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A powerful message
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Eric Liou

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Friends don't let friends take vertical videos.
This. So much this.
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Eric Liou

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"Ghost town"

This is the kind of disparity I see on a near-daily basis when looking at posts I've shared on Facebook and Google+. 

This is obviously just a random case study and not all variables are equal, but it's an example of what makes me chuckle every time I hear people talking about how Google+ is a "ghost town" that "no one uses" -- when what they really mean is that it's a service they haven't taken the time to explore and find a community within.

If this is a "ghost town," it sure is fun hanging out with all you fellow phantoms.
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Link bait destroyed piece by pice by +Dianne Hackborn (Google's Engineer), awesome.
+Dianne Hackborn schools +Ars Technica on how Android really works

The Ars article in question basically states that Android is unforkable or doing so would be too hard a feat to accomplish... I thought Amazon was doing a good job? Anyways, the author states over and over again his reasons such as stating AOSP is nothing more than a shell of an OS to chastising Google for using Google Play Services to add functionality to Android.

I'm not going to go over all of the points of this highly opinionated and incorrect article. Go read Dianne's responses in the replies and comments.
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Forked devices will never sell to their full potential. Amazon is doing well but everyone knows if they put the play store on and stayed updated, their sales would skyrocket. Their app stores sales wouldn't and I suppose that's what it's all about.
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Eric Liou

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Any 3rd party case that mimics the official ones?
They are not sold at my region.
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Save yourself the trouble and buy the Diztronic TPU case. No other case comes close.

I've tried just about 10 of the top cases for the N5 on the market now.
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#hiddengems  !!
For people who has problems with Bluetooth autoplay in the car.
You can choose which app to open. I use it to open and play 'Play Music' when I press play on my car stereo .
Media Button Router works with your Bluetooth stereo. Gone are the days whe...
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Have him in circles
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Eric Liou

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What's up with this? I'm viewing a friend's album. 
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+John R. Ellis Exactly,....... and that's the issue I'm having w/Google Drive on my tablet!
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Eric Liou

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Per app modes doesn't change the modes if I haven't opened the FKU app in the near past.
Is that the expected behavior?

After a while, I have to open the app again for it to work. 
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My setup only triggeres 50% of the time too. 
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Eric Liou

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I'm trying to import the project to ADT.

I just imported the Financius/src/main from de dev branch.
I'm getting bunch of errors. Do I need to tweak the build path?
What's the right way to import the project?

I'm not very experienced with Android dev. Eager to learn!
Can any dev help me out? +Mantas Varnagiris ?
Thanks a lot!
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There are always two build.gradle files
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moto X arrived home after some traveling :))
LA > Las Vegas > Sao Paulo
I've been playing with it non stop!

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Almost like mine 😎  design wise lol
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