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Eric Nieudan
(d4): 1. Writer 2. Game Designer 3. Franco-Irish 4. Grumpypants
(d4): 1. Writer 2. Game Designer 3. Franco-Irish 4. Grumpypants


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Hi, random internet human being. I'm Eric, a middle aged Frenchman living in Ireland. I've been playing tabletop roleplaying games since I was a kid, and writing and designing stuff for money since the last century. [Here depicted going on my first hexcrawl, circa 1979.]

I mostly post about tabletop roleplaying games. These days I play and design a lot of old school stuff, but I still love narrative style games. I have been known to mix the two more than once. My latest game, Macchiato Monsters, does that in no small part.

I've recently started posting privately. So if you mostly see community posts on this page, it means you're not in my circles. Comment here and I'll get you sorted!
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Guillaume made a one-page hack of MM to play with kids. Watch this space!
For +Eric Nieudan and those who wants, this is the rules of Milky Monsters !
In pictures you can see the character's sheet of my son and the handmade dungeon where we played...

Milky Monsters :
Each character's got three stats (roll 3d6 for each)
Costaud (strong, tough ?)
Malin (smart, clever)
Charmeur (charmer, charming)

Then, he can choose to have :
5 Hit Points and 3 Magic Points
3 Hit Points and 5 Magic Points

Then, he picks two things by rolling a d20 on the MM tables :
gear, missile weapon, melee weapon, armour or spell

Spell table :
2 Light
3 charm person
4 charm animal
5 magic arrow
6 invisibility
7 fire ball
8 sleep
9 teleportation
10 entangle
11 chance
12 blessing
13 haling
14 cause fear
15 magic weapon
16 paralysis
17 animal form
18 magic armour
19 speed
20 ice ray

Each time a character wants to do something, he rolls a d20 under one of the appropriate stats. (I keep the advantage/disadvantage rule but I used it only for VERY easy actions and VERY difficult actions).
On a succes, he succeeds ;)
On a failure, he fails and looses 1 HP (ennemies, traps, curses, accidents...!)
(they were 9 players, it was important that trying something was risky because I didn't want that everyone always rolled the dice... )

Character with a weapon can fight and deals 1 damage (what ever weapon he has) to an ennemy.
Character with an armour can avoid to loose 1HP one time in the game (what ever armour he has)
Character with a gear can do a special action one time in the game (create light with a torch, climbing with a rope, restore one HP with food, find something in the water with a fisshing pole...).
Character with a spell can use it be loosing 1 MP and rolling the dice under Malin (smart). The MP is lost on a success and on a failure.

Ennemies :
Goblins : 1HP, deals 1 damage (knifes and bows)
Orcs : 2 HP, deals 1 damage (swords and crossbows)
Giant spider : 5 HP, deals 1 damage and poisonned (loose 1 HP, each time you enter a new room in the dungeon), can web.
Trolls : 5 HP, deals 2 damages and break one gear.
Pigasus (the boss, a giant pig with wings): 10 HP, damage special (on a failure he eats you !).

The game :
The goal was to find a special purpose for each room of the dungeon : an ennemy to fight or to avoid, a secret stair to find, a trap to avoid, a riddle to resolve, a pist to find, etc...) and there were 3 special moments we "play for real".
- At a moment, they can find magic friends under the water, a character had a fishing pool and I prepared a "play Go Fish" and they all won a pokemon.
Now in the game, the characters had a special magic friend and could use his power one time in the game (free form...).
- They also found a magic forge where they could made magic runes.
I prepared pieces of with cardboard with a magnet paste on it and some painting which glow in the dark. So they all made for themselves one glowing magnet. I printed the runes from RuneQuest to gave them "templates".
Now in the game, they could avoid magic traps !
- At the end, they found the treasure but they didn't have the key and there was no more light... so we play pinata ;)

For the anecdote, they didn't fight the trolls (one in the group had a sleeping spell) and they didn't fight Pigasus because Noemie (the girlfriend of my son) said that her pokemon was so cute that Pigasus wanted to be his friend : of course, I agreed with this proposition !

And at the end, they can celebrate the victory in the tavern and we ate the birthday cake (with a lot of candy) !

Now, I think you have everything...
Questions ?
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We made it. And under three years!

Thanks to everyone who commented, playtested, and drank coffee while rolling risk dice.
Lost Pages at Dragonmeet: common use items for scale!

+Eric Nieudan 's Macchiato Monsters: I heard you like coffee, I heard you like monsters, what about I put monsters in your coffee? With art by Eric, +russ nicholson , +guillaume jentey , +Jonathan Newell , +Luigi Castellani , +John Grümph , +Luka Rejec , +Clare Foley , +Bronwyn McIvor , Didier Balicevic, Christopher Stanley, and Jops. 56 pages, A5.

+Brendan S 's Wonder & Wickedness: fancy-paper pocket edition: this reprint of the reimagining of classic fantasy magic, illustrated by +russ nicholson , is printed on the most expensive paper my printer works with, and comes in an adorable A6 format. 80 pages, ridicolously expensive paper, limited edition.

And last, finally, Marvels & Malisons: fancy-paper pocket edition, with writing by yours truly and +Lloyd Neill , and illustrations by Evlyn. This book exists because I wanted to put real-world magic in my games, and because sorcerers deserve more random starting items, cranium trepanation drills, and creative uses for goats. 56 pages, A6, ridiculously expensive paper, limited edition.
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I wasn't comfortable sharing my stuff on the old OSR community. I'm going to be such a spammer here... ;p
I'm thinking of removing hit points and damage rolls from Lunchtime Dungeons. Heresy?

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There is a mention to Ford's Faeries in yesterday's episode of the Monster Man. If you like our book, you'll like +James Holloway 's podcast. It could be called 2d6 Ideas For Your Campaign as far as I am concerned.
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Some people have no patience... =P
Finally, I can have a proper read!!!

This will have to do until the POD version comes out!

Also, learn a bit more about making a zine (spoiler, it’s a bit tricky, but strangely rewarding!). I’m still rubbish at it ...
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Would you enjoy a fairytale monster manual, containing 54 creatures and the gorgeous art of HJF? Well, you can have it for free.

I'd like to thank +Sébastien d'Abrigeon, +Emmy Allen, +V. A., +HD Atkinson, +Jean-Marc CHOSEROT, +Dan D, +Dat Epic Fish, +Goblins Henchman, +guillaume jentey, +Daniel Lofton, +Magimax, +ktrey parker, +Roger Giner-Sorolla, and +James V West for their amazing contributions.
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I have just uploaded the final PDF to DTRPG. Waiting for it to be reviewed to make it public.
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Any advice, ô Xperts of the Basics?
How would you run B4 in a sandbox campaign?

Last night, my players unexpectedly made their way to the entrance of the Lost City. That'll teach me to put mysterious portals in my own dungeons... In any case I'm not sure how I should run this

The adventure posits that the characters take refuge in the pyramid to escape a sandstorm. I don't want to put a barrier around the module, but I think it would lose some potential if the PCs were able to go in and out as they pleased. Or would it? I don't know. I have a headache.

Any advice or experience welcome.

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Cover concept.
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