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The other day I heard the perfect name for the climate we live in: The Outrage Generation
To me, the manifesto looks something like this:
“Say or do something we don’t think is acceptable, or offends one person, and we are coming after you.
Say one thing the doesn’t meet our current politically correct stance, and we are coming after you.
We will ask for your opinion, or an honest discussion, but it is really a trap, we are coming after you.
We don’t care if it was a joke, a mistake, a slip of the tongue, an honest opinion, or malicious - it is all the same to us.
We will make you apologize and beg forgiveness - but even then, we will come after you.
We will label you a racist, a bigot, a misogynist, or a bully.
We will come after your job and career - you no longer have the right to make a living for you and your family, because you have offended us.
We will get you fired.
We will hide behind the banner of “the market has spoken”, when we are really relying on the modern lack of corporate loyalty to it’s employees, and the desire to avoid any controversy.
We will remind people that the 1st Amendment only applies to the government - we can and will silence anyone we want.
We have the right to not be offended by anything we see or hear, and that trumps any and all rights you have.
We are the new PC Police, and we are more powerful than ever.”

Evan just walked like 6 feet. I think we officially (and finally) have a walker. 


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The first chariot of the trip, Boeing 747-400 N662US, a 27 year old lady.

Just a few hours until I depart for Ireland for +Moodle#MootIEUK15

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Man, that would be one rough ride for the crew, but better than being dead. Even more, that can happen with no warning to the crew. Surprise!

You can watch the abort test replay at - jump to 15:40.

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10 minutes until SpaceX's pad abort test.

Ha, the 787 will lose all electrical power if it stays on for 248 days. 248 days is 2^31 if you count in 100ths of a second. So they have a 32-bit signed integer overflow problem. This is comp sci 101 sort of crap. Whoops.

The fix? Make sure you reboot the plane before 248 days.

My #Nexus6  Turbo charger stopped turbo charging. It's not covered under the warranty, but the support agent asked his supervisor if he could send me a replacement as a "gift" and they approved. Nice service +Motorola Mobility!

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Video from the @SpaceX landing attempt.

I read something interesting about landing the Falcon 9. Apparently the Thrust-to-weight ratio on the landing, mostly empty stage is well above 1, even with the single engine throttled all the way down. What this means is that you have light the engine at the perfect height and velocity such that you stop just inches above the deck (and then you kill the engine). If you hit 0 speed higher than that, you then start going up and can't descend without shutting the engine back down. Unlike the grasshopper test vehicle, you cannot hover and refine the landing spot, you have to come in hot and commit to it.
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