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Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Canada's Ocean Playground - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Fusion powered. Monkey Operated. Ginger Hipster. Internaught Constructicator.
Hi there. Welcome to my profile. There was free coffee and complimentary cookies, but I ate them all.

If you're wondering where to put me, I'd probably fit in the following circles:

Web Design
Cape Breton
Maritime Provinces
Science Fiction
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Atheist and Theist discussions.

Born in Halifax, moved to Cape Breton in 2009 when my wife graduated from university and got a job here (Neither of us is from the region). I used the following 2 years to get a diploma in web development from NSCC and am now I build websites and junk. 

I like comic books and making laser noises while shooting things with my finger. I am owned by 2 cats. My wife and I like to hike and fly kites in our backyard, which always gets us weird looks. I am extremely outgoing, except for when I'm not, and I'm much less annoying than I appear at first glance.

9 out of 10 people who are me feel that I am awesome.

Nothing I say should be taken seriously, except for the stuff that I actually mean.

I have a kick-ass job with a kick-ass company. My opinions are my own and do not in any way reflect the views of my employers. It would be fundamentally absurd to expect that a company have opinions as stupid as mine on as many ridiculous things as I do. Honestly, anyone who thinks otherwise lacks any and all objectivity and needs to smarten up. 

Bragging rights
Everyone is awesome.
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Eric Lortie

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Great job syncing up all the videos. The explosions are ridiculous on their own, but it's almost incomprehensible when you consider the scope of it all. Those are skyscrapers in the foreground.
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+Oliver Hamilton Yeah,... we should harass Russia more, since our military is so much better /sarcasm
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Eric Lortie

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"But Eric!", people who I think are fucking terrible will say, "Their definition of a mass shooting is wrong".

Go fuck yourselves, people I think are fucking terrible. It's not that you've missed the point. It's that your wilful ignorance is helping to make your country a fucking terrible place.

And yes, the people who shoot the fuck up out of crowds make your country a fucking terrible place as well. So stop defending their right to have access to the things they use. Because that's what you're doing.
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The difference between you and an anti-vaxxer is that anti-vaxxers have less blood on their hands.

Saying I'm wrong doesnt make me wrong, you've been presented with a pile of data via the original article, which you seem to think I've written myself for some crazy fucking reason, none of which you've even attempted to address.

And you can't address it because everything about your world view regarding this issue is fucking insane mental diarhea, poured from the wallets of people who make money off those who profit from perpetual culture of gun violence in your xountry directly into your tiny, and desperately in need of compensatory fluffing, wangdoodle.

And on that note, I'm going to block you. I sincerely hope the culture of violence you're working your damndest to propagate doesn't ever catch up to you. Everyone on the planet deserves better than the nightmare your ideology sews, including those like you who lack the objectivity to realize it.

Should anyone reading this disagree with me, please save yourself the trouble of being verbally abused for your terrible fucking ideology and just block me.

But I will gladly shit on you verbally for a while, if that floats your boat.
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Eric Lortie

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The comparison between what's happening to Greece now and Germany right before WW2 is apt... with the exception that Greece cannot possibly create a military conflict the size of WW2.
Barring a number of key nations, no one really can.

It's not the nation we need to worry about, it's the population. Many people currently operate under the false assumption that terrorists are Muslim. They forget the IRA, the FLQ, the Tamil Tigers and any number of other marxist terrorist groups. A great many of those groups were spawned from seriously adverse economic conditions, or situations where individuals in a country felt they no longer had control over their nation.

Germany isn't creating another WW2, they're creating ideological fanatics who feel they have nothing to lose.

(Sharing a story about Greece on +Fox News so you can read the pinnacle of oblivious comments from people who truly fail to grasp the situation at hand and where it will lead.)
Marathon talks between Greece and its European creditors ended with a new bailout agreement early Monday, hours after negotiators in Brussels blew through a self-imposed deadline.
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doesn't this bailout bring the value of the Euro down?
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Eric Lortie

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Todays new favourite thing.

Undeniably superior to the new favourite things of days past. The bar has been raised.
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Eric Lortie

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We need to work harder at advancing our society and culture as quickly as we're advancing technologically, because we're headed towards an absolute catastrophe.

