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Uh oh, the servers are down for both Gerrit and Bliss ROM downloads currently! This is because of an unexpected relocation of servers. We originally planned it waay later than this but it got pulled sooner. As of now we've lost all the commits on Gerrit. (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Please wait patiently while the servers are reinstalled. We appreciate your patience.

EDIT (2016-11-14): +Patrick Graber is hard at work fixing all the servers. He did go through a surgery so let's all be patient. Currently the and sites are down.

Edit again (2016-11-21): +Jon West let me know work on the Gerrit server is headway but not quite there yet. I have no idea what's going to happen with download servers right now.

PLEASE, ASK OR REMIND YOUR MAINTAINERS TO UPLOAD BUILDS TO ANDROIDFILEHOST UNTIL THIS SITUATION IS RESOLVED! Spread the word. If we're unable to get a server up permanently, AndroidFileHost may be our first choice to completely move Bliss downloads to.

Also, we know we're getting 403 forbidden issues on our servers. This is (probably not, but) normal behavior currently as they set up all the GitHub links! 
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