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Fusion powered. Monkey Operated. Ginger Hipster. Builder of Internets. My views are my own. It's silly we have to say this stuff.
Hi there. Welcome to my profile. There was free coffee and complimentary cookies, but I ate them all.

If you're wondering where to put me, I'd probably fit in the following circles:

Web Design
Cape Breton
Maritime Provinces
Science Fiction
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Atheist and Theist discussions.

Born in Halifax, moved to Cape Breton in 2009 when my wife graduated from university and got a job here (Neither of us is from the region). I used the following 2 years to get a diploma in web development from NSCC and am now I build websites and junk. 

I like comic books and making laser noises while shooting things with my finger. I am owned by 2 cats. My wife and I like to hike and fly kites in our backyard, which always gets us weird looks. I am extremely outgoing, except for when I'm not, and I'm much less annoying than I appear at first glance.

9 out of 10 people who are me feel that I am awesome.

Nothing I say should be taken seriously, except for the stuff that I actually mean.

I have a kick-ass job with a kick-ass company. My opinions are my own and do not in any way reflect the views of my employers. It would be fundamentally absurd to expect that a company have opinions as stupid as mine on as many ridiculous things as I do. Honestly, anyone who thinks otherwise lacks any and all objectivity and needs to smarten up. 

Bragging rights
Everyone is awesome.
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    Information Technology / Web Design, 2009 - 2011
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Eric Lortie

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I'm in a cosplay music video. Fun!

I appear at around the 1:10 mark in my LARP costume. 
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Eric Lortie

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I wrote up a blog post about the #LARP I've gotten involed with lately.

While the vast majority of my G+ audience isn't close enough to get involved, I figured I'd share it here anyway.

Try a LARP. It's super fun. If you don't have fun, try a different one. There's sooooooo much variety.

Read about the most amazing new event production company in Cape Breton, from the perspective of a player, and find out when the next event is.
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Eric Lortie

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Today was my last day of work at my current gig. I'll be taking the next 3 months off to spend with my family, and starting up as faculty at +UIT Startup Immersion in the fall.

I couldn't be more thrilled about joining the team at UIT. Nobody else anywhere near our region teaches such a current and comprehensive curriculum, and I can't wait to be one of the people delivering it. While it's my first teaching gig, I've been a manager and trainer for a long time spanning multiple industries and I'm excited to take that experience into the classroom.

We're helping motivated people become successful startup founders and fantastic startup employees. We've done this for two years now, and our workforce and local businesses can attest to this.

If you're interested, or know anyone who might be, send them our way. We still haven't fully locked in this years cohort. Cape Breton is a beautiful place, the tech industry is a great place to lay your roots, and I'm an awesome dude to spend time with and learn from.
Teaching the methods behind the world's most successful startups.
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Huge congrats! The UIT program has always sounded like a lot of fun though I'm sure Marcato is sorry to lose you. 
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Eric Lortie

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Learn from this, Internet, and nerd culture in general.

Did you shit on this kid at some point? I probably did. That mentality is what resulted in where he's at now. Maybe he didn't directly experience your disdain, contempt or mockery, but it was that same disdain, contempt and mockery that worked towards this result.

And yes, schizophrenia stems from the combination of a biological predisposition and environmental factors. Jake Lloyd has had a shitty life because of a decision his parents made, that probably brought him immense joy as a child, and how the world treated him for it.

This is one of the great shames of nerd culture. Especially since nerds, more than most demographics, should friggin know better. But we don't. We spend so much time and energy tearing people down, it's just awful.
America first met Jake Lloyd as a young Anakin Skywalker in the prequel Star Wars films. Find out why he’s being sent from jail to a mental hospital.
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I have 20k+ followers here, and less than 200 friends on Facebook.

