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Y'all remember when the news was vetted by journalists, not just anyone with an email address? Good times.

I've saved more money on home security than I've ever spent on my four-legged roommates.

The top lawyer in the U.S. was just fired for having a different interpretation of the law than a president who has never studied it.

You were so wrong about Obama that I can't take you seriously now.

Virtually everything has a spell-checker, yet many people still won't use them. That doesn't give me a lot of enthusiasm for fact-checkers.

Every time someone calls me a delicate little snowflake I want them to remember what the hell an avalanche is made of.

My New Year's resolution is 3840x1080.

The worst opinion to have is one that was sold to you.

Say what you will about Millennials, but many of them will google something before you have time to finish your sentence.
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