - the moderators. Thanks to all the wonderful G+ers that rode this awesome journey with me. Your positive comments, encouragements, and wonderful images helped to form this great learning environment. Thanks to +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers  for giving us these amazing learning opportunities. And thanks to all of you for reading my graduation post.
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Thank you +Diana Boyd 
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Eric Raeber

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Family, contemplating another family's memories.

(a space created by Anna Gutova and Gabriel Fragner at Musee de l'Elysee in Lausanne).
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( +Eric Raeber​ )
That's true . This is why best artists in history lived with no name and money :-)

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Eric Raeber

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Loosing sight

Underwater session with Caitlyn Slavich

#underwaterphotography   #monochrome   #monochromeworld  +HQSP Monochrome  #hqspmonochrome  
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Thank you +Chong Jen Tan and +Barbara BM 
Yes +Hamid Dastmalchi, exploring new domains is always interesting.
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I have always loved photography; for early on and despite the odors of developer, stop and fixer baths. Dodging, burning and retouching with a paintbursh dipped in black ink were all necessary to reach the results I wanted.

Since '82, I have always had a camera more or less close by. In the years that followed, Picasa, Gimp, Lightroom and Photoshop took care of the odors.

The first big push in my photography has been a summer job with a pro photographer in his studio. That made me reach two conclusions:
  1. I love that art and will continue for a long time.
  2. I love it so much that I will not make it my profession.
The second big push has been Google+. The feedback from all of you; The ideas; the styles of photography and the stories behind are all challenging me beyond anything I had envisioned possible. And Chrysta Rae's scavenger hunt has pushed my even further.

You might say that I am still searching for my style. But what I enjoy above all in my photography as much as in my job in the software world, is exploring the unknown; learning new skills; finding a pattern, a structure or a solution that is pleasing to the eye.

The two styles of photography I like most?
  • Conceptual portraiture, with images that are created to convey emotions about people or society

  • Dance photography (inspired by the work of Lois Greenfield and Richard Calmes)
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You will get mostly photography. And mostly my own. You will get art (at least I'll try). You will get technical behind-the-scene photography. Finally, I will occasionally share the work of other: work that I respect, that amazes and that inspires!

You will also get some dose of humor, with serious bit of sarcasm and self-derision.
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