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Share your suggestions for ways to torture test the Kyocera Torque "Bear Grylls phone" here! -
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Hmmm, stick it in my smoker on a rack below a nice pork shoulder.  That would be something like 8-10 hours in a 225 deg sauna with pork dripping falling on it.  I don't know what it would do to the phone but it is making me hungry!  :)
Salt fog shouldn't be too difficult to replicate, you'd need a mister bottle full of warm near saturated solution of salt water [5-6 Tbs to 150ml of 45 degree C water] and spray that over the phone in cold air. Boom, instant salt coating.
Underwater pressure test, sink it.. are you close to anywhere deep (ocean, lake).  Put it in a watertight clear box and see how far it can go down before the pressure gets to it.  I would say skip the box but the device is not designed to be submerged that far without protection.
Run it over with tank on street
Go down to Hawaii or a coastal town then hang out in the morning or evening during the fog.
smother it in blood, let the coyotes have a go at it
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