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Some pictures from my trip to Paris

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Got some DCC appropriate souvenirs from the catacombs in Paris. Skull eraser, fridge magnet and skull & cross bones medal (unfortunately with a very boring B side)

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Darths & Droids today had a nice 2d12 fumble table. You need to scroll down to the text part to see it.

Quite handy in the DCC context I think where the same fumble comes up so often. It wasn't just an 'incompetent blow' again, this time it's an oafish blunder, still not as embarrassing as that butter-fingered cock-up the elf made two rounds ago though.

How many players?

Someone enthused to me about how awesome this game is and it sounds very interesting to me but the group I want to run this for is a bit large. I couldn't find any information about suggested number of players. How many players (not including the GM) do you think is ideal for this? How many do you think it will work with? My group would be six players not including me.

My players seem to prefer a more dungeon bashy type of thing. Perhaps agoraphobic they are most comfortable secure in something that can easily be described using 10' x 10' blocks. Perhaps suffering from deep seated social anxiety they shy away from talking if possible preferring a simpler interaction of the kill and take their stuff kind.

Can anyone recommend the most dungeon based DCC scenario for relatively low levels, say 1 to 3, although I can probably adapt.

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I've been watching an anime on Netflix called Mushi-shi and it made me think of the Fae in Urban Shadows quite a bit. Now this is about as far from "urban" as you can get but I think the idea of "mushi" might be interesting to others who want to expand on the Fae.

The short version is that tiny organisms/spirits live around the physical world. They are unthinking but can have an effect, if you are carrying something they are attracted too their can drag at your ankles making you feel tired and likely to stumble. They might gather in large numbers because of an approaching storm and cause people in the area to have euphoric feelings.

The main character in the anime is a mushi-shi, someone who knows a lot about the mushi and can identify problems and often tell people how they can resolve them.

Obviously for Urban Shadows this would only be one aspect of the Fae world, but a very interesting and different one I think.

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SMBC today is particularly appropriate to AW.  If this had happened would your game be the dream or what was left over after the vast majority of people gave up operating the real world?

For me the obvious thing to do would be to lay out the story about how the world ended and let the PCs argue about whether they are dreaming or real. 

If you're dreaming everyone else is just a figment of your imagination of course.  Or maybe you're a figment of theirs.  If you are dreaming do you want to wake up?  If you are a figment then the bad things that happen to you are really caused by the dreamer,.  What are you going to do to them?

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I needed to get a SIM adapter so I can put the SIM from my new currently non functioning 'smart' phone in to my old phone that still works perfectly even though after I stood on it the screen and back panel are both cracked.

The Currys/PCWorld/CPW conglomerate sell one.  It's €5.99 on their web site. I eventually find it in the physical store in Jervis Street and the sign on the shelf says €4.99.  When I go to the register it rings up as €9.99.  Luckily I am only getting this one thing or I may not have noticed.  I tell the guy it is supposed to be €4.99.  He says "It must have gone up" and there's a pause.  I tell him that the price on the shelf is lower and that the price on the web site is lower.  He repeats and says that it must have gone up and that he can't change it on the register...there's a long pause while I think about what I'm going to do (paying double the price on the shelf is not one of the options) and the guy asks me which of the three adapters in the kit I actually need.  I tell him and he opens it and gives me that one bit for free.

So, it this a good customer service experience or a bad one?  If I were to go back in a month do people think the pricing inconsistency will be resolved or not?

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Eric Fischer (no relation) has 136 maps showing cities with colour representing pictures taken.  Blue dots represent pictures taken by locals and red represent tourists - at least that's the rough idea.

This image is Dublin.  Lots of people taking pictures on the Grand Canal for some reason.  

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The bike share schemes in Cork, Galway and Limerick are going live soon.  There is a 50% discount until the end of the year which makes the annual fee only €5 per city.  You only pay for the cities you require.

So long as you will use the bikes on two non-consecutive occasions this is a good deal.

Dublin Bikes is a separate scheme so this deal doesn't apply there.
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