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These instructions apply for most any pump, and it sure helped me out.
I'm now running nearly silent in standby.  I always keep the water running, even when the laser is off, so I don't get any air bubbles building up.

okay, seriously, what is the deal with setting cutting speeds in corellaser?  the speed shown is comepletely NOT the speed that it runs at.

Wow, I feel stupid.  Learning this software is something else.

Popped a fuse.  Damn.  Now I have to go buy a fuse >_>  I haven't a clue what size this thing takes.

Got my machine aaand... aside from 2 screws that fell out, it's in really good shape. Even more suprising, the optics were aligned.

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Hi all, I don't have my laser yet, (waiting on shipping stinks), but I'm trying to get everything all set for it.  I've ordered a new air assist head from lightobject, and an 18mm lens to go with it, I have the hose and compressor for the air assist, a 5 gallon bucket with lid, 3 gallons of distilled water and a jug of automotive coolant, laser safety goggles, and a whole mess of switches (for interlocks).

What I'm really wondering about is the 10k wirewound multiturn pot that I ordered to replace the stock pot.  I was lookign at datasheets on laser power supplies and they generally specified a 5k-10k pot, but it looks like these use a 1k pot.  Is the 10k going to be an issue?
from what I understand it's just being used as a voltage divider as a reference for the output power of the machine, so personally, I wouldn't think it too terribly critical.

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Who the fuck are all these people and why do they keep adding me to their circles?

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I thought my IP was this WHOLE TIME!  Wow was I wrong.  Damn you microsoft, why you gotta lie to me?
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