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Eric Lortie
Fusion powered. Monkey Operated. Ginger Hipster. Builder of Internets. My views are my own. It's silly we have to say this stuff.
Fusion powered. Monkey Operated. Ginger Hipster. Builder of Internets. My views are my own. It's silly we have to say this stuff.

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My coworker wrote this.

She's completely legit, doesn't sugarcoat things and isn't writing this for any reason other than to pass on a pile of relevant knowledge about the experience.

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Hey. You. In Halifax. Read this. A really cool person I know needs a place to crash for a few weeks in Halifax between when her job starts and when she can move into her apartment.

Don't believe me? Read this ad. It's the best ad ever. If you don't wanna live with the person who wrote this ad you have bad taste in humans, so you should taker her up on this offer and use this as an opportunity to improve as a human being.

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I made a promo video for the #LARP  I've been involved in this year using various photos we've taken throughout the season. It's basically an add for our last event of the season (Tomorrow night).

This isn't the final product. That one went right to FB where our community/page are. It's been viewed 3k+ times, which is pretty solid for a region with less than 150k people within a 2 hour drive. The final product is similar but I tightened up the timing on the transitions with the audio, and removed some transitions altogether.

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If you're interesting in the history of recent tech in Cape Breton, focusing heavily on why +UIT Startup Immersion came to be, I can't recommend this enough.

We're getting our students to do a blog post every week. One of our students this week, who is new to tech entrepreneurship but has a long history spanning a number of other fields, opted to sit down with our executive director for an interview.

I'm really proud of how well this turned out. I think it does a great job of representing the values of UIT and touching on the history and challenges of trying to bolster a fledgling tech industry in an area that has seen massive economic woes over the past few decades.

#tech #entrepreneurship #startup #founders #programming

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I'm in a cosplay music video. Fun!

I appear at around the 1:10 mark in my LARP costume. 

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We're up and running at UIT this year and our students have started their weekly blogs. We likely won't do a blog round-up post every week but thought it would be nice for the first one.

We're thrilled with the folks we have attending +UIT Startup Immersion  and are excited to see how they progress.

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I wrote up a blog post about the #LARP I've gotten involed with lately.

While the vast majority of my G+ audience isn't close enough to get involved, I figured I'd share it here anyway.

Try a LARP. It's super fun. If you don't have fun, try a different one. There's sooooooo much variety.

Hi G+.

It's been a while. Things still... Googley?

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I did standup comedy last night for the first time. Here's what was recorded of my set in chronological order. The explanation and jokes regarding why I'm wearing armour is missing, but that makes it more hilarious. The overarching theme is my fear of heights.

Part 1: The CN tower

Part 2: The Alps

Part 3a: The CN Tower

Part 3b: More CN Tower

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Today was my last day of work at my current gig. I'll be taking the next 3 months off to spend with my family, and starting up as faculty at +UIT Startup Immersion in the fall.

I couldn't be more thrilled about joining the team at UIT. Nobody else anywhere near our region teaches such a current and comprehensive curriculum, and I can't wait to be one of the people delivering it. While it's my first teaching gig, I've been a manager and trainer for a long time spanning multiple industries and I'm excited to take that experience into the classroom.

We're helping motivated people become successful startup founders and fantastic startup employees. We've done this for two years now, and our workforce and local businesses can attest to this.

If you're interested, or know anyone who might be, send them our way. We still haven't fully locked in this years cohort. Cape Breton is a beautiful place, the tech industry is a great place to lay your roots, and I'm an awesome dude to spend time with and learn from.
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