I just returned from a crazy adventure. Several friends and I did the San Juan Huts Durango to Moab tour (http://www.sanjuanhuts.com/mountain-bike-adventures/durango-to-moab/). We took 7 days and 6 nights to bike from Durango, Colorado to Moab, Utah (~222 miles) along mostly fire roads, but with some single track mixed in. The San Juan people provide huts for each night, with food, water, and bunks/sleeping bags for 8 people. All you have to carry on the bikes is your clothes, bike repair tools, first aid kits, plus water/food for the day. 

Day 1: We started at the Durango Mountain Resort at 8,800 feet elevation, and ascended along a 4x4 road to Bolam Pass at 11,400 feet (the hut was just past the pass). This was a grind of a day, especially since it was Saturday, so we had Jeeps and motorcycles and ATVs roaring by us occasionally. But we successfully made the climb (especially hard with the altitude) and had a few hours to rest and recover at the hut.

Day 2: We decided to do the single track alternate on the day, which involved ~12 miles of single track. Really fun, but really exhausting, because of the control and focus required. When we were done with single track at about 4pm, we still had 17 miles and ~1500 feet of climbing to do to get to the Black Mesa hut. We made it there around 8:30pm just as the sun was setting. This was the roughest day of the trip, but it was a great feeling of success to make it.

Day 3: Much easier day, as it was mostly downhill (5,400 feet of descent on the day). We needed this after the grind yesterday. We stopped at Miramonte Reservoir for lunch, a quick swim, and washing our clothes.

Day 4: Another good day - we did the alternate routes on this day, which involved minimal single track, but some fun lesser used roads that took us to the Mexico Mines. This day ended at the Wedding Bell hut, which had an astounding view of the mesas (there are several pictures of this view in this album because it blew me away).

Day 5: From the mesas to Paradox Valley (so-called because the Dolores river runs perpendicular across the valley instead of down the valley). This included a ridiculous hike into the valley itself from the mesa, where we had to carry our bikes down a steep trail. Probably my least favorite day.

Day 6: We climbed from Paradox Valley at 5,600 feet elevation to Geyser Pass at 9,800 feet. It was a grind, but not as horrible as I expected, helped by a dip in the Buckeye reservoir at lunchtime. And we even avoided the thunderstorms rolling over the mountains somehow.

Day 7: Climbed over Geyser Pass and then did single track much of the way down into Moab. We did Moonlight Meadows, Clark's Lake, Oona-Werner, Hazard County, UPS and LPS before punting on the Porcupine Rim as we were almost out of water. 

All in all, a great trip! Super fun and an amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. 
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