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Dear DC TV and movie people,
Please put Evil Space Queen Teri Hatcher With Kryptonite Twin Sai in everything.

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Une très intéressante discussion sur les intentions du jeu en conclusion de cette séance (vers 30'). L'équipe discute aussi des directives et des horloges, mais attention il y a un gros spoiler si vous suivez la campagne... 

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One-shot FLAILSNAILS mardi 4 avril : 6 places

Ouverts aux aventuriers de niveau 1-4. Venez avec un personnage compatible (D&D de l'époque TSR ou rétroclones, jeux OSR fantasy ou non. Si c'est plus exotique, parlez-en en commentaire).

Au menu, une exploration de la cité-donjon d'Eversigerlorndiska, celle qui relie les sous-sols de toutes les villes du multivers. C'est facile d'y entrer, c'est plus dur d'en sortir. De l'aventure ! Du sentiment ! Des rencontres aléatoires !

21h-23h, hangouts vidéo, dés en plastique et feuilles de perso en papier. Old school yo!

Pour plus d'infos sur FLAISNAILS, le mode de jeu donjon-gloubiboulga, lisez la discussion ici :


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Dungeontown Die Drop Table

I made this for my upcoming FLAILSNAILS games, which will be set in the underground city of Eversigelorndiska - basically a mix of urban and dungeon setting spread across the multiverse.

You just drop your classic set of polyhedrons onto it, then draw a map, linking the dice results to the tables on the right. You can use the d4 and d6 results for all the location tables, or roll them each time. In the album below are two examples: one is just a dungeon map, and the other one is more like a point crawl. In both cases, I added a couple of areas because it felt right.

[EDIT] Other uses include: room generation (you can roll a d50 to get one result on the tables), room size and shape generator (just drop a d4), and you can just use the tables by themselves.

This folder has a PDF and a copy of the original Google Drawing file, in case you want to make your own. (Just promise you'll show me what you come up with!)
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Proof of concept. 

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FLAILSNAILS en français ?

Mélanger les personnages et les campagnes dans un gloubiboulga multimétaversel, est-ce que ça intéresserait du monde, meneurs ou joueurs ?

Mettons que je propose de mener des séances courtes (deux à trois heures max) dans un univers medfan ou assimilé, dans lesquelles vous pourriez jouer n'importe quel personnage de jeu medfan (de préférence créé avec un système old school, mais si on a le temps on peut adapter n'importe quoi à Macchiato Monsters). Je ferais jouer des aventures ouvertes, courtes et probablement barrées, strictement en one-shot, quitte à TGCMiser la fin.

Vous seriez intéressé.e.s ?

Bien sûr si je suis le seul à organiser des parties FLAILSNAILS, autant juste lancer ma petite campagne à moi. Ce genre de chose n'est fun que si on peut faire passer les persos d'un monde à l'autre.

Est-ce que ça intrigue d'autres meneurs/arbitres/maîtres du donjon ?

Pour info, le principe des campagnes FLAILSNAILS est expliqué ici : (anglais). Sachant que je ne m'engage pas à respecter toutes ces règles. 

Here is a little thing for you survival minded refs. What do you think?

Foraging and hunting

Foraging and hunting takes half a day. Do a WIS check. If it's a pass, roll a d12 on the table below. If the referee thinks the area doesn't have much food to offer, they may ask you to roll a different die.

If the check is a failure, roll the encounter dR both on this table and as the normal procedure (or on the dungeon encounter table if you're using that). Roll only once, but apply both results.

1. You find nothing, but a monster finds you
2. Fresh meat d6... and something still eating it
3. Nothing but tree bark and grubs d4
4. Chestnuts or walnuts d8
5. Squirrels or pigeons d6
6. Snails and leaves d8
7. Apple and pears d6
8. Honey and roots d8
9. Fish and herbs d6
10. Deer meat d10
11. Tasty mushrooms or berries d8
12. Boar meat d6, or roll again twice

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Last night we played a first session of Dream Askew, +Avery Alder​'s game about a queer community in a slowpocalypse. We set our game in the southern Paris suburbs. It was funny and strangely liberating to frame the Society Intact as the evolution of these homophobic, bible thumping, children manipulating jerks we keep seeing on the streets of France.
But this morning I find myself catching up on news about the Manif Pour Tous movement and, with presidential elections looming, it's rather depressing.

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Où il s'avère impossible de m'arrêter quand je suis lancé sur les anciennes versions de D&D... 
Nouvel épisode en ligne ! Au menu : Terres Suspendues, Sphynx et un gros dossier archéorôlie sur les premières éditions de Donjons et Dragons !

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That crazy collective dungeon building experiment happened. It looks like a great way to run a one-shot for strangers. 
Ran my game of RND + Macchiato Monsters at Weird Realms in Cleveland, Ohio. The photos show the start of the adventure (clean map) and the end of the adventure (scribbled on map).

Zag the Druid and Arlock the disgraced wizard professor wanted to sell four urns of ashes to the Worm King. Kain the dwarf trader told them he knew how to find the Worm King in the crypts below the city. Shrutan the Mushroom person was the muscle for his creator Zag.

To reach the crypts through the library, Zag used his library card +1 to get Kain in. Shrutan was required to show his skill as a translator and penned the beautiful poem of the two asexual fungi who no longer wanted to be asexual. Kain negotiated with a vampire dog into letting the group into the crypts and gained a buddy. In the crypts, Lothar the barbarian crashed into the group, but not before causing the floor to collapse. Shrutan used himself as a bridge to allow everyone to cross. After a run in with a group of monkeys (and some monkey-talk) and a dance-off to convince the Worm King to show himself, the group found out Kain was only out for loot and that Zag and Arlock wanted (and gained!) magic and wisdom from the Worm King.

Lothar and Kain started a Mouser-Fafhrd relationship and blew up one entrance of the crypts on their way out. Zag and Arlock were going to use their new wormy abilities to take over the town. Shrutan, having been cursed by the Worm King, now inhabits the crypts.

I really enjoyed running for this group. A lot of great players with strong imaginations. They made my life easy.

+Beckett Warren +Eric Nieudan +Dyson Logos

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