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My little peanut isn't feeling well so we've just been lounging and watching Top Gear. Poor girl :-/
I'm not sure why I'm so proud of this...
+Trent Fordham​ didn't come out so great, thanks for the attempt though!!

Eric Peterson (elpeterson)

I am looking for...  - 
Would anyone be able to help me get the Subaru from the Subaru Launch Control as a little world??
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+Eric Peterson , Thanks for +Trent Fordham for LC LW :-) 
I did give it another shot, very small one from me:
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Who's Down to send me an invite to Who's Down??
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Ha, I've had this one before. Great choice of words "foraged"
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Trying to raise money towards this food drive. Any amount you can donate will be incredibly appreciative. I just ask you to put 'noshftshck16' into the dedication field so it can be properly tracked.

If you can't contribute please share, thanks!!
Click here to purchase an item for donation to Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger!
An Open Letter to +Motorola Mobility Support

Moto X GSM Unlocked

/#[TMo Purchase]
Nexus 6

Moto X Pure

Moto X Pure

Moto 360

That is $2054.95 spent with Motorola, $1679.96 of it was spent in 2015. This will be the last amount of money I ever spend with Motorola. A few hiccups here and there are to be expected. Like when you double charged me for my most recent Moto X Pure purchase, sent me two phones and then tried to have me pay some sort of restocking fee on top of returning the device. But I let that go because sometimes things happen. I haven’t had any major issues with Motorola until my Nexus 6, a freak issue occurred (wifi radio died) and I was promptly sent a new device. I was frustrated I had to either pay $30 and deal with a $500 hold on my credit card or go up to 2 weeks without a device, but again, I understand.

What really got me was my most recent experience. I dropped my phone recently which lead to something I don’t think has ever happened to me, my screen developed a crack. This happens, it was my fault and it sucks. I decided to submit an RMA for the repair to see how much it would cost. To my surprise the repair estimate came to $0.00. I thought wow, what an awesome surprise. Hesitant to send me phone in and go a few weeks without a device I decided to double check before I packaged up my phone.

The first chat representative I spoke with confirmed, after taking my IMEI and RMA number, it wouldn’t be an issue, I made sure to confirm that a cracked screen would be covered and they insisted it would be. Again, as I was packing up my phone I realized that since I was on Project Fi my backup phone, my original Moto X, would not be available. I reached out to online support again. Again my concerns were put at ease when I was told the second time that the display being cracked would be covered and that in order to process the Advanced Exchange I would simply need to call into the Repair Escalation Department (I think thats what it is called).

Once I called in I was connected to an incredibly helpful representative. He confirmed my RMA number, shipping address, etc. I decided I would triple check that a cracked display would in fact be covered by this and for a third time I was told it was not an issue and it was absolutely covered under warranty. He apologized and stated my original RMA would have to be cancelled so that he could reopen a new RMA with an Advanced Exchange. I was told the new RMA had been created and that he would need to charge me $24.99 and place a $500 security hold on my credit card. I expected this and said it was not an issue. He again apologized stating there was an issue with the system and if he could call me back once everything was processed. Note: I had not given any credit card information at this point. He promptly called me back and stated he was still unable to process the new RMA due to an update with their system. I said I was in no rush and that he could contact me tomorrow if it was easier. He thanked me and guaranteed a personal call back, by him, tomorrow at the same time to take my credit card info and get a phone sent out to me.

Fast forward to today. A different representative called me, which immediately set off alarm bells. Marvin, remember your representative’s name (I’ll get into that next) said he was following up on my call from the previous day and that he was ready to finish my order. He stated I would be charged $189.00 for the repair of my device. Shocked I asked why I was suddenly being charged. He told me, “…due to physical damage you would not be granted a free repair and that any representative you spoke to prior to me was feeding you misinformation.” After a long back and forth about my frustrations I stated I would like to cancel the RMA and be transferred to a supervisor. I was promptly disconnected.

Here I am now writing this up, I just received a call back from the Supervisor (who asked why I hung up on the representative who was transferring me) and I calmly explained my issues. I want to express to anyone who will read this the same thing I said to the Supervisor: The repair policies are not where my issues lie. If physical damage is never covered, it needs to be 1) Stated on the RMA form (screen shot below), 2) Communicated to ALL representatives so they can provide factual information. In addition to this I am absolutely astounded their support system has no way of tracking who spoke to me yesterday. I was repeatedly asked to provide the representatives name and told that without their first name they would not be able to reach out to whoever spoke with me to confirm my story.

TL;DR All of this frustration and hours on the phone could have easily been avoided. This has, for me, completely ruined the otherwise great experience I’ve had owning Motorola products.

If you've ever heard of Bank of America's Keep the Change program, this is very similar...except it is for investing. The cool thing about it is you won't be investing enough to create any tax issues and given the portfolios you are investing into, you can withdraw at any time.

It took me a week to collect $5 to put into plus the referral I used gave me another $5. It's worth taking a shot, all the information you need to is giving to you in the app (details on portfolio, exactly how you will be investing, etc).

CNN Money's take on the app:
Investing app Acorns just raised $23 million from investors to fund partnerships and global expansion.
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Who is in?!
Get the best gift you've ever gotten, give the best present you've ever given!
Loving the Boston skyline on my watch!!
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It looks great. 
Invite to Acorns. It is actually pretty cool, it is very similar to Bank of America's Keep the Change program.
Start investing with Acorns today! Earn cash when you use my invite code:
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Man I just started using this service a few days ago.
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Traditional barber shop feel and experience. Definitely a little rough around the edges but its got character and they cut well.
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I have a 2012 Hyundai Veloster and it has had some problems. 90% of them covered under warranty but it still has been an inconvenience. However Herb Chambers has treated me so well that I don't even care. I always get a loaner for the simplest fixes if my car needs to be kept for more than a day. Daniel in service is the friendliest man I have ever met and really goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy.
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