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Defenc(s)e, I.T.
Defenc(s)e, I.T.

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Doing a Digital Ocean virtual Linux server (CentOS 6.8) to skill up on some things. Fun. Easy.

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USAF does America a great dis-service. Again.
(click image to make larger) Air Combat Command has an interesting event that shows them more as Lockheed Martin sales people than anything else. Curious about the F-35A mission capability? We have the answers.

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How a failed concept of operations can be cool...from a movie point of view anyway... Here you can even entertain your visiting war corespondant and talk about sailing ships... What is your favorite, failed, concept of operations?

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New and wild F-35 advert in Canada
This is an advert that has been published in Canada within the last few days. Go ahead and comment on each bold white subject. And then I will add my comments in a new post along with yours. (click on image to make larger)

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Reason number 438 why nothing in the F-35 program impresses me.
By the way, I am very familiar with the actual F-105 history. Be that as it may... if it was JDAM capabile today.... well.... Sit through the whole thing and jot down some numbers. Also, this if you may. .

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Two --- Reader comments --
"Sebastian"   You can never promise "affordable" in advance, not before the price is known... that's beyond crazy. .

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Reader comments - Australian budget...
Bushranger 71   • Both of the major political parties are treating the electorate contemptuously by peddling economic bullshit projected 10 years ahead, when their immediate challenge is to get elected for a 3 year term in office and so should inform voters...

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Aviation author Robert F. Dorr passes
Via his Facebook page. .

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Additional thoughts from the last two posts
Had an interesting note from a Labor friend after I had pointed out the debacle in the previous two posts. He stated, that, no joke, this made him almost physically ill. It can be like that when someone that is important to you; who's moral compass appears ...

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My sincere hope
Evidence that points to the onset of dementia.It is my sincere hope he gets the professional help he needs #ausdef — Eric Palmer (@E_L_P) June 10, 2016
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