Hey +Google Play or I suppose EA more specifically. Why the hell does this work on some tablets but not on my TF101? Huh, huh?! I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY GOD DAMNIT
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Loved this game when I had bought it for my G2 although it was crashing frequently. Now I have a great specs, HTC One S, which this game would awesome on. But noooo....nba jamz is not compatible for the One S! Wtf EA??? Great games, TERRIBLE SERVICE!
i bought it and side loaded it on my tft101.. haha its crazy.
yeah to me its a tad sluggish but still playable. the controls are huge. took me a few games to get used to playing on the tab.
+Zac Nichols how did you get it to download? I got it side loaded on my hptouchpad but cannot get it to download files.
It wasn't even compatible with the GNex until maybe a month or two ago.
+Rafael Lopez I was scouring Google when I was getting an error. It seems like it may not be possible on the Touchpad. I had to set my nav bar height/width back to default settings in order to download it. Also, I can see what +Zac Nichols is talking about. This seems perfect for a phone and I'm not sure I'd want the HUGE controls on a tablet.