Most 'jobs', at a sufficiently advanced level of technology, can be made obsolete. And that's AWESOME.

IF, and this is a big if, we come together as a society and change what we're expected to work towards, as individuals. Currently our economic model mandates that we work towards money. Without money we're considered failures on a societal level, which is absurd.
How is someone who lost a job they worked for decades and spent a pile of money training for, who is then replaced by a robot, a failure?

How the hell do we allow that mentality to persist? And that demographic will only grow. It will almost certainly, some day down the road, include someone who is reading this status right now. That may already be the case.

I'm not sure what we should be working towards as a societal model in the long run, but I'm absolutely positive that income equality and a strong social safety net should be our biggest priority from a social perspective.

Those can benefit all of us, even those of us who think we're secure and won't need them. In fact, plenty of folks who are considered failures under our current economic model thought that very same thing in the recent past.
3D printing technology is becoming more powerful every year. The latest project of note will see robot arms building a bridge across an Amsterdam canal.
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The "People's Ideal" of "income equality and a strong social safety net" are concepts alien to the corporate mind that is focused on profit.
Anything that impedes profit is seen as an obstacle and we've seen how corporates work with governments to protect their interests.
The ultimate effect is those efforts take us farther away from the people's ideal.
It will only be when the corporate interest loses its control of Government policy that we stand a chance of refocusing government attention to things that support the people.
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Eric Lortie

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Star Wars: The Old republic was one of the main reasons I became as heavily involved in Google+ early on. The community here was huge, and a pile of the people I still talk to frequently originated in my TOR circle.

I had no idea they were making another game in the series. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more details.
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Yeah, I don't imagine we'll leave the uncanny valley for gaming for quote some time.
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Eric Lortie

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Not that this will be adhered to, but it's nice to know that a bunch of really smart people were opposed to it. The comparison to the development of nuclear weapons, but accessible to countless nations is an apt one.
More than 1,000 experts and leading robotics researchers sign open letter warning of military artificial intelligence arms race
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"The authors argue that AI can be used to make the battlefield a safer place for military personnel"
Like in that episode of Star Trek, where two planets made war so safe that they had no reason to end it for hundreds of years... 

"It is well that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it." - Robert E. Lee
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Eric Lortie

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Between the uConnect hack that I've received nothing in the way of notice or support on, and now this, I must say I'm quite regretful of our decision to purchase a grand caravan.

If I could travel back in time a couple weeks I definitely wouldn't have purchased it, and I definitely recommend to anyone who cares that you not give your money to +Fiat , +Chrysler, +Dodge 

Yeah, maybe this will force them to get their shit together, but I still wouldn't willingly support them after the callous way they've been treating safety issues. I can't imagine a scenario where this plays out in a way that I don't continue to regret the decision to buy from them.

But hey, congrats! You got 40k out of me because I didn't do enough research. #buyerbeware #capitalism
The U.S. government will hit Fiat Chrysler with a record $105 million fine next week for violating laws in a series of vehicle safety recalls, a person briefed on the matter said. The National
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I learned never to buy another Chrysler product back in the 90s.

The first gen Dodge Neons all blew the headgasket under 50k miles.  They wouldn't do anything for customers who bought one since gaskets aren't covered under warranty.  I think the repair was around $1k.  Another common problem was defective paint, which would peel from the car in whole sheets.
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Eric Lortie

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My basement Chromecast is completely useless right now. Judging by this thread, I'm not the only one. Goggle doesn't seem to be doing a thing about it. 

I'm definitely off recommending Chromecasts to anyone while this persist.
Posted 13/11/14 09:01, 166 messages
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Ah, not completely useless. Plex works, Netflix doesn't.
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Eric Lortie

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Germany probably isn't going to budge on this. This is especially frustrating because:

1. The entirety of the German national debt was forgiven post WW2.
2. It was not forgiven post WW1, an action which undeniably led to the rise of the Nazi party.

If any country in the history of our species should know better that to play hardball here, it's Germany. Germany is where it is because its debt was forgiven after it, as a nation, made some terrible, terrible decisions. As a result of that debt  forgiveness it's now positioned as the greatest economic power in the Eurozone.

