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Eric Muyser
end-to-end full-stack web developer
end-to-end full-stack web developer


I watched this movie on the plane that was a parody of Power Rangers, with 5 girls. I'm trying to find the title. It was hilarious. It goes like.. the monster comes, but one of the girls is missing, so they tell the monster to "please wait" and he does, then they phone the friend, friend says she's putting on make up, they tell the monster to "shhh we are on the phone". It's about 1h 30m. Has some funny scenes. I especially like the dance scene where she should be a sea slug, but she moo's. Anyone know?

Hi. I'm looking to learn Japanese. I speak native English. I want to use LINE. Please and thank you. I hope we can language exchange. See you!


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Hey fellow learners!

I wanted to share something I built and gather feedback. I'm hoping to make this a full featured companion on the journey to learning Japanese.

It's Pokelingo. It's a tool for searching, translating, and speaking the game text in Pokemon games. You can follow along the game in Japanese, and have the site speak the phrases, word out the definitions and translations as you go.

I hope you enjoy, send any suggestions my way!

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Pokelingo 1.0 RC1 released!
Navigate the entire dialog used in #Pokemon Platinum in #Japanese
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Hi everyone!

I've created a 24/7 video hangout for talking and studying Japanese. Please come join. If I'm not there, stick around and talk to someone else :)

I'm Eric and I've been studying Japanese off and on for 2 years. I've been to Japan once, and lived there for a few months. It was a great experience and I will return there later this year. I'm a programmer with an interest in web technology and augmented reality. I'm interested in working for a Japanese company sometime in the future.


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24/7 Japanese study, culture discussion and more. If I'm not here, stay and talk to someone else :)

Follow me on Twitter for updates, tips and more!  @EricMuyser
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Hi I'm Eric and just started learning Japanese seriously. If anyone wants to have a Hangout where we chill and try to speak Japanese as much as possible, let me know! :-) I'm going to try and run a Hangout 24/7 with this purpose!
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