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Eric Raeber

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Best Friends

For the end of the afternoon today, we went for a walk by the beach. There is nothing like hanging out with a friend by such a breathtaking landscape.
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Eric Raeber

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Creatures of the night

San Francisco with Luma Jaguar
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Thank you +Beena R +Uwe Duwe +D Stuart (it's all about the gelling) and thank you +Barbara BM 
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Eric Raeber

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A story to follow

The road from the beach is winding through the forest along a path shared with a nearby river. Every hundred yards or so a bridge leads into the woods. This could be a Bay Area luxury home. Or it could be a gingerbread home. We will never know. But next time Hansel and Gretel get lost in that forest, instead of bread crumbs there will be a story to follow. And they have +Olga Silina to thank for that.
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Eric Raeber

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...and searching for a better place to sleep!

with +Olga Silina
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+Carla McMahon +Janick Ja thank you
+John Getchel 3 bare speedlights zoomed all the way will produce quite a bit of light. And I did not have the option to use a modifier as it was way too windy!
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Eric Raeber

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Bunny - Behind the Scenes

There really wasn't very much to the setup of my "bunny". I had a softbox overhead at minimal power, so as to show some structure to the plush toy and provide a reflection on the shoe without attracting too much attention. The ambient light would do a wonderful job on my wife's beautiful legs with it 1 second caressing!

I then spent quite a bit of time moving the two shoes around before finding the ideal position in front of my wide angle lens (17-40mm zoom at 19mm). In case you were wondering in the original image about that sexy underwear laying on the floor... fret no more: a black backpack straps do a wonderful job!
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You are welcome +Beena R and +Carla McMahon, always a pleasure! 
yes, +Carsten Schlipf whatever I can get my hands on ;-)
Thank you +Sean McLean +Danni Tiger!
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Eric Raeber

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Pulled into the Abyss

I sometimes ask the strangest things of my models. Holding the breath at the bottom of a pool with bricks attached to both hand feet is no exception. This was, however, no worry to Caitlyn Slavich, who has done it before for her life guard test.

This was my submission for the theme "Brick" to the Photography Scavenger Hunt by +Chrysta Rae.
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Eric Raeber

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Pescadero Beach

with +Olga Silina 
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Thank you +Angela Migliore !
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Eric Raeber

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The Journey

with +Olga Silina
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Eric Raeber

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Following the light

As much as I enjoy creating the light I need for a photographic concept, I have just as much fun getting creative with a light that is bolted into the ground.

When Luma Jaguar asked if I was up for an improvised photo shoot, I had just the place in mind. The "new" explOratorium in San Francisco has a lighted sign with an oversized neon illuminated circle which can (when the staff is not looking too closely) be used in some unique ways.
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Beena R
Amazing shot (when the staff was not looking :) love how the composition come off and beautiful lighting! That was such a clever idea..
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Eric Raeber

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My submission on the theme "Violet" for the Scavenger Hunt.

We finished this session rapidly. After our "Electric" and "Brick" underwater sessions, it was late, the night had fallen and the water started getting seriously cold. Caitlyn Slavich has been a trouper!
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Thank you +Beena R !
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Eric Raeber

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The plumber

This was my submission for the G+ Scavenger Hunt.

And here is the BTS for this image:
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Miles of smiles before sleep...........
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Eric Raeber

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What is that one element you want to always keep as far away from electricity as you can? Water, of course!

One theme for the Photography Scavenger Hunt was Electric. Hence I could not resist to urge to mix it with water. And I would not be satisfied with a hairdryer falling into a bathtub. I needed a person changing a light bulb underwater! Caitlyn Slavich was gracious enough to oblige!

Oh, and a word of caution: do not try this at home!
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Mind bending image! Awesome creation!
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I have always loved photography; for early on and despite the odors of developer, stop and fixer baths. Dodging, burning and retouching with a paintbursh dipped in black ink were all necessary to reach the results I wanted.

Since '82, I have always had a camera more or less close by. In the years that followed, Picasa, Gimp, Lightroom and Photoshop took care of the odors.

The first big push in my photography has been a summer job with a pro photographer in his studio. That made me reach two conclusions:
  1. I love that art and will continue for a long time.
  2. I love it so much that I will not make it my profession.
The second big push has been Google+. The feedback from all of you; The ideas; the styles of photography and the stories behind are all challenging me beyond anything I had envisioned possible. And Chrysta Rae's scavenger hunt has pushed my even further.

You might say that I am still searching for my style. But what I enjoy above all in my photography as much as in my job in the software world, is exploring the unknown; learning new skills; finding a pattern, a structure or a solution that is pleasing to the eye.

The two styles of photography I like most?
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  • Dance photography (inspired by the work of Lois Greenfield and Richard Calmes)
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