In fact, long term, everyone who lost money by forgiving Germany's debt has gained it back in spades via their massive economic resurgence.
Greeks have voted overwhelmingly to reject terms of a bailout, risking financial ruin in a show of defiance that could splinter Europe.
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The root cause is that our global economic system is garbage.

Oh, you could break it down on an increasingly granular level, but thata what it comes down to.

And yeah, this'll happen again. In Greece or elsewhere. 
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Eric Lortie

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Always remember to check your vehicles for cats before operating them.

Especially, you know, aircraft.

(Also, yes. This is gif is 69 megs.)
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+Dean Reimer
LOL probably... although cats do like heights and are built to survive falls from pretty much any height so...
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Eric Lortie

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Quasi-local company that does clothing and accessories from pop culture.

Def check out if you're interested in clothing from #DoctorWho, #Firefly or a number of other things.
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Many of their items are also featured on +ThinkGeek! Great work coming out of Atlantic Canada.
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The world's most elegant and flexible way to make a blog or website.

Took up two parking spots on the street on august 19th on a completely empty street. Kind of terrible advertising for a driving academy.
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Wendy is awesome. My wife and I went to her for a photo shoot for our newborn twin girls and couldn't be more pleased with the experience. I can't even begin to properly describe her work ethic throughout the whole shoot. She was as focused on providing us with great quality pictures as she was with ensuring the twins were comfortable. As a new parent, I actually learned a few tricks on how to better soothe my daughters by watching her at work, and I have no doubt that the all of the photos we'll get out of the series will be amazing.
• • •
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Had a great meat paella, my friend had a vegetarian one he quite enjoyed. Friendly service and an overall great experience.
Public - 11 months ago
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Golf course was the most visually stunning I've ever played, although it's easy to lose balls when your skill level is as low as mine. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful above and beyond I would have expected.
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10 reviews
Had a run in with a faulty ATM resulting in me being shortchanged several hundred dollars. Called the 1-800 number and received friendly, professional service indicating the issue would be resolved soon and that I should go in to the branch. Went into the branch, spoke to a teller and was told an investigation was under way and the money would be deposited in my account if they audited the ATM and discovered things were wrong. A week went by and nothing changed, so I went in and spoke to the branch manager. She was fantastic and immediately addressed the issue for me, fully admitting that it was super unlikely I was trying to rip them off given that I'd been a client for decades and had half a dozen services through them, including mortgage and car loan. It was a refreshing amount of respect and common sense. I wish the ordeal hadn't lasted as long as it did, and I'm fortunate that I was financially stable enough to be able to survive without 1/3 of my paycheck, but overall the experience left me with a continued positive view of RBC.
• • •
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
The best thing about a restaurant like this is the consistency of eating in a franchise restaurant. Pizza Delight, as a brand, has updated a lot of their menus over the past year and has improved. A year ago I would have rated them 2 stars. It's cheaper than Boston Pizza, with less selection, but can typically be counted on to be a fairly solid experience. The staff are always friendly.
Public - 2 years ago
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Location is fantastic. The nearby Highland Links golf course is a must-play for any golfers nearby. Close to fantastic local activities, like Ingonish Beach and all of the hikes in the surrounding Cape Breton Highlands. The outdoor pool and surrounding pool area are a great way to spend an afternoon. You can't go 10 feet without seeing a magnificent view. The Lodge itself is an older building and doesn't have air conditioning in all the rooms. The rooms are a good size and, while dated, are quite comfortable. The beds and linen are comfortable. The food offered is hit or miss. I had the lobster sliders in the pub and it was one of the absolute best appetizers I've ever had. That being said, the scallops in the restaurant were one of the most disappointing things I've encountered in a fine dining restaurant. My wife and I paid around 200$ for dinner one night (including wine), which we had expected and would have been happy with... had the meal felt like a 200$ meal. It did not. The haddock was alright. Again, there's nothing bad with 'alright', but there is something wrong with 'alright' as part of a 200$ meal. Every single staff member we encountered was great, pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. The live music in the pub was great. I will absolutely go back in the future, possibly as soon as in the fall.
• • •
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