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Gapps and others

TL;DR: For Opengapps:
For Banks Gapps or TBO Gapps, both are available in the Dirty Unicorns download section:

Update: +Brian Petroski​ recommended these Gapps; Benzos Gapps and Pure Nexus Gapps. You will have to search for them manually because I'm a lazy ass and I can't link to them.

EDIT: Opengapps seems to have fixed up the issues I had, so I'm giving them one more chance. I usually stick with stock because I have a Nexus device (and I really love Google crapware) but to each others subjective opinion. Micro is also good.
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Well I've been fortunate to have never had any issues w opengapps. But its not a surprise. Not necessary to update everyday. Where are they pulling in the googl apks , have to be downloading them. Closed source. Maybe a cracked version out of a 2nd rate hacker in Mexico. Now ¢2 ,(no problems w Banks) I'm happy with benzos gapps. Not terribly heavy and not complaint on startup. His are 64bit so not everyone can use those. Another is PNGapps, beans is sharp. Well trusted. And they are multiarch. Little fat for my liking but a good set. Banks is a beast. When in doubt ..