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The company I've co-founded, LocalSense, needs your vote. We're trying to win a contest for entrepreneurs, which will help us take a leap ahead in closing our first round of funding and getting to market ahead of schedule.

As you may already know, I've been hard at work building an incredible new product that empowers consumers by rewarding them for helping their friends save money. I've got big plans for helping out my friends here on Google+, but we've got to get there first.

Please vote for LocalSense in the 2012 Vator Splash competition, and help me spread the word if you're so inclined. The software we're building keeps track of how content is shared across networks, so we might just have a special reward for you. :)
Calling all entrepreneurs! Vator Splash is going back to LA for its second year. Like other Splash events and competitions, CEOs and/or founders of 10 companies, chosen by their p
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+Eric Martindale this is telling me that I have to log in to Facebook to vote. I haven't had an account in two years :-(
You can also register by email, it seems. I did the FB thing, voted, and then deauthorized the Vator app right after.
+Annika O'Brien you can notify up to 100 people in your circles when you make a post, even if it's shared with more :)
Sounds like a great idea Eric. Like something that will actually work. Remember me when you're rich!
Thank you guys for voting! We're up to 11th place as of this morning; only a few more votes and we're solidly into the top 10.
I notice this happens a lot lately. I get way too many notifications. It there any way to stop it? I sometimes get notified for people that have circled me and I haven't circled, which considering I have about 350 people circled and over 30K have me circled, that's a bunch. 
Thank you guys for voting! We've just pulled into first place by two votes, largely because of your extraordinary support. But if you haven't voted yet, please go ahead and do so -- we still need you!
Registered, and voted! Anything for Eric.. :-)
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