This post recieved a totally different reaction in both tone and quantity on FB for reasons I'm unable to fathom, other than perhaps because it's... you know... Facebook.
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Eric Lortie

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I'll prob wait for the 5$ Chinese knockoff, but this is definitely the way of the future.
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Eric Lortie

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We're up and running at UIT this year and our students have started their weekly blogs. We likely won't do a blog round-up post every week but thought it would be nice for the first one.

We're thrilled with the folks we have attending +UIT Startup Immersion  and are excited to see how they progress.
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Eric Lortie

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Hi G+.

It's been a while. Things still... Googley?
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Googley is as googley does. It's felt more volatile but well, that's because the world seems to have gone crazy lately.
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Eric Lortie

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I did standup comedy last night for the first time. Here's what was recorded of my set in chronological order. The explanation and jokes regarding why I'm wearing armour is missing, but that makes it more hilarious. The overarching theme is my fear of heights.

Part 1: The CN tower

Part 2: The Alps

Part 3a: The CN Tower

Part 3b: More CN Tower
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Eric Lortie

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Ok, yeah. This is dangerous. And stupid.

But also, it's totally awesome.

But mostly it's dangerous and stupid. I can't imagine what's going on over there that there are these many enraged heavy equipment operators roving the streets being spiteful towards those of do manage to get work. 

But I really think it's awesome how more and more machines keep coming into the video.
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This is me checking you out on Google+, LOL. Nice to see you today!
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Eric Lortie

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New album by The Heavy?

This is a good month.
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Eric Lortie

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A friend and coworker of mine played a part in creating an excellent song for the CBC Searchlight competition this year.

Give em a listen, and vote if you like it as much as I do.
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Eric Lortie

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How did I not know about this?

I'm not a Warhammer fan, but I'm a HUGE Total War fan, and the though of being able to play Total War gameplay with fantasy creatures appeals to all of the things that I like about gaming.
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Ordered a sword, shield, plate armour and misc accessories. Th sword and shield were great, as were the accessories. Delivery was prompt and free, and the items shipped immediately. The armour had rust spots in a couple places which I should be able to clear up and one of the buckles immediately broke the first time I put it on, forcing me to replace it with some wiring (rather than take the leather apart to put a new buckle in and re-attach the leather). The issues with the armour were pretty frustrating, although I'd probably order from them again. I'd certainly recommend them for ordering any latex weapons or other items.
• • •
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Took up two parking spots on the street on august 19th on a completely empty street. Kind of terrible advertising for a driving academy.
Public - a year ago
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Had a run in with a faulty ATM resulting in me being shortchanged several hundred dollars. Called the 1-800 number and received friendly, professional service indicating the issue would be resolved soon and that I should go in to the branch. Went into the branch, spoke to a teller and was told an investigation was under way and the money would be deposited in my account if they audited the ATM and discovered things were wrong. A week went by and nothing changed, so I went in and spoke to the branch manager. She was fantastic and immediately addressed the issue for me, fully admitting that it was super unlikely I was trying to rip them off given that I'd been a client for decades and had half a dozen services through them, including mortgage and car loan. It was a refreshing amount of respect and common sense. I wish the ordeal hadn't lasted as long as it did, and I'm fortunate that I was financially stable enough to be able to survive without 1/3 of my paycheck, but overall the experience left me with a continued positive view of RBC.
• • •
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13 reviews
We call them more than I'd like, but that's because of our furnace being problematic. They never leave us waiting and show us how to troubleshoot issues, so we rarely have to call them for the same problem twice. Highly recommended for emergency issues and annual service calls.
Public - 10 months ago
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Wendy is awesome. My wife and I went to her for a photo shoot for our newborn twin girls and couldn't be more pleased with the experience. I can't even begin to properly describe her work ethic throughout the whole shoot. She was as focused on providing us with great quality pictures as she was with ensuring the twins were comfortable. As a new parent, I actually learned a few tricks on how to better soothe my daughters by watching her at work, and I have no doubt that the all of the photos we'll get out of the series will be amazing.
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Had a great meat paella, my friend had a vegetarian one he quite enjoyed. Friendly service and an overall great experience.
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