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Ouch. If you open a cover photo and create a post from the "Share" action, it removes the photo from your "cover photos" album and puts it into "Photos from posts" (thus breaking your cover photo).

If you subsequently edit your cover photo again, browse to the old picture and select it, it deletes any post associated with that photo, including +1s, comments, and reshares.

Thank you, #newgoogleplus . Ugh, and to think I used to be such a fan.
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What are they doing to the glorious information social network that was!?
Feedback has become almost unusable.
+Chad McConnell I did so from the main page, but sadly the "report feedback" tool is missing from profile pages. Sad day.
+Johnny Roquemore , When did Chee jump over to the photos team? Did he and +Brian Rose trade jobs or something and I missed a memo?

I guess the workaround for this bug +Eric Martindale , is make a copy of the cover photo to share in a post. A bit of a pain to click around and do that, but it should temporarily solve that issue.
Yep, I'm unimpressed too. There is an extension in the Chrome store though for the white space that works pretty well. This wouldn't do anything to fix your problem though, unfortunately, Eric. :((
I just looked at my profile. I shouldn't of done that. It..Looks..So...Horrible...
Why'd I get a notification for a public post? This has been happening more frequently and it's annoying. I think it's another glitch, perhaps?
+Annika O'Brien , people can add additional circles of under 100 people to the share box of a post and select "notify" to send out a notification to people in those circles (even if the post is public). I think it's happening more frequently because more people have figured out how to use that feature and you're in more and more peoples notify circles they have set up.
+Rob Riddle Go back out to your stream (Home), you'll see it at the very top. No quite your profile but you know what I mean.
+Eric Martindale let me get this straight. You are no longer a fan because a post with comments and +1s got deleted? Really sorry for that loss but I hope G+ offers a ton more stuff to make up for it. It's annoying, I know....
Ahhh cause you've Never released something that has bugs before right Martindale? Tisk tisk... Change is good.. all those complaining .. go for a walk... might give you some real life perspective :P
there's no BETA tag, so no excuses for broken features!
+Geoffrey Steinman what? They have to tag it Beta otherwise perfection is expected? Yikes, I guess the entire 170 Million of us using this better tag ourselves with a BETA badge b/c none of us are perfect.
Seems good to me so far, especially with the GExtend Chrome extension :)
~google~ lost my faith a while ago. It's now a blessing when they do something right, not a surprise when they get it wrong ;)
Thanks for the heads up.

Google isn't going to "Beta" a massive change like this. Google loves the art of the hack and just see what happens. On big issues, they're pretty quick at fixing them. Thought we all knew we were along for the ride when we signed up for a new network
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