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Eric Martindale

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Coding Soundtrack becomes
The little weekend project to create my own online radio has turned into a full-blown product.  Originally designed for +Coding Soundtrack, we now support multiple rooms – you can even create your own.

Now that +Grooveshark has fallen victim to the copyright cabal, we more than ever need a true, open-source music platform that they can't take away from us.  If you want to help, is #opensource  and on GitHub [1].

I hope to see you there.

We've moved!
If you didn't already know, we gave up on those other music sites and started our own.  There's now even multiple soundtracks, for those of you with, ah... unique tastes.  Come join us.
A new way to listen to music with your friends.
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Haha, nice – haven't seen that one before.  Welcome to +Trap City.
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Eric Martindale

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Building Blockchain-secured Applications Is Easy with Bitcore
We've spent a lot of time figuring out how to make #blockchain  technology much more accessible to developers.  There's a lot of things you can do with #bitcoin  that you might not realize – and they're all right at your fingertips with Bitcore.

Come join our lead developer +Manuel Araoz as he gives an introduction to Bitcore, our Javascript library for doing all things related to bitcoin and the blockchain.  The webinar is tomorrow, at 7PM EDT.  Don't miss it.
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Eric Martindale

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Why aren't you accepting Bitcoin yet?
Accepting payments in Bitcoin is free.  Unlike credit cards, you have no risk of chargebacks or fraud.  If you charge $100 USD, you get a $100 USD deposit directly into your bank account, even if your customer chooses to pay with  #bitcoin .

What are your reasons for not yet accepting Bitcoin payments?
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Tu veux bien être amis avec moi
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Eric Martindale

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BitPay Expands, Fueled By Bitcoin Demand
Yes, we're expanding.  While +Wells Fargo [1] and +Wikipedia [2] start exploring    #cryptofinance  , we're also moving full steam ahead towards getting every company in the world to accept  #bitcoin   as a payment option.

Not only have we hired the best from companies like +Red Hat+IBM, and Visa into our senior leadership, but we've established a firm position in the marketplace–we're now performing over $1,000,000 per day in transactions with Bitcoin, and there are now over 1,000 new businesses accepting Bitcoin every week.  Now, we're hiring to support this investment in the community.

If you're interested in building anything related to  #cryptofinance  , give me a shout.  We're extremely focused on  #OpenSource   and  #cryptography  , and will be spending a lot of our time [3] participating in the support of developers building applications in the space.  If you want to build something that will shape the future of the world,  #cryptofinance   is the right space to be in.

[2]: and !
[3]: We've already released Bitcore (see for more information), but we'll be a major presence in number of events in the coming year (not the least of which was +LAUNCH most recently!).  We're on a tear to support engineers building new projects with  #bitcoin  , so feel free to reach out and let me know what you're working on.
Even as the fate of cryptocurrency Bitcoin whipsaws amidst controversy and volatility, one Atlanta-based Bitcoin services company is doubling down.
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Eric Martindale

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“It’s uncomfortable to focus so intensely on what you’re bad at.”
Great story on learning how to think–perhaps the single most important thing we should be teaching [not only our children, but ourselves].  If you can learn to think, you can conquer almost anything.
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Eric Martindale

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Onward, and Ever Upward
2013 was an amazing year; between founding +Coursefork, building and, working with several amazing startups [1], and being allowed to call myself a peer to some of the smartest people I know all throughout, it has been a year of both great achievement and personal growth.  This sets an incredibly compelling stage for 2014 and everything to come therein.

Today, I'm excited to announce that I'll be joining the likes of Jeff Garzik [2], Patrick Nagurny, and Ian Patton under the leadership of CTO Stephen Pair at +Bitpay, which allows anyone to quickly and seamlessly accept Bitcoin as payment, settling immediately in any currency, including USD.

Bitcoin has become one of the biggest stories of 2013, having grown over 9000% in value [3] and even surpassing Western Union in transaction volume [4].  As potentially the most counterfeit-proof form of payment in history, Bitcoin is poised to become one of the most disruptive technologies since the invention of the Internet as society moves increasingly into decentralized systems in an era of waning trust and increasing technological awareness by growing economies like China, India, and Brazil [5].

Taking advantage of this trend of decentralization, BitPay is perfectly positioned to serve as the mechanism for BitCoin's mass-adoption as massive merchants such as move to accept this new form of payment.  It's exciting to be involved with a company in this position at such an early stage, and expand the breadth of my experience to include another decentralized system, and especially to be holding the responsibility of expanding the company's open-source initiatives and engaging the developer community in a meaningful way.

After parting ways with Coursefork late last year, I've taken a seat on the Board of Advisors, allowing the amazing team we built to realize the vision of open-sourcing the world of education [6] under the leadership of CTO +Brian Marks.  Brian was previously the CTO of successful education startup WebAssign [7], and will be an excellent steward of Coursefork's team and technology as they move towards the much-needed decentralization and open-sourcing of the education industry.  My best wishes to the team as they endeavor to do so!

Exciting times all around, and I'm truly lucky to be a part of it in so many ways.  Now let's go make the world a better place.

[1]: One of which, DigaForce, was just acquired: — congratulations to +Anthony Pompliano and +Matthew Cotter!
[2]: Jeff is one of the core developers of Bitcoin and a former +Red Hat team member from Raleigh.  How's that for the Triangle Company Family tree, +Derrick Minor?!
[5]: You might recall that in March of 2013, the Cypriot government restricted withdrawals and then utilized citizens' bank accounts directly to bail out their banking system, resulting in a surge in Bitcoin prices as individuals fled the fiat currency:
[6]: Here's an interview I did while CTO of Coursefork with +Jason Hibbets from that explains the vision:
[7]: As a cofounder and CTO at WebAssign for 13 years, Brian took the education company from zero to over $30M in yearly revenue before becoming my co-founder at Coursefork.
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Congrats to you, Eric! 
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Eric Martindale

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Ryan X. Charles, the Live Interview
Did you know that +reddit was working on #blockchain  technology?  How does a Ph.D. in Astrophysics compare to a #bitcoin  startup?  Is #entrepreneurship  worth the struggle?

Join +DECENTRALIZE for one of our most exciting interviews yet with +Ryan X. Charles, of broad experience including +BitPay, +reddit, and +BitGo, Inc..  We'll be taking live questions for a 30-minute interview, so make sure to tune in.
Join us for a conversation with cryptocurrency engineer Ryan Charles on insights gained from a career in building some of the most interesting projects in the Bitcoin space, from BitGo to Reddit Notes.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by DECENTRALIZE. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
DECENTRALIZE Episode 30: Ryan X. Charles
Tue, May 12, 7:30 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Eric Martindale

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Have questions about Bitcoin?
We'll be hosting an AMA tomorrow afternoon in which we'll answer your questions about #bitcoin  and #cryptofinance  in general.  Copay [1] Product Lead +Matias Alejo Garcia and +Gordon Hall from BitPay [2] will be joining us, so feel free to ask about technical topics!

In preparation for the Bay BitHack, Copay Product Lead +Matias Alejo Garcia and Developer Evangelist +Eric Martindale will be hosting an AMA via Hangouts on Air, where questions about Bitcoin, Bitcoin-related APIs, and Cryptofinance in general will be answered.

Still needing an idea on what to build?  Not sure where to start?  Make sure to join us!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by BitPay. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Bay BitHack Pre-Hackathon Bitcoin AMA, Sponsored by Copay
Fri, October 31, 2014, 6:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Eric Martindale

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Education is Curiosity, Enabled
I'm of the opinion that we could teach our young children subjects like calculus, if only we had mechanisms through which to empower those with curiosity to play with them.  Then, the application of the effort to teach becomes one of rewarding knowledge, rather than repetitive structures of memorization and batteries of tests.

Take, for example, these visualizations of various concepts in mathematics.  How enlightening would it be if we could play with these as we work through the process of learning the equations that describe them, letting our brain form the map between the system's description, its properties, and its behavior?
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To truly teach each other to learn, we must first teach each other to play.  I learned my favorite writing is on the fly, in the midst of a heated RP session.  Now to channel that same passion and fire into a compilation of such writings....
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Eric Martindale

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Today, +Bitpay is excited to announce the general availability of Bitcore, an open-source library to interact directly with #bitcoin .  If you're building anything related to #cryptofinance , I'm happy to answer questions.  Happy Valentine's Day hacking, crypto-lovers!
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Give me affs! I'm headed up to the bay this week. Be ready.
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Eric Martindale

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Coursefork Among Top 10 Open Source Projects of 2013
I'm so pleased that +Coursefork made's list of the top 10 open-source projects for 2013... this puts us alongside +Docker and +OpenStack, a true honor in my book.

If you haven't heard what the team has been working on, Coursefork is building an open-source collaboration tool for educators.  In the same way software creators can re-use open-source resources to get ahead in the development cycle, we want to enable teachers to re-use materials and improvements thereof to allow for the accretion of teaching techniques in place of continual re-invention.

“We're creating the pull request for courses, and the process of getting there means creating the tools necessary to support the community of a new open future for education.”

Learn more in this interview on
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yes cool
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Eric Martindale

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Startup Founders: Donate Equity to Charity!
+Coursefork is happy to announce the Startup Giveback, an initiative for entrepreneurs to donate equity instead of cash to social initiatives, in partnership with +Shoeboxed and the +American Underground.  All are welcome to our first event, which will be hosted at the Shoeboxed HQ in Durham, NC.  100% of equity will go directly to Startup Endowment, while cash donations at the door of the event will go to the Triangle Community Foundation.

Donations of all sorts, not just equity, are welcome!  While we're aiming for a 1% equity donation from each participating company, you're welcome to donate cash either online or at the door of the event.  Feel free to leave comments if you have questions!  I hope to see you there.
The Startup Giveback Cookout
Sat, November 16, 2013, 1:00 PM

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How did it go? Sorry I couldn't make it...recovering from two molar extractions